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No effective regulatory information has been founded yet, please pay attention to the risks!
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Scam Brokers|
2-5 years|
Suspicious Regulatory License|
High potential risk
WikiBit Risk Alerts3
Previous Detection 2023-09-27

This Project has been verified to be illegal Project and all of its licences have been expired, and it has been listed in WikiBit's scam list; please be aware of the risk!

The platform is a Ponzi Scheme, which refers to the use of 'principle of value multiplication'. In the form of rolling or static fund circulation, it uses the money of next member to pay to the present one, which is essentially a pyramid scheme with the distinction of hidden, deceptive and socially harmful. By calling common person's desire for money, fraudsters in the platform begin raising funds underground. Since this kind of platform mostly will abscond after 1 or 2 years, the fund-raising mode just can exist less than 3 years.

It has been verified that this Project currently has no valid regulation, please be aware of the risk!

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