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WikiBit(中文名:区块天眼) is an inquiry platform for company profiles. It, established by the company in Shanghai, China, mainly provides basic information inquiry, regulatory license inquiry, credit evaluation for the listed blockchain projects, platform identification and other services.

Based on public data released by the government, combined with advanced sniffing systems and scientific computer algorithms, WikiBit offers a prime big data solution that integrates data collection, screening, aggregation, modeling, and productization. It also provides both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the supervision level and risk level of the listed projects from multiple dimensions for traders, institutions and government departments.

Our company is headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. In the spirit of “Originating in China and Opening to the world”, WikiBit always values the research and development of independent intellectual property rights and has formed a professional R&D team in Shanghai, striving to provide clients with quality services. At the same time, Wiki has set up affiliated branches or offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cyprus and has promoted WikiBit to global users in more than 14 different languages, offering them an opportunity to fully appreciate and enjoy the convenience Chinese Internet technology brings.