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Aspect Information
Short Name WUC
Full Name 世联通证
Founded Year 2018
Main Founders Zhao Weiguo
Support Exchanges OKEx,, MEXC Global, BKEX Global, LBank
Storage Wallet Software wallets (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Exodus), Hardware wallets (Ledger Nano S, Trezor Model One)

Overview of WUC

WUC is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to integrate different ecosystems under one platform. The project first launched in 2018 and was founded by a team of blockchain experts led by Mr. Zhao Weiguo, a professional with a profound background in software engineering and computer science. WUC's primary focus is to leverage blockchain technology in driving cross-sector collaborations and interconnectivity among diverse systems. It aims to establish connections between world enterprises, achieve free circulation of assets, and promote common development. With a prevalent use of digital certificate data, WUC seeks to build a bridge between real-world business scenarios and blockchain networks to foster seamless transfers and transactions.

Overview of WUC

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Integration of diverse ecosystems Relatively new platform with less proven track record
Promotion of cross-sector collaborations Complexity of integrating varied business domains
Utilization of digital certificate data Dependent on the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology
Bridging the gap between real-world business scenarios and blockchain networks May face regulatory uncertainties

Pros of WUC:

1. Integration of diverse ecosystems: WUC's primary proposition is to integrate different ecosystems, notably in terms of data, assets, and transactions. This can lead to increased interoperability and efficiency as different systems can work together under a unified platform.

2. Promotion of cross-sector collaborations: The platform aims to foster collaborations across various industry sectors. This far-reaching applicability can potentially drive innovation and shared growth by blurring sectoral borders and enabling interconnectivity.

3. Utilization of digital certificate data: WUC leverages blockchain-based digital certificates, which can ensure the authenticity, security, and transparency of transactions and transfers on the platform.

4. Bridging the gap between real-world business scenarios and blockchain networks: By integrating real-world businesses onto a blockchain platform, WUC is paving the way for seamless transactions and transfers, achieving on-chain and off-chain synergy.

Cons of WUC:

1. Relatively new platform with less proven track record: Being comparatively new to the blockchain scene, WUC lacks the long-standing reputation and proven robustness that many older platforms have acquired.

2. Complexity of integrating varied business domains: The task of integrating disparate business domains under one platform, each with its unique requirements and processes, poses a significant challenge and may lead to potential oversights or inefficiencies.

3. Dependent on the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology: The success of WUC hinges on the broader global acceptance and understanding of blockchain technology. If blockchain uptake remains niche, it could limit the platform's potential reach and impact.

4. May face regulatory uncertainties: Given the evolving regulatory landscape governing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it is uncertain how changes could impact WUC's operations and expansion prospects in the future.


WUC, like many other blockchain platforms, employs a set of comprehensive security measures to ensure the safety, authenticity, and integrity of transactions and assets on the platform. At the core of its security infrastructure is the use of advanced cryptographic algorithms, which are aimed at preventing unauthorised access to data whilst ensuring transaction confidentiality.

Additionally, WUC incorporates a decentralised consensus mechanism that allows for additional security. In practical terms, this means that the occurrence and validation of transactions on the platform isn't controlled by a single entity, but rather, depends on the agreement of a majority of participating nodes within the network.

Furthermore, it employs digital certificates for secure and traceable transactions. This approach bolsters trust in the authenticity of transactions, discouraging fraudulent activities whilst offering an additional layer of transparency to users.


How Does WUC Work?

WUC operates based on blockchain technology. Essentially, it's a decentralized, digital platform that seeks to integrate multiple ecosystems under one common network.

The platform is built on the concept of digital certificates. Each certificate represents a specific asset or a right, and each can be freely transferred and transacted on the platform. This is made possible because of blockchain‘s inherent features - transparency, immutability, and security which are included within WUC’s operational framework.

Primarily, the functioning of WUC involves three key steps:

First, digital assets are created by various entities. They can range from tangible assets like property to intangible ones like carbon credits.

Second, these assets are then converted into digital certificates within the WUC ecosystem, each representing a specific asset or a right.

In the third step, these digital certificates are circulated within the WUC network facilitating different transactions.

Through this approach, WUC aims to bring together diverse players from different sectors and geographies, extending the benefits of decentralization, traceability, and efficiency inherent in blockchain technology.

Importantly, the operation of WUC is harmonized by a consensus mechanism, ensuring that all changes to the ledger are unanimously agreed upon by all participating nodes, thereby promoting system integrity and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.


WUC is a cryptocurrency that has experienced significant price fluctuations since its launch. In May 2022, WUC reached an all-time high of over $0.30. However, the price of WUC has since declined to around $0.01 as of October 2023.

Several factors have contributed to WUC's price volatility. One factor is the overall volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Another factor is the relative obscurity of WUC, which has a smaller market capitalization than many other cryptocurrencies. This can make WUC more susceptible to price manipulation.

WUC does not have a mining cap. This means that there is no limit to the number of WUC tokens that can be created. This unlimited supply can put downward pressure on the price of WUC.

What Makes WUC Unique?

WUC stands out for its unique features and innovations in the blockchain realm. Initially, its primary selling point is the integration of multiple ecosystems under one decentralized blockchain platform. This convergence of varied systems maximizes efficiency and promotes mutual development.

Another unique feature is the extensive use of blockchain-based digital certificates in asset representation. This technique brings about transparency and security to different forms of transactions and transfers, ensuring authenticity and mitigating potential fraud.

In addition, WUC is innovative in bridging the gap between real-world business scenarios and blockchain networks. By onboarding real-world assets onto a blockchain platform, the project addresses the issue of on-chain and off-chain disconnection, providing a platform for seamless transactions and creating a link for businesses to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

Moreover, WUC proactively promotes cross-sector collaborations on their platform. By permitting a wide range of sectors to participate and collaborate, the platform drives the potential for shared growth and greater innovation across industries.

To sum it up, the unique selling points and innovations of WUC lie in its role as a integrator across diverse ecosystems, its use of digital certificates, its real-world and blockchain interconnectivity, and its promotion of cross-sector collaboration.

What Makes WUC Unique?

Exchanges to Buy WUC

Here are some exchanges that support buying WUC:


OKEx is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading options, including spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. It is known for its deep liquidity, low trading fees, and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. OKEx also offers a variety of features for experienced traders, such as advanced charting tools, customizable order types, and margin lending. WUC is listed on OKEx with the trading pair WUC/USDT. is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading pairs, including WUC/USDT, WUC/BTC, and WUC/ETH. It is known for its deep liquidity, low trading fees, and a comprehensive suite of trading tools. also offers margin trading, futures trading, and a variety of staking options. WUC is a popular cryptocurrency on, and it is often used for margin trading and futures trading.

MEXC Global:

MEXC Global is a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its high liquidity, low trading fees, and a variety of trading options. It offers spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and staking. WUC is listed on MEXC Global with the trading pair WUC/USDT. MEXC Global is a popular exchange for trading WUC, and it offers a variety of tools and features to help traders succeed.

BKEX Global:

BKEX Global is a cryptocurrency exchange known for its high liquidity, low trading fees, and a focus on emerging cryptocurrencies. It offers spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and staking. WUC is listed on BKEX Global with the trading pair WUC/USDT. BKEX Global is a popular exchange for trading WUC, and it is often used for margin trading and futures trading.


LBank is a global cryptocurrency exchange known for its wide range of trading pairs and a variety of trading options. It offers spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and staking. WUC is listed on LBank with the trading pair WUC/USDT. LBank is a popular exchange for trading WUC, and it offers a variety of tools and features to help traders succeed.

How to Store WUC?

Here are two ways to store WUC:

Option 1: Software wallets

Software wallets are programs that can be installed on your computer or smartphone to store your cryptocurrency tokens. Some popular software wallets for WUC include:

  • MetaMask

  • Trust Wallet

  • Exodus

Option 2: Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets are physical devices that can be used to store your cryptocurrency tokens offline. Some popular hardware wallets for WUC include:

  • Ledger Nano S

  • Trezor Model One

  • KeepKey

Can You Make Money?

Financial gain can potentially be achieved by participating in blockchain-based ecosystems such as WUC through various avenues. These often include but are not limited to, investing in the platform's native tokens, providing transaction validation services, or participating in what is known as decentralised finance (DeFi) activities.

However, it's worth noting that while these opportunities may offer a chance for profit, they also come with considerable risk. Cryptocurrency markets, in particular, are known to be extremely volatile and unpredictable. Moreover, the business models of many blockchain projects and platforms are often unproven, potentially leading to uncertainties and risks.

Thus, if individuals are considering attempting to make money on WUC or a similar platform, the following advice could be useful:

1. Comprehensive Research: Detailed research and understanding of the project are crucial. Understand the business model, the use case of the native token, and the experience and credibility of the team behind the project.

2. Diversify Investments: Avoid putting all you have into a single platform or token. Diversifying investments can assist in managing risk.

3. Ongoing Learning: Blockchain is a fast-evolving industry hence it is imperative to stay updated with market changes, trends and developments.

4. Financial Advice: Consultation with a financial advisor or professional may be beneficial before deciding to invest, especially if you're new to such investments.

5. Risk Management: Invest only what you can afford to lose. Make sure to review and assess the potential risks before making any investment decisions.

In conclusion, while it is possible to make money by participating in blockchain projects like WUC, it's also important to do thorough research and carefully assess the potential benefits against the risks.


WUC, also known as WUC, is an innovative blockchain platform launched in 2018 that aims to bring together different ecosystems, promote cross-sector collaborations, and bridge the gap between real-world business scenarios and blockchain networks. The platform integrates the use of blockchain-based digital certificate data, offering transparency and security for transactions. However, as it is a relatively new platform in the blockchain industry, it faces potential challenges, such as the complexity of integrating varied business domains, dependency on the mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology, and potential regulatory uncertainties. Overall, while the platform underscores significant potential with its unique features and innovations, its success would largely depend on how effectively it tackles these challenges in its growth trajectory.


Q: What safety measures does WUC implement?

A: WUC employs cryptographic algorithms, a decentralized consensus mechanism, and uses digital certificates for transactions, ensuring a secure and traceable blockchain platform.

Q: How does the functionality of WUC work?

A: At its core, WUC creates digital assets, converts them into digital certificates within the ecosystem and facilitates their transaction within its networks using a blockchain-based consensus mechanism.

Q: What differentiates WUC from other blockchain platforms?

A: Unique features of WUC include its diverse ecosystems integration, the use of digital certificates for asset representation, bridging real-world business with blockchain networks, and facilitating cross-sector collaborations.

Q: How can one register on WUC?

A: Specific registration guidelines for WUC are not currently publicly accessible, it's suggested to refer to the official WUC website or contact the project team for accurate account setup information.

Q: Can participants profit from WUC?

A: While potential for profit through token investments, transaction validation services or participation in DeFi activities exists, these opportunities come with significant volatility and risks requiring careful consideration and consult before investment.