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In early June 2023, my first transaction with FindeMaChange was incredibly smooth, simple, and efficient. I passed verification; transferred funds from my personal bank via SEPA, and a few days later purchased various BTC, ETH, and LTE without any issues. Encouraged by this success, I transferred more funds via SEPA from my bank... only to have the funds reversed a few days later because they couldn't verify my bank - the same one I had used just days before.Since then, I've tried every possible avenue to get assistance from FindeMaChange's customer service, only to be met with deafening silence, except for one or two automated emails telling me it would take up to 72 hours for a response (meaning they were too busy to help).In summary of my experience, they have a very user-friendly website; when it works, everything works great, but if you encounter even the slightest issue, you won't receive any assistance to resolve it.
2024-03-13 15:15
Exchange Name FindeMaChange
Registered Country/Area United States
Founded Year 2023
Regulatory Authority finCEN
Cryptocurrencies Available 200+
Fees Fixed fee: 0.02%, 0.05% - 0.075%
Payment Methods Cryptos, Fiat Currency
Customer Support Email: service@findemachange.com


FindeMaChange, a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, is based in the United States and falls under the regulatory oversight of FinCEN. Despite its inception just 1-2 years ago, it has rapidly expanded its offerings to include over 200 cryptocurrencies, positioning it as a versatile platform for both novice and experienced traders. The exchange boasts a competitive fee structure, with a fixed fee of 0.02% and variable fees ranging from 0.05% to 0.075%, accommodating a variety of trading strategies. Payment options are inclusive, allowing for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency transactions. Customer support is accessible via email at service@findemachange.com.


Pros and Cons

FindeMaChange offers a regulated and secure platform for cryptocurrency trading and asset management, with a diverse range of offerings to meet users' needs. However, users should be mindful of potential limitations such as geographical restrictions and the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.

Pros Cons
  • Regulated Institution
  • Limited Contact Information
  • Strong Security Measures
  • Geographical Restriction
  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Offerings
  • Risk of Volatility
  • Additional Services
  • Scam Awareness


FinDeMaChange Inc. is a regulated financial institution licensed by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) .This license, with a license number of 31000264965552, became effective on February 20, 2024. FinDeMaChange Inc. operates under the regulatory jurisdiction of the United States. The institution is located at 1725 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202. While specific contact details such as email address and phone number are not provided, the institution is certified by FinCEN, indicating compliance with regulations governing financial transactions and anti-money laundering measures.



FinDeMaChange implements robust security measures to safeguard customer information and transactions:

  • Encryption: All data, both stored and transmitted, undergoes encryption, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized users.

  • Authentication: Users undergo identity verification, commonly via usernames and passwords, with the option for additional security layers like multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • Authorization: Access privileges are carefully controlled, ensuring users can only perform actions they are authorized to undertake. For instance, users might be permitted to view account balances but not execute fund transfers.

  • Firewalls: Security barriers are employed to monitor and regulate incoming and outgoing network traffic, thwarting unauthorized access attempts.

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS): These systems constantly monitor network activity for suspicious behavior and can intervene to block potential attacks.

  • Data Security Practices: FinDeMaChange adheres to stringent data security policies covering areas such as data retention, disposal, and access controls, ensuring the utmost protection of customer information.

  • Cryptocurrencies Available

    FinDeMaChange offers a diverse range of cryptocurrency trading pairs, including:

    • BTC/USDT: Bitcoin to Tether


    • ETH/USDT: Ethereum to Tether

    • TRX/USDT: TRON to Tether

    • DASH/USDT: Dash to Tether

    • DOGE/USDT: Dogecoin to Tether

    • SHIB/USDT: Shiba Inu to Tether

    • LINK/USDT: Chainlink to Tether

    • BCH/USDT: Bitcoin Cash to Tether

    • LTC/USDT: Litecoin to Tether

    • BSV/USDT: Bitcoin SV to Tether

    • ADA/USDT: Cardano to Tether

    • EOS/USDT: EOS to Tether

    • ZEC/USDT: Zcash to Tether

    • NEO/USDT: NEO to Tether

    • FDM/USDT: FinDeMaChange Token to Tether

    • USDC/USDT: USD Coin to Tether

    • Cryptocurrencies Available

      These trading pairs enable users to exchange various cryptocurrencies against the stablecoin Tether (USDT), providing liquidity and flexibility in their trading activities.


      Trading fees:

      • Spot trading: 0.20% maker fee and 0.20% taker fee. For clients who pay transaction fees using FIND tokens, the fee can be reduced to 0.10%.

      • Margin trading:

      • Opening fee: 0.05% - 0.075%, depending on the trading pair and leverage multiple.

      • Closing fee: The same as the opening fee.

      • Funding fee: Calculated every 8 hours, the specific fee rate depends on the trading pair and market supply and demand.

      Other fees:

      Deposit fee: Free

      Withdrawal fee:

      • Cryptocurrencies: Different network fees are charged for different cryptocurrencies.

      • Fiat currencies:

        • CNY: 0.2% + 2 yuan

        • Other currencies: 0.2% + 2 US dollars

        • Bank card withdrawal:

          Third-party payment platform withdrawal: The specific fee depends on the selected platform.

      Fee discounts:

      FIND holders:

      • Trading fee discount: Up to 50% off trading fees.

      • Margin trading interest discount: Up to 20% off interest.

      • Other benefits: Participate in FIND mining, get airdrop rewards, etc.

      Large volume traders:

      • Trading fee discount: Enjoy different trading fee discounts based on trading volume.

      • Other benefits: Dedicated account manager, priority customer service, etc.

      How to Buy Cryptos?

      Purchasing cryptocurrencies through FindeMaChange involves a few key steps:

      • Account Setup: Begin by creating an account on a reputable crypto exchange available in your region. Expect to provide personal details and complete identity verification as part of the registration process.

      • Funding Your Account: Once your account is set up, deposit funds into it using various payment methods such as bank transfers or debit cards.

      • Placing an Order: Navigate the exchange platform to locate the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase. Specify either the desired amount of cryptocurrency or the amount of money you intend to invest.

      • Transaction Completion: After placing your order, wait for it to be executed. Once fulfilled, the cryptocurrency will be credited to your exchange account.

      • Here are some additional tips to bear in mind:

        • Volatility Warning: Cryptocurrency values can experience significant fluctuations, so it's crucial to brace yourself for potential losses.

        • Research Precaution: Conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency to comprehend the associated risks fully.

        • Scam Awareness: Exercise caution and skepticism towards unsolicited investment offers, as the cryptocurrency realm is rife with scams.

        Other Services

        Here are the additional services provided by FindeMaChange, focusing specifically on miner and asset management:

        • Miner Services:

          • Mining Farm Hosting: For miners looking to scale up their operations, FindeMaChange offers hosting services for mining farms, providing secure facilities with reliable power and cooling infrastructure.

          • Mining Software Support: FindeMaChange provides support for mining software setup and configuration, helping miners optimize their mining operations for maximum efficiency and profitability.

          • Mining Pool Access: The platform offers access to mining pools where miners can combine their computational resources to increase their chances of successfully mining cryptocurrency blocks and earning rewards.

          • Hardware Procurement: FindeMaChange assists miners in acquiring the necessary hardware for cryptocurrency mining, including ASIC miners, GPUs, and other mining equipment.

          • Asset Management Services:

            • Asset Custody Solutions: For institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, FindeMaChange offers secure asset custody solutions to safeguard digital assets against theft, fraud, and loss. These custody solutions incorporate advanced security features such as multi-signature wallets, cold storage, and insurance coverage.

            • Automated Trading: FindeMaChange offers automated trading solutions that allow users to execute predefined trading strategies automatically. These solutions leverage algorithms and machine learning techniques to optimize trading performance and minimize risk.

            • Risk Assessment: The platform provides tools and resources to help users assess the risk profile of their cryptocurrency investments, including volatility analysis, historical performance data, and risk management strategies.

            • Portfolio Diversification: FindeMaChange assists users in diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolios by offering access to a wide range of digital assets, including both popular cryptocurrencies and emerging altcoins.

            • Asset Management Services

              These services cater to the needs of both individual miners and institutional investors, providing them with the tools, resources, and support necessary to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market.

              Payment MethodsFindeMaChange accepts the following payment methods:

            • Bank Transfer: This involves transferring funds from your bank account to FindeMaChange's account. Bank transfers usually take 1-3 business days to process. FindeMaChange may charge a fee for bank transfers.

              • Credit Card: You can recharge your FindeMaChange account using a credit card. Credit card transactions are typically processed immediately. FindeMaChange may charge a fee for credit card transactions.

              • Debit Card: You can also use a debit card to recharge your FindeMaChange account. Like credit card transactions, debit card transactions are usually processed immediately, and FindeMaChange may charge a fee for these transactions as well.

              • Cryptocurrency: FindeMaChange allows recharges through various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tether, Binance Coin, Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana. Cryptocurrency transactions are usually processed immediately. A transaction fee for cryptocurrency payments may also be applied by FindeMaChange.

              Here are instructions on how to use each payment method on FindeMaChange:

              Bank Transfer:

              • Log in to your FindeMaChange account.

              • Click the “Deposit” button.

              • Select “Bank Transfer” as the payment method.

              • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

              • Click “Submit”.

              • You will receive an email with instructions for completing the bank transfer.

              • Credit Card:

                • Log in to your FindeMaChange account.

                • Click the “Deposit” button.

                • Choose “Credit Card” as the payment method.

                • Enter your credit card details.

                • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

                • Click “Submit”.

                • Your credit card will be charged, and your FindeMaChange account will be credited immediately.

                • Debit Card:

                  • Log in to your FindeMaChange account.

                  • Click the “Deposit” button.

                  • Select “Debit Card” as your payment method.

                  • Enter your debit card information.

                  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

                  • Click “Submit”.

                  • Your debit card will be charged, and your FindeMaChange account will be credited immediately.

                  • Cryptocurrency:

                    • Log in to your FindeMaChange account.

                    • Click the “Deposit” button.

                    • Choose “Cryptocurrency” as the payment method.

                    • Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use.

                    • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

                    • Click “Submit”.

                    • You will receive a cryptocurrency address to which you need to send your cryptocurrency.

                    • Please note:

                      • FindeMaChange may change its payment methods from time to time.

                      • Be sure to read and understand FindeMaChange's terms and conditions before making any transactions.

                      FindeMaChange APP

                      To download the FindeMaChange mobile application:

                      • Android Download:

                        • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your Android device.

                        • Click on the provided link to download the FindeMaChange app from the Google Play Store.

                        • Look for the “Android Download” section or navigate to the “Download” page.

                        • Visit the official FindeMaChange website using your mobile browser.

                        • Apple Download:

                          • Follow the prompts to install the app on your iOS device.

                          • Click on the provided link to download the FindeMaChange app from the Apple App Store.

                          • Locate the “Apple Download” section or go to the “Download” page.

                          • Similarly, visit the official FindeMaChange website using your mobile browser.

                          • Mobile Address:

                            • Once the app is downloaded and installed, you can open it from your device's home screen and log in or sign up to access its features.

                            • Tap on the app listing and then select the “Install” or “Download” option to initiate the installation process.

                            • Use the search function within the app store and type “FindeMaChange” to locate the official app.

                            • If you're unable to download the app through the official website, you can also visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store directly on your mobile device.

                            • FindeMaChange APP

                              By following these steps, you can easily download the FindeMaChange mobile application on your Android or iOS device and start managing your cryptocurrency investments on the go.

                              Is FindeMaChange a Good Exchange for You?

                              FindeMaChange can cater to both beginners and professionals in the cryptocurrency space.

                              For beginners, its regulated status and emphasis on security may provide a sense of trust and reliability, which is essential when starting out in the crypto world. The diverse range of cryptocurrency offerings and additional services, such as asset management solutions, can help beginners navigate the market with more confidence. Additionally, the availability of a mobile application makes it accessible and user-friendly for those new to trading.

                              For professionals, FindeMaChange offers advanced features such as miner assistance and automated trading solutions, which can be valuable for experienced traders looking to optimize their strategies. The platform's regulatory compliance and security measures provide assurance to professionals who prioritize safety and legality in their trading activities. Moreover, the wide range of cryptocurrency trading pairs caters to the diverse needs and preferences of professional traders.


                              Q1: Is FindeMaChange regulated?

                              A1: Yes, FindeMaChange is regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) under a Money Services Business (MSB) license.

                              Q2: What security measures does FindeMaChange implement?

                              A2: FindeMaChange employs encryption, authentication, firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems to safeguard user information and transactions.

                              Q3: Where is FindeMaChange based?

                              A3: FindeMaChange is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States.

                              Q4: What cryptocurrencies can I trade on FindeMaChange?

                              A4: FindeMaChange offers a diverse range of trading pairs, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and various altcoins.

                              Q5: Does FindeMaChange offer additional services besides trading?

                              A5: Yes, FindeMaChange provides additional services such as miner assistance, asset management solutions, and a mobile application for trading on the go.

                              Risk Warning

                              Online trading carries substantial risk, potentially leading to the total loss of invested funds. It may not be appropriate for all traders or investors. It's crucial to fully comprehend the associated risks before engaging in trading activities. Additionally, the content of this review is subject to change, reflecting updates in the company's services and policies. The review's creation date is also relevant, as information could have become outdated. Readers should confirm the latest information with the company prior to making any investment decisions. The responsibility for utilizing the information provided herein lies exclusively with the reader.