Do you know Robinhood yet?He is a fictional character who helps the poor by taking the wealth of the corrupt rich. What if I tell you that he really exists and is still alive today? He is alive in the form of WIKIBIT!WikiBit is like Robinhood that will help us gain wealth in a justifiable way; by giving us the latest updates about digital assets, NFTs, platforms and more. It even gives us an opportunity to have an open discussion to share wisdom & knowledge in this kind of field. It is a community with the same interest!The good thing here is that there is still an ONGOING AIRDROP till tomorrow [October 14th] to give away free money Robinhood is este WikiBit. 🤣We only have limited time, so you can still catch up!Get a chance to receive a reward worth of $ 20 USD or more! What you need to do is just REGISTER in WikiBit, POST, LIKE & COMMENT to this article.What are you waiting for? Let's go!
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Online Raketeroo
Who wants airdrop?Who wants free dollar? Who wants to know the modern Robinhood? I am sure we are all amazed about the heroistic of Robinhood where he showed villain could also be a hero. He helps people with his own way by redistributed wealth through violent but effective method. But do we still need Robinhood today? what do you think? That’s why brings the idea of Decentralized Robinhood and appeals to all Web3 practitioners and investors to share the crypto-related information on Everyone, including yourself, benefits from sharing your observations and thoughts in a community.Eventually, all the WikiBit users will be part of the identity, Robin Hood, and share not only glory but economic profits. What are your ideas about decentralized Robinhood and your thoughts about Wikibit? Please make comments under my post to win the reward.Please share your thoughts about the concepts of Decentralized Robinhood, and then ask your fans what their perspectives are.
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Live: WikiBit Presents | Japz Blockchain Jeopardy Nov. 26 (Saturday) - 9:30 Featuring FOMO4 (DexterPlaysPH) GCash reward up to 700 to 1,000 pesos Blockchain Jeopardy game is a quiz related to blockchain that reverses the traditional question-and-answer format.
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good evening familyThe project I'm going to share today is called Space CatsHe is a DEFI project shared by many bloggers recentlyHis overall operation is very easy and simple, but the entry threshold is relatively highSo you must make your own decisions before investing.Be careful not to invest more than you can afford This project is simply using a gripper robotWhen a large order is detected in the marketInstantly increase its miner fee to buy firstand preemptively sell this coin after you buy itComplete instant arbitrageHowever, the gameplay of this project is different from that of general arbitrage robots.This project also issued cat coinsAnd restrict everyone to add liquidity to the flow pool firstOnly then can you drive this robot to make moneySo the profit of this project is in addition to the profit of the clip robotThere are also the rise and fall of cat coins and the rewards of the liquidity poolYou must add cat coins equivalent to 250USDT+250U into the liquidity poolWe can only drive 250U robotsOne advantage here is that although you need to buy 250U of cat coins to open a robotBut the money returned to us after the robot arbitrage is USDTThis will prevent cat coins from being smashed.Operation teaching:1. Go to the official website to join the membership: Go to Pancakeswap to buy cat coins and add a liquidity pool (USDT+SCAT)SCAT contract: 0x22a681b2b57050ab42cb4a426d56a733c6ca859a! Remember that the minimum investment amount is 250U+250U equivalent SCAT, and you need to buy an additional 250U SCAT to open the robot, but there is a slippage of 14%. It is recommended to buy a little more3. Go back to the official website to turn on the robot, and then you can get the income every day Remember that although the benefits of this project are good, it must be accompanied by corresponding risksYou must do your homework before committing By the way, I have to fight with the project side for additional benefits.Draw four fans to get 25u eachThere are five steps in the draw1. Open the official website and join the membership with my invitation code ( Leave your opinion on this project and leave your wallet address under this article3. Go to the official TG group to call ROY fans to travel in space ( Go to Youtube to comment on the video, like and comment5. Take a screenshot of the above three steps to the Roy fan group and wait for a week to draw the lottery ( )
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Multiverso NFT
Since the end of 2021, the crypto market has begun to decline in value, heading towards the current state of a bear market. In the bear market multiple opportunities arise. However, the secret is to know: how to take advantage of bear market opportunities? In the first instance, you need to improve your design analysis. In this sense, imagine that the bear market can last for about 2~3 years and that is a very long time for your money not to yield anything. That's because you could stay on a fixed income and have 10% per year, for example. Therefore, you should invest in those projects that have a good long-term outlook and have the potential for growth during that time. In addition, the most solid cryptos on the market become attractive, because when they start to rise, they can have returns much higher than 10% per year. In this sequence, it is essential to know that crypto assets are high-risk investments. Therefore, it is essential to have good financial management to take advantage of market opportunities with security and emotional and financial stability. Therefore, to take advantage of bear market opportunities, strategy and technique are required. In this continuity, the well-done basics of management, security and analysis of good projects will already put you in a good position in the market. Do you already apply these techniques? What do you think about the bear market? Let's invest safely and strategically?
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Multiverso NFT
Card Sharks are a collection of 7777 Sharks on vacation and having fun. Shark NFT is your pass to weekly lottery draws, games, activities and tickets to weekly poker tournaments. The Team is public and has held multiple AMAs on the NFT Multiverse Channel. In these AMAs, we solve questions in English from the community, play poker together and talk about future plans! In this sense, the AMA together with French Connection Finance was very productive with the partnership of Club Monte Carlo! You only need 01 NFT to start participating in the Project and get all the benefits mentioned above! Its minting costs 45 dollars, and can be done through the Ethereum Network or the Solana Network. You can find both options on the Official Website of Club Monte Carlo! All the complete information you can find on your social networks and in the Video that was made on the Multiverse NFT Channel! Including your promotions, how to mintage, a presentation of your Whitepaper with details! Have you already acquired your NFT? What did you like most about Club Monte Carlo? Have you ever played Poker NFT?
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A few facts behind the FTX crash that can't be ignored The FTX incident has been reported in great detail in the media and this article is only a brief outline to organize the timeline, and this article focuses on some of the possible events and analyze them. FTX crash, first of all CoinDesk exposed Alameda financial data, market turmoil and panic started to spread. Binance co-founder, He Yi, tweeted hints about the incident and market speculation about the financial health of FTX and Alameda is growing. Later, Whale Alert discovered that $580 million in FTT had been transferred from an unknown wallet to Binance and CZ stated that it was true that Binance was liquidating FTT, a “butterfly effect” that caused the Market panic peaks and selling pressure begins to occur. Afterwards, the SBF and CZ expressed their intention to enter the war after expressing a simple opinion. In response to Coindesk's report, Alameda CEO Caroline replied that it wasn't true, saying their over $10 billion in assets weren't reflected there, and then said they were willing to. buy all Binance FTT for $22. So what are the risks and remarkable truths behind this incident? 1. FTX and Alameda have a close relationship, the founder is SBF, FTX after LUNA's collapse often sold off, participated in unsecured loans, bought bankruptcy liquidation companies, spent funding, etc., wherein the more famous company involved in the acquisition includes Celsius, Blockfi, Voyager etc. This is also the irony of a celebrity on an exchange, and a large amount can be excessive. . 2. On September 22, it was reported that crypto exchange FTX is in talks with potential investors to receive up to $1 billion in new funding and source of earnings reports. Coindesk may be related to this. In January, FTX Trading Ltd. announced the completion of a $32 billion Series C funding round, with participation from SoftBank, Paradigm, Tiger Global, and the Ontario Teachers Retirement Planning Commission. FTX raises prices regularly, not only to expand its business scope but also to cover the shortfall in capital. 3. According to Binance, the decision to liquidate FTT on Binance is determined by the risk monitoring system. This means that even if FTX says there is no financial problem, Binance still believes there is a problem from a risk control perspective (FTT is currently at the low end of the bear market), even though the market does not. I don't know where the risk point lies, but considering the LUNA thunderstorm event, it has become a trend panic in the market. 4. Alameda said they are ready to close the FTT at $22, and now that the FTT has dipped below $22, the market's psychological defense has been broken and this panic started spreading like domino pieces. Regarding this crisis, Xu Xingxing also seemed to smell the smell and came out convincingly: “FTX is useless for the whole industry and I hope that CZ will reach a new agreement with SBF to help FTX recover from the difficulties. Current rumors are the best choice for CZ.” 5. In view of the large number of users withdrawing, Alameda and FTX began to raise a large amount of money to deal with the withdrawal and sale of other crypto assets held for protection, including the sale of assets. property or even BIT, the risk of FTX has basically spread to the entire market, if the big bears follow, the possibility of falling into a death spiral is increasing. According to Nansen, there were $540 million in ERC20 token deposits (including ETH) on FTX in the last 24 hours, with total withdrawals of $1.2 billion and net outflows of $653 million. 6. On-chain data shows that FTX appears to have stopped processing customer withdrawal requests. The last transaction of FTX on the Ethereum blockchain took place on November 8 at 18:37 Beijing time. But there are still users queuing for withdrawals. FTX has a similar situation with addresses on the Tron and Solana blockchains. Winter has come, and survival is the most important thing November 7th is the beginning of winter, and winter in the crypto market seems to be coming just as expected. Whether or not FTX is the next Three Arrows Capital can be relatively unlikely, but in a bad market environment, in the event of a major short-selling sniper, the market will strengthen under a herd effect. herds and digital assets are expected to fall further; FTX has the ability to withdraw large amounts of cash in a short time due to protection and capital mobility, weak short-term buying, huge digital asset sales, very high market vulnerability and increase the risk of a rapid decline in currency prices. What should be more cautious is that if this spiral declines, the real risk of FTX will come and FTX's capital chain may not be paid due to the shrinking digital assets and the risk of a wide market crash. larger is expected to increase greatly. Also, from a macro perspective, US stocks and bitcoin are closely linked, the US midterm elections and this week's CPI data is likely to continue to weigh on market confidence. , it cannot be ruled out that this is the last straw to crush the market's confidence. camel back. However, given the short-term ups and downs of the market, due to the lack of transparency of centralized exchanges, some of the assessments in this article may also be biased. However, from a macro point of view, bitcoin has dropped from nearly $70,000, the current consolidation period is relatively short, the overall lack of momentum strikes in the market, the panic is relatively contagious, overall, The uptrend is still early and the downside risk is relatively large.
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Multiverso NFT
The Cash Bull Project is a DeFi Project with a complete ecosystem in this branch and is divided into multiple pillars. The first is to be a DeFi platform of constant profits and decentralized finance in general. Second, the project intends to be a Collection of NFTs with multiple uses. In 2023, they intend to develop an NFT P2E game along the same lines. In addition, they already have the lottery system working 100% today. This means that you can take home a good amount of money if you are lucky and take a risk. Finally, they have their token staking system that can serve as a form of passive income in the project today. This allows for an appreciation in the token and one more use for your token. The last video on the Multiverse Channel NFT: Cash Bull you can learn more about the project itself in detail! Follow us on Youtube! Cash Bull is a commercial expression or jargon, it is a business that generates a constant return of profits for its investors and far exceeds the cash outlay necessary to acquire or start it. Many investors and companies look to create or acquire these types of businesses as they can be used to increase overall income and diversify their portfolio to back and support the less profitable activities in their investment portfolios. Taking this idea into account, the project thinks about the community and develops the Cashbull Ecosystem. In this sense, the project is designed to generate constant profitability and rewards for all project holders.
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Multiverso NFT
Doge Cup is a World Cup themed NFT Project. In this sense, its project is divided into 04 pillars. The first, it aims to be a DAO. This means that he intends to decentralize decision-making power in the project to the holders. That is, if you are a project holder, it is possible that you have voting power over what will happen to the project in the future. Second, the project earns you money passively. In this continuity, the staking of NFTs and tokens is already released. For this, it is necessary to have NFTs that cost only 6 dollars today or tokens that can be at least 10 dollars in staking. Thus, the project becomes attractive due to passive income. Third, the project will have its Pvp developed during the course of its project. This means that the project has a significant long-term perspective, as it has objectives related to the union between fun and profitability. In addition, the theme of the World Cup is at an all-time high, bringing explosive appreciation potential to the project. We will have an AMA on Sunday at 7:30 pm on the Multiverse NFT Channel with your Public Team. In addition, the project has an audit and KYC performed. What did you like most about the project? Did you already know the Doge Cup? Do you already have NFTs and or tokens from your project?
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Flavio Nascimento
Boaaaaaa afternoonee GUYS. How are you? In a new statement, the developer spoke about the possible presence of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the game, something that has been a spectacle for a long time. Who liked this rockstart ad with BTC on the cover. It's the crypto world present everywhere🚀
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Regulate the Last Mile into the Decentralized World
The collapse of virtual asset trading platforms broke out one after another...

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