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Uniswap2-5 years




Stellar5-10 years




TRON5-10 years




Matic Network2-5 years



Unable to Withdraw



2022-05-20 16:28
Breach of Trust
Rejected Withdrawals since March 2022 Forceful subscription to Master C bot and Locking 100% of user capital without users' consent Forceful conversion of user funds in USDT to IUSD (Zero value token) thus locking value in their system indefinitely Forceful subscription of users to IPCloud (Crypto Defi) registered in Cayman Islands/Seychelles. Scam & Pyramid-like mining. Charge of 2m$ in breach of terms that were forcefully signed in access of app.
Unable to Withdraw
2022-05-16 02:12
can’t withdraw
We are unable to withdraw. they keep sending wrong withdrawal codes
Unable to Withdraw
2022-05-24 23:54
IXX exchange induce fraud and unable to withdraw
The IXX exchange deliberately raised the price and created a price difference with other exchanges. Using arbitrage as a bait, as long as you have deposited money, even if the transaction is successful, you cannot withdraw the currency. After a long time, no one will handle it, and you will not be able to contact customer service. After checking the data on the chain, you will know that there is no transaction volume at all. Balance No, it is purely an inducement fraud, everyone must be careful not to lose your money bags for petty profits. I have been deceived, and I advise everyone to carefully evaluate various data before choosing an exchange before using it, and don’t be carried away by interests. Once again I declare that the IXX.COM exchange is a fraud exchange and do not use it.
Unable to Withdraw
2022-05-24 18:13
Unable to withdraw
At 21:13 on May 20, 2022, sell the token EHR and withdraw it later. At 13:00 on the 21st, the platform showed that the acceptor took the order and paid, but there was no result, and the customer service could not be contacted. The trading platform could not be logged on on the 22nd, and the loss was heavy!










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  • BTC
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  • BSV
  • Quotation
  • $29,369.8 -1.14%
  • $1,859.79 -5.48%
  • $1.26 -5.16%
  • $184.14 -3.61%
  • $64.23 -6.78%
  • $0.39 -2.28%
  • $22.28 -6.67%
  • $50.03 -4.87%
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  • Long/Short Ratio in Population
  • Long: short=1.87
  • Long: short=1.78
  • Long: short=2.24
  • Long: short=1.28
  • Long: short=1.63
  • Long: short=1.46
  • Long: short=1.81
  • Long: short=0.71
  • Long/Short Ratio in Value
  • Long: short=1.08
  • Long: short=0.94
  • Long: short=0.96
  • Long: short=0.85
  • Long: short=1.09
  • Long: short=1.04
  • Long: short=0.86
  • Long: short=1.16
  • Quarterly Premium
  • -$4815.326
  • -$84.045
  • -$2.545
  • -$289.454
  • -$68.002
  • -$0.258
  • -$20.466
  • -$78.622
  • Long/Short Ratio
  • 51.82%
  • 48.51%
  • 48.92%
  • 46.01%
  • 52.25%
  • 50.95%
  • 46.3%
  • 53.76%
  • Perpetual contract rates
  • --0.0077%
  • ++0.0017%
  • ++0.0177%
  • ++0.0245%
  • ++0.0086%
  • ++0.0038%
  • --0.0107%
  • ++0.0991%
  • OKEx elite direction
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • OKEX position indicator
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%
  • Long: short=0% 0%

Field Survey More
A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Exchange Exrates in Estonia - Finding No Office
The survey team went to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to visit the cryptocurrency exchange Exrates, and found no business premise of the exchange, which means the given business address might be fake. Please be prudent if trading with this exchange.


A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Dealer OKCoin Japan K.K. in Japan -- Office Confirmed Existed
The survey team went to Tokyo, Japan to visit the cryptocurrency dealer OKCoin Japan K.K., and found that the exchange truly has a business premise at the registered address. However, due to the security control, the team were not allowed to enter the office, so the exact business scale of the dealer was unknown. Please be prudent when trading with this dealer.


A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Exchange Blue Belt Co., Ltd at Aoyama, Japan -- Business Premise Found
The survey team went to visit the cryptocurrency exchange Blue Belt Co., Ltd at Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan, and found that the exchange’s business premise at the public business address. However, as the door of the office was locked, the survey team failed to enter the office for a visit. Therefore, the business scale and operation status of the exchange remain unknown. Please be prudent if trading with


A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Exchange Korbit in South Korea -- With Quite Large Business Scale
The survey team visited the cryptocurrency exchange Korbit in Seoul, South Korea, and found the office scale is quite large, with approximately 100 cubicles, and the office is located in the bustling Gangnam district of Seoul. That is all for this session of Field Survey.


South Korea
A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Exchange BITSONIC in South Korea -- With Quite Large Business Scale
The survey team visited the cryptocurrency exchange BITSONIC in Seoul, South Korea, and found the office scale is quite large, with approximately 50 cubicles, and the office is located in the bustling Gangnam district of Seoul. That is all for this session of Field Survey.


South Korea
A Visit to the Cryptocurrency Exchange Folgory in Tallinn of Estonia - Finding No Office
The investigators went to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, to visit the cryptocurrency exchange Folgory. On its publicly displayed address, they did not find the exchange’s office space, but a workshop warehouse. Therefore, we can conclude that the cryptocurrency exchange Folgory has no real business venue here. Investors are advised to choose this exchange carefully.



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Japan’s largest investment bank Nomura to launch crypto arm

Bitcoin Has Failed as an Alternative Money, says Former Fed Chairman

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UK Prime Minister Empowers Authorities to Seize Crypto ‘More Quickly and Easily’

Binance Issues Warning On Fake Billboard Ads Rented In Turkey

Meta Confirms Instagram Will Start Testing NFTs This Week

Majority of Russia’s Financial Pyramids in Q1 Linked to Crypto

Google Cloud Establishes a New Team for Web3 Infrastructure

The Central Bank of El Salvador accepted Qredo registration to provide cryptocurrency services

Blockchain activity rises in April as P2E games and NFTs get back on track

A Third of All Britons Have Now Used Crypto, Says Coinbase Report

Elon Musk Got $500,000,000 from Binance in Order to Buy Twitter

S.Korea’s incoming administration pushes to end ICO drought

Bitcoin Remains Steady as Fed Announces Biggest Rate Hike in 22 Years

Two Argentinian Banks to Reportedly Launch Crypto Trading Services

EU Report Recommends DeFi Regulation Rethink

Ethereum burning spikes to new high on Yuga Labs’ NFT hype

These are the BTC price levels to watch as Bitcoin risks worst April on record

Solving the ‘Sunrise Issue’ is the key to unlocking crypto mass adoption

Bipartisan bill to give CFTC authority over exchanges and stablecoins

Russian Central Bank To Allow Stock Exchanges To Trade Crypto

Crypto Exchange Exec Charged for Helping Pongyong Access Military Secrets

New Report: Blockchain Hackers Stole $1.3 Billion In Q1 2022

Dual Bitcoin-Gold ETP to Start Trading in Europe

Brazil’s Senate approves 'Bitcoin law' to regulate cryptocurrencies

US Prosecutors Charge Two Europeans in Connection With North Korea Crypto Conference

Afghan Citizens Turn to Stablecoins, Not Bitcoin, to Protect Wealth

Central African Republic adopts Bitcoin as legal tender

Macron discusses EU regulation, web3, French start-ups and innovation

Central Bank of Mexico Will Launch Its CBDC In 3 Years

Over 10% of Americans Will Own Crypto by Year-End: Research

Binance Denies Sharing User Data With Russian Agencies

Columbia Uni professor heads up a16z's new crypto research unit

Australian Regulators Reveal Crypto Policy Roadmap

Bank of England Urges Banks to Fund Bigger Scrutiny of Crypto

IMF Warns That Crypto Mining Could Aid Countries Hit by Sanctions

U.S. Treasury Sanctions Russian Crypto Miners

40+ Crypto Business React to EU Regulatory Frame

Australia’s First Bitcoin ETF To List Next Week

Ireland to Ban Crypto Donations to Political Parties Citing Overseas Interference

Russian Banks Want to Ban Self-Custody Crypto Wallets

These 9 S&P 500 Companies Accept Bitcoin for Payment in 2022

Brazilian Congress Aims to Pass Unified Crypto Framework in Coming Months

Regulatory Arm of UAE Financial Centre Releases Defi Discussion Paper

Janet Yellen Acknowledges Crypto’s Disruptive Potential

Report: Russian Oligarchs Can’t Evade Sanctions Due to Crypto Market Liquidity Issues

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says Amazon could sell NFTs in the future

Major Indian Crypto Exchanges Blocked All Transfers and Deposits

Binance Invests €100M in French Crypto Startups

Report: Coinbase is least risky crypto exchange to trade on

BIS releases study of CBDCs and their role in financial inclusion of the unbanked

Delivery Giant UPS Delves into Metaverse

Ukraine War Not Driving Crypto Market Activity, Says Report

New York’s Crypto Regulation Takes New Dimension With New Provisions

Binance approved in principle by Abu Dhabi as digital asset broker-dealer

Federal Reserve may purposely force down crypto prices

What Is Behind Norway’s Booming Bitcoin And Crypto Interest?

U.S. crypto regulations should be ‘tech neutral,’ says Janet Yellen

Spanish Regulator Addresses Unregistered Platform Advertising Issue

Treasury's Yellen to Deliver First Speech on Crypto in US Economy

DOJ Confiscates $34M Worth of Crypto From Dark Web Hacker

Australia continues regulation drive with new policy targeting crypto and financial influencers

UK Aims To Let Consumers ‘Use Stablecoin Services With Confidence’

EU Officials Want EBA To Keep List of Crypto Companies at Risk of Criminal Activity

US Lawmakers Introduce A Bill Targeted at Stablecoins

Sanctions Motivate Russia to Create Own Crypto Market Infrastructure, Finance Ministry Says

Central banker conference to examine 'safe DeFi' and CBDCs next week

IMF: Russia-Ukraine Crisis Will Boost Crypto Adoption

UK’s FCA Extends Crypto Registration Deadline For 12 Firms

Crypto investors lose almost $700 million to blockchain hackers in Q1, 2022

ECASH: U.S. Politicians Propose Bill for a Non-Blockchain-Based Digital Dollar

Vietnamese Government and Central Bank Developing Legal Framework for Crypto

Japan Prepares FEFTA Amendment to Prevent Russia From Using Crypto Loopholes

OECD Proposes Crypto-Assets Reporting Framework

UK Set to Disclose Plans for Regulating Crypto in Coming Weeks: CNBC

EU Cracking Down on Unhosted Wallets

The Bank of England has teamed up with the MITto study the pros and cons of CBDCS

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How Will Joe Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto Regulations Change Due to the Russia-Ukraine War?

US AML watchdog issues alert on potential crypto sanctions evasion from Russia

Coinbase Blocks 25K Russian Addresses Supposedly Related to Illicit Activity

Japan Looks to Stop Sanctioned Russian Entities From Transferring Crypto Assets

Pushing Russia out of crypto: Singapore, Switzerland and Japan will join in the sanctions

Moscow Exchange bans short selling of euro instruments

Euro Risks Slide to Parity as Ukraine War’s ‘Most Liquid Short’

Increased Scam Reports Linked to Crypto, FCA Finds

Bill Miller Says Collapse of The Russian Ruble Is Very Bullish for Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz: Russia-Ukraine War Will Boost Crypto Adoption and Dollar Marginalization

Federal Reserve Chairman Says Russia-Ukraine Conflict Highlights Need For Crypto Regulation

Ukraine ‘Marked an Inflection Point’ for Bitcoin as an Asset, Analysts Say

MIT includes Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake in 2022’s top 10 breakthrough technologies

Bitcoin Could Stifle Incidents Of Cyber Attacks, Says MicroStrategy CEO With Compelling Reasons

Israeli Authorities Seize 30 Crypto Wallets Linked to Financing Terrorism

eBay to accept Crypto Payments, Already exploring NFTs

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FTX.US Launches Stock Trading for Select Users

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