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ArbitrageScanner Event in Dubai: How to make money with blockchain analysis and crypto arbitrage?

ArbitrageScanner Event in Dubai: How to make money with blockchain analysis and crypto arbitrage? WikiBit 2024-03-22 11:45

Experience an unparalleled side event in Dubai hosted by Dive into ArbitrageScanner's comprehensive ecosystem, featuring top-notch tools for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Engage in premium networking opportunities with industry leaders in the cryptocurrency sphere, participate in insightful discussions, and gain access to a plethora of invaluable new insights and information.

ArbitrageScanner, a prominent player in the crypto industry, is orchestrating an exclusive closed-door gathering in Dubai, uniting the titans of web3, blockchain analysis, and cryptocurrency arbitrage. Renowned as the best tool for arbitrage and blockchain analysis, ArbitrageScanner boasts a multitude of glowing customer cases and testimonials.

Over two days, attendees will engage in high-level networking amidst opulent surroundings, complete with a swimming pool, gourmet cuisine, beverages, and limitless hookah. Admission to this event is strictly ticketed, ensuring a discerning crowd comprising only VIP guests and existing clients of the service.

The significance of ArbitrageScanner events cannot be overstated. Beyond the opportunity to rub shoulders with industry luminaries, participants will delve into pressing topics and gain access to insider insights seldom disclosed in mainstream media. Moreover, attendees will relish the chance to luxuriate in a lavish villa while absorbing invaluable knowledge from seasoned market professionals.

Don't Miss Out: Your Guide to the ArbitrageScanner Event in Dubai!

When? 17-18 April, Dubai

Where? In the largest 3-storey villa in an iconic location in Dubai.

Who will attend of ArbitrageScanner Event?

  • Traders with over $5 million in capital,

  • Tier-1 crypto fund owners, major exchanges.

  • Successful clients of ArbitrageScanner who have left the P2P sphere, are involved in arbitrage and are willing to share their experience with you.

What will you expect at the ArbitrageScanner event? A unique closed event, open only to invited VIP guests and clients of the ArbitrageScanner service. You will have 2 days of intensive networking with the leaders of the crypto industry, discussing the most relevant topics of the market, as well as working strategies for finding profitable projects, competent analysis and further profits. Blockchain data analysis, cryptocurrency arbitrage, working strategies and the future direction of the crypto market - this and much more will be discussed at the ArbitrageScanner event.

Navigate Your Way to ArbitrageScanner Events

To attend the closed side event, you must subscribe to the service. The number of seats is limited, so be sure to book your seat in advance!

Choose a tariff:

  • Free Pass - free, if you already have a subscription to ArbitrageScanner (trial rate). Access to the event is on the second day. You will have access to welcome drinks and the opportunity to take part in important discussions and learn how to make money from on-chain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage. To book your place in advance, please complete the registration form on the website

  • VIP Pass - worth 200 USD if you already have an ArbitrageScanner subscription (Business plan and above). Access to the event - for 2 days, plus access to a private VIP area, unlimited food/drinks and ArbitrageScanner branded gifts.

*We recommend this rate for full access to the 2 day event with all VIP privileges.

  • VIP Pass - free, with access for 2 days - if you are a media/influencer with a large loyal audience.

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ArbitrageScanner support:

To become part of the community and attend any event, all you need is a valid subscription to the ArbitrageScanner service. Not only will you get unlimited passes to events around the world, but you will also have access to the best tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage, analysis and wallet search.

Reviews and cases of ArbitrageScanner

As per cryptocurrency industry leaders, ArbitrageScanner stands out as a reliable service, backed by an abundance of positive feedback from satisfied customers and tangible success stories in cryptocurrency arbitrage and on-chain analysis.

When examining the platform, ArbitrageScanner clients emphasize the robust functionality and user-friendly nature of its tools. Each week, the team showcases authentic success stories from users who engage in various activities, including:

  • Investigating investors' and traders' wallets

  • Conducting comprehensive analyses of asset deposits and withdrawals

  • Leveraging the scanner and screener to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities across decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges, thereby optimizing their returns.

A recent ArbitrageScanner case highlights how a VIP client garnered a remarkable 133% profit on ZRX and an astounding 400% on INJ within a span of three months, utilizing the wallet analysis service. How did the user identify the wallet? Through collaboration with the ArbitrageScanner team, who frequently share privileged insights with their community members via their private student chat. For further details on this and other case studies, readers are encouraged to explore the blog section on the ArbitrageScanner website.

ArbitrageScanner Tools Review

ArbitrageScanner clients have access not only to closed crypto events, but also to the service's tools:

  • ArbitrageScanner and Screenerthe best tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage. Support for over 60 CEX and DEX. Works without API request, sends transaction notifications every 4 seconds and allows you to track price differences between any exchanges and tokens.

  • ArbitrageScanner Message is a tool that allows you to be the first to know the news before it hits the media and make money on insights. This not only saves you time, but also allows you to quickly analyze the latest news about a project to decide whether it is worth investing in or not.

  • ArbitrageScanner Walletstools for searching and analyzing wallets in different blockchains using AI. You can find the wallet of a market insider, top trader and study their investment strategies. Thanks to AI, a user can find absolutely any wallet, even if it was created a few minutes ago.

ArbitrageScanner Events is another tool that allows you to meet interesting people all over the world. Don't miss the opportunity to communicate with the strongest participants of the cryptocurrency and business industry, get new experiences and pleasant impressions.

Even if you are not involved in cryptocurrency arbitrage, you can become an affiliate of ArbitrageScanner and earn from it. The project has a generous referral programme where you can earn up to 50% of the sales. The affiliate is assigned to you forever, which means that you can receive profits every month after renewing your subscription. Withdrawal of funds in USDT, no commission and no restrictions.

Subscribe and book your place at the biggest Side event today! It will be 2 full days of fruitful networking, quality rest and new acquaintances. If you are unable to attend the event, we recommend you to study the ArbitrageScanner service, subscribe and start earning with the best tools for on-chain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage.

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