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Ethereum ETF Idea Trashed by Max Keiser as SEC Keeps Silence,

Cash with an Expiration Date? How CBDCs Could Borrow a (Radical) Idea


Ethereum ETF Idea Trashed by Max Keiser as SEC Keeps Silence

As April reaches its midpoint, anticipation surrounding the prospect of spot Ethereum Exchange-Trade


Cash with an Expiration Date? How CBDCs Could Borrow a (Radical) Idea

Forget cash you hide under your mattress – what if your money started losing value like a loaf of br


Why we have no idea exactly when the next Bitcoin halving will happen

Bitcoins next halving event is expected to happen sometime in the second half of April. But nobody k


Shiba Inu AI Partner Bad Idea Shares its Chatbot Coverage

Bad Idea (BAD), Shiba Inu artificial intelligence partner, has taken to X to provide an update about


Beyond Bitcoin: Ripple CEO Says Approval of Multiple Crypto ETFs 'Inevitable' — Embraces Idea of Spot XRP ETF

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse believes that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will ap


Maker of Oreo and Cadbury Chocolates Joins Hedera Council to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption

Mondelēz International is joining the Hedera Council—but how will the international food company advance its use of DLT?


Zachari Saltmer’s Insights into Startup Success Help Avoid Business Failure

His name is Zachari Saltmer, the Co-Founder of One Big Fund. But people call him Zatoshi. That shows his reputation among peers, both as a trader and venture capitalist.


BitMEX CEO Suggests Crypto Exchanges Should Eliminate Internal Market Makers – Heres Why

BitMEX CEO Stephan Lutz said that crypto exchanges do not need to run internal market makers after it was revealed has internal trading teams that trade crypto. Read on to learn more.


Why Scorpion Token is a Clever Addition to Crypto Portfolios this Summer

Investors are hoarding SCORP tokens in bulk in anticipation of a bull run later this year. The token’s compelling gaming use cases make it a strong hedge against crypto market volatility.


Axie Infinity Price Prediction: Ronin Update Draws Attention, Investors Also Keen on Swords of Blood

P2E gaming is hot stuff right now and here’s an AXS token price prediction. We also talk about SWDTKN, another hot P2E crypto asset in the space.

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