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Australias Commonwealth Bank Halts Crypto Rollout

Australias Commonwealth Bank Halts Crypto Rollout

News 2022-05-20 16:26

Breach of Trust

Rejected Withdrawals since March 2022Forceful subscription to Master C bot and Locking 100% of user capital without users' consent Forceful conversion of user funds in USDT to IUSD (Zero value token) thus locking value in their system indefinitelyForceful subscription of users to IPCloud (Crypto Defi) registered in Cayman Islands/Seychelles. Scam & Pyramid-like mining. Charge of 2m$ in breach of terms that were forcefully signed in access of app.

Others 2022-05-20 16:28

Has Bitcoin Reached a “Generational Buying Opportunity”?

Bitcoin is consolidating around $29,000 as the RSI indicator has now entered a period that has historically preceded outsized returns on investment for long-term investors.

News 2022-05-20 13:07

Do Kwon Dissolved Terraform Labs Korea Days Before Collapse of Terra LUNA, UST

Official records show Do Kwon dissolved Terraform Labs Korea, closing down its headquarters and sole branch just days before the collapse of terra crypto (LUNA) and stablecoin terrausd (UST).

News 2022-05-20 12:56

BoE's Cunliffe Warns Crypto Will See Tough Times as Fed Tightens Financial Conditions

Bank of England's Cunliffe Warns Crypto Will See Tough Times as Federal Reserve Tightens Financial Conditions

News 2022-05-20 11:27

SWIFT Plans To Interlink All CBDCs

In collaboration with Capgemini, SWIFT is trying to address three use cases – interlinking CBDC with CBDC, fiat with CBDC, and CBDC with fiat.

News 2022-05-20 11:25

Paul Krugman Mocks Institutions for Hopping on Blockchain Bandwagon

Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman has mocked blockchain bandwagoning

News 2022-05-20 10:58

Panama President Mulls Crypto Bill Approval Due to Money Laundering Concerns

Cortizo stated that one of his main concerns about the bill is the stance it takes regarding money laundering activities and crypto.

News 2022-05-20 10:26

Ripple Invests $100 Million into Combating Climate Change

Ripple has committed $100 million to bolster global carbon credit market

News 2022-05-20 10:18

FTX.US Launches Stock Trading for Select Users

FTX.US is the first crypto exchange to offer the feature–and the first to allow brokerage accounts to be funded with USDC.

News 2022-05-20 09:28

More Stress For El Salvador As Bitcoin Dips To $29,000 -

El Salvador has been on the radar of leading financial and economic institutions since it made Bitcoin a legal tender. It has mainly become a spectacle as

Industry 2022-05-20 00:01