Privacy Policy

WikiBit values the privacy of its users, and we understand that the information you provide to WikiBit is based on your complete trust in WikiBit. Please read and thoroughly understand this Privacy Policy, and confirm that you fully understand and agree to it before you start using the WikiBit services. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the content of this policy, you may contact us through the contact information published by WikiBit. We will definitely treat the information you submit to us in a responsible manner, and WikiBit solemnly promises the following:

1. WikiBit solemnly promises not to sell any information of users and to protect your basic information including email, mobile number, name and other sensitive information.

2. WikiBit has taken effective measures to protect your personal private information. We will not provide any personal data of users to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) without the permission of the user, except in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the law or government.

3, Through the "WikiBit Privacy Terms of Service", you can mainly understand the following content:

-The information we collect and how it is used

-How we use cookies and similar technologies

-How we disclose, share, and transfer information

-How we store and protect information

-How we protect information for non-adult users

-How we protect your information rights

-How this Privacy Policy may be changed

-How to contact us


The following is a specific description of how the software handles user privacy issues.

I. The information we collect and how it is used

We may collect two types of information in order to effectively provide you with basic and optimized services:

(1) In order to be able to provide basic services to you, we will collect the information with your consent and authorization. If not authorized, WikiBit will not be able to provide basic services to you.

(2) In order to enable you to enjoy the value-added optimization services provided by WikiBit, you can choose whether to agree to authorize WikiBit to collect your information, without your authorized consent, WikiBit will not be able to provide you with various optimization services, but does not affect the implementation of basic services and functions.

User Submission: When you register with WikiBit, you will be required to provide an email address so that we can identify you or contact you. We will use a number of effective methods to confirm the correctness and validity of your personal data.

User's Personal Details (profile): In addition to the information required for registration, we have a section with more detailed information about you, such as your name, identity, company and position, which you can choose to fill in or not. But as you know, the more complete your profile is and the more information you provide, the more opportunities and business contacts you are likely to have.

Contact Information: When you invite your friends to join WikiBit, you will need to fill in their mobile phone numbers which will only be used to send invitations and other information to your contacts. You can also add some personal information for your contacts, but WikiBit guarantees that this information will only be seen by you. The information you provide for your contacts is also subject to this Privacy Policy.

Location Information: When you enable the location features of your mobile device through system authorization and use location-based services, we collect and use your location information in order to customize the information in your country. We may use relevant technologies to obtain your location information (the accuracy of which may vary), including IP addresses, GPS, etc. You may disable location services on your mobile device's system to stop us from collecting information about your location, but you may not be able to use our location-based services as a result, or to achieve the intended results of the relevant services. In the process of your use of the WikiBit service, in order to identify abnormal account status, understand product suitability, and provide you with more suitable page display and search results, we may automatically collect your usage and store it as web log information, including:

Device Information: We will receive and record information about the device you are using (including device model, operating system version, device settings, unique device identifier, device environment, mobile application list and other hardware and software characteristics), information about the location of the device (including your authorized GPS location and WLAN access points, Bluetooth and base stations, etc.), and information about the location of the device (including your authorized GPS location and sensor information) based on the operation when you using WikiBit service.

Service Log Information: When you use the WikiBit service, we will automatically collect details of your use of our service and keep them as a service log, including but not limited to browsing, searching, following companies, monitoring companies, and IP address, browser type, telecommunication carrier, language used, date and time of access, etc.

Please note that device information and service log information alone is information that cannot identify a specific person. If we combine such non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person or use it in combination with personal information, such non-personal information will be treated as personal information for the duration of the combined use, and we will anonymize such information unless we obtain your authorization or unless otherwise required by law or regulation.

To complete the payment for the order of value-added services: you will need to provide the account of the third party payment platform (Alipay, WeChat payment) and choose the payment method, we will share your user name, corresponding third party payment platform account name, order payment related information, order security related device information and other necessary information required by anti-money laundering laws with the third party payment platform through the SDK embedded in the application, etc. The aforementioned third-party payment platform will obtain your permission to connect to the network and mobile phone information, and obtain network status and wifi status.

Non-Personal Data Identification: In addition to collect personal data from you, we may also collect some non-personal statistical information through your IP address to enable us to further improve our services. For example, when you browse a web page, this URL, the time, the nature of the browser you are using, the ISP that gave you access to the service, etc., are automatically recorded.

When you use the WikiBit App.

(1) When you perform real-name authentication, WikiBit conducts audits on its own or entrusts a third-party auditing agency based on the user's application and the materials and information it submits, etc., and determines the service of authentication results based on the audit. When submitting the certification application, you need to provide the ID card information of the legal representative of the enterprise, so that we can audit the certified enterprise

(2) When you use the "Mobile Contacts" function, WikiBit may, with your authorization and consent, collect your contacts/friend information in your contacts book and use it to match with relevant database information in order to provide you with relevant query results. However, WikiBit does not guarantee the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the query results.

(3) When you enable the "one-click login" function, you can login with your authenticated mobile phone number. When you experience this function, we will access your phone status in read-only mode, including the phone number of your device, current network information, carrier information, accordingly, we need to obtain your device's "Access Phone Status" permission for your device.

(4) When you use the scan function of the WikiBit app, we need to acquire the "camera" permission of your device; in order to achieve the function of uploading pictures and avatars, we need to acquire the "storage-read external memory" permission of your device; in order to save pictures, we need to acquire the "write to external memory" permission of your device.


II. How we use cookies and similar technologies

(1) A cookie is a small amount of data sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive, usually including some special identifiers that are used to record your user ID.

(2) You can set your preferences to receive all cookies, reject all cookies, or be notified when a cookie is set. However, you must have your cookies turned on in order to use the services provided by WikiBit.


III. How we disclose, share, and transfer information 

1, the user's information will be classified, in accordance with the user's personal wishes to display to their contacts. WikiBit will not provide your personal information to anyone except for the following cases:

(1) It has been authorized by the user.

(2) As required by the relevant laws and regulations or as requested by a court or relevant government department.

(3) For the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the WikiBit 

(4) To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the users of the WikiBit and the public.

(5) Any other circumstances deemed necessary by the Wikibit.

2When you use the Wikibit App, some of our services or functions need to be completed with the assistance of a third-party SDK, or the relevant services are provided directly by the third-party SDK. Currently our SDK partners include:

(1) For statistical analysis purposes, our products are integrated with the "U+" SDK, which requires the collection of your device's International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA), device Mac address and device model information. For the security of your information, we have agreed with this SDK service provider on strict data security confidentiality obligations to ensure that it will strictly comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will not share your personal information with them unless we have your consent to do so.

(2) For statistical analysis purposes, our products are integrated with the "appflyer" SDK, which requires the collection of your device's International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA), device Mac address and device model information. For the security of your information, we have agreed with this SDK service provider on strict data security confidentiality obligations to ensure that it will strictly comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will not share your personal information with them unless we have your consent to do so.

(3) In order to implement the payment function, we will embed a third-party payment platform, and by clicking to agree to this Privacy Policy, you authorize your consent for our partners to obtain and process your permissions and information in accordance with the foregoing.

(4) In order to achieve the quick login function, our product integrates with "China Mobile" SDK, "China Unicom" SDK, "China Telecom" SDK, the above third party SDKs need to collect your device's International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA), device Mac address and device model information. For your information security, we have agreed to strict data security obligations with the third party SDK providers to ensure that they will strictly comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will not share your personal information with them unless we have your consent to do so.

(5) For the purpose of sharing, three-party login, notification push and other functions, we have integrated "Aurora sdk", "Wechat sdk", "TencentQQ sdk", "Facebook sdk", "Twitter sdk", "Sina Weibo sdk". In addition, we may obtain your account information from third parties based on your authorization and bind it to your WikiBit account so that you can log in directly, use our products and/or services or interoperate with related rights and interests between accounts through your third party account. We will use your information in accordance with our agreement with the third party and within the scope of your authorized consent.

(6) In order to implement the live chat function, we have integrated the "Huanxin sdk". For your information security, we have agreed with this SDK service provider on strict data security obligations to ensure that they will strictly comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will not share your chat information with them unless we have your consent to do so.

3Without your explicit consent, WikiBit will not transfer your information to any subject, if WikiBit finds that the user has such behavior, we will terminate cooperation and pursue responsibility.

4To protect your information security, we will publicize the detailed list of third party services, see Annex 1 List of third party services for details.


IV. How we store and protect information

(1) We will take strict measures to protect your privacy, and our important information systems have passed the Level 3 evaluation of network security level protection. To ensure that your privacy is not violated in any way. As long as you provide us with any personal information, we will take effective means to protect your information (except for the mandatory requirements of the law or government).

(2) We collect information in order to provide you with a better service and to avoid collecting information that is not relevant to the provision of the service to you. We will store the information we collect from you on our domestic servers and retain your information for as long as necessary to provide you with our services.

(3) WikiBit will not store your information for an extended period of time. When you choose to log out, terminate the service, cancel your account or WikiBit does not provide the service to you, WikiBit will delete your information.


V. How we protect information for non-adult users

(1) WikiBit is a service for subjects with full capacity. Subjects who do not have capacity, children, teenagers, etc. may not apply for accounts and other services without the consent of their guardians.

(2) Even if a subject with incapacity, a child, or a teenager has obtained the consent of the guardian, in order to fulfill our responsibility to protect non-adults and subjects with incapacity, we will provide services or use or disclose information only when permitted by law, regulation, etc., and when the guardian consents and necessary to protect non-adult and incapacitated subjects.

(3) In order to effectively protect the legal rights and interests of children, we consider all persons under the age of 14 to be children.

(4) If we find that we have collected personal information from a child without prior consent from the guardian, we will delete the relevant data.


VI. How we protect your information rights

WikiBit guarantees you to exercise the following rights with respect to information.

1. Check personal information.

You can check your information in the following ways: When you use the WikiBit App, you can go to "My - Edit - Profile Page" to check your information; if you need to check your related parties in My Following, posting records and other information, please go to "My" page to check.

2. Change in the scope of the authorization.

Each business function requires the appropriate personal information in order to be completed. You may give or withdraw your consent at any time to the collection and use of personal information in connection with the implementation of additional features of the WikiBit service. You may change it by contacting WikiBit Customer Service or by changing the settings on your mobile device. When you withdraw your consent, we will no longer process the corresponding personal information. However, your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect the processing of personal information that was previously carried out on the basis of your authorization.

3. Information updates.

(1) In order to maintain permanent contact with your contacts, you can update and modify your personal data in case of changes to your profile to make it valid. You can easily log in at any time using your registered name and password

(2) If you find that the personal information we process about you is incorrect, you can correct it at any time by logging into the "My-Settings-Account and Security" page of the WikiBit App, or by going to the top right corner of the web page, clicking on the button of your username and changing it on the jump page; if you need to change the information about the parties you followed, please go to the "My" page of the WikiBit App or go to the web page and select the appropriate field in the menu of your username in the upper right corner to make changes.

4. Information deletion.

In the following cases, you can delete some of your information by yourself through "My-Settings-Account and Security" on the WikiBit App, or by going to the top right corner of the web page, clicking on your username button and deleting it on the page; if you find that you cannot delete your information, you can contact WikiBit customer service:

(1) If WikiBit collects, uses, or processes your information without your consent.

(2) If WikiBit collects, uses, or processes information in violation of the agreement and promises with you.

(3) If you are using the WikiBit service or if you have cancelled your WikiBit account.

(4) WikiBit  is no longer provide service to you.

5. Account cancellation. You can apply for cancellation of your account through the following methods:

a) Log in to the WikiBit App and submit an account cancellation request via "My-Settings- Account Cancellation".

b) You can submit your request to cancel your account by sending an email to the WikiBit customer service email address and we will assist you in requesting the cancellation of your account.


VII. How this Privacy Policy may be changed

1. WikiBit may modify the Privacy Policy in accordance with laws and regulations, regulatory requirements and the content of the service and the needs of collecting information. If there is a substantial change in the use of user personal information policy, we will notify you by e-mail or other prominent way.

2. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your consent. We will post any changes to this Privacy Policy on a dedicated page. For material changes, we will also provide more prominent notice (in the form of a posting on our website or a pop-up alert to you) of the specific changes.

3. Without your consent, WikiBit ensures that you enjoy your rights as agreed with you, and this Privacy Policy was last updated on January 25th, 2021.


About Us

WikiBit (Chinese name: WikiBit) is a blockchain industry platform information query tool, whose core function is to provide basic information query, regulatory license query, credit evaluation, platform identification and other services for the collected blockchain projects.


Based on the public data of government departments, WikiBit combines advanced sniffing system and scientific computer algorithm to build a big data solution integrating data collection, data filtering, data aggregation, data modeling and data productization, and on this basis, it makes qualitative evaluation and quantitative assessment on the supervision level and risk level of the collected items from multiple dimensions, and can provide corresponding security solutions for individual users, enterprise users, and government departments.


WikiBit always values the research and development of independent intellectual property rights, and strives to provide users with quality services through constant innovation and continuous iteration. At the same time, we promote the use of WikiBit to users around the world in more than 14 different languages, allowing users around the world to fully enjoy the magic and convenience brought by Internet technology.



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