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Founded Year 2017
Support Exchanges KUCOIN, Uniswap
Storage Wallet Coinbase wallet, Metamask, TREZOR, Ledger, TRUST, EXODUS, Atomic Wallet, rainbow, coinomi, MyEther Wallet
Customer Support Telegram, Twitter, Discord, medium, YouTube, github, contact form

Overview of Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized search engine platform built on the blockchain. It was founded by Colin Pape in 2017, aiming to challenge the dominance of traditional search engines like Google by providing a privacy-focused and community-driven alternative. Presearch operates on its own native token, PRE, which users can earn by using the search engine, promoting the platform, or engaging in other community activities. The underlying goal of the platform is to decentralize and democratize the process of internet searching, giving power back to the users.

Overview of Presearch.png

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Privacy-focused model Lower number of indexed pages compared to larger search engines
Earning potential through PRE tokens Dependence on token value
Community-driven decision-making process Reduced search speed compared to traditional engines
Decentralized nature provides user autonomy Requires user adaptation to new interface and system


1. Privacy-focused model: Presearch aims to protect user privacy, a feature that sets it apart from many established search engines that rely on tracking user behavior to deliver personalized but intrusive advertisements. It does not store search data, thereby ensuring that users cannot be profiled based on their online searches.

2. Earning potential through PRE tokens: Users can earn PRE tokens simply by using the Presearch search engine. These tokens can be used to buy services or exchanged for other currencies.

3. Community-driven decision-making process: What sets Presearch apart is its community-driven ethos. Rather than being controlled by a central authority, decisions about the platform are distributed among its users, inviting a participatory culture.

4. Decentralized nature provides user autonomy: Presearch leverages the power of blockchain to ensure decentralization. This means that no single entity controls the information or dominates the platform, thereby providing users with greater autonomy over their online searches.


1. Lower number of indexed pages: Compared to larger search engines like Google, which have an extensive database of indexed pages, Presearchs index is relatively smaller. This can limit the scope of the search results.

2. Dependence on token value: The rewarding system in Presearch heavily relies on the value of the PRE token. If the value of the token decreases, so does the potential earnings of the users.

3. Reduced search speed: Presearch, being a decentralized platform, lacks the search speed offered by established, centralized engines. Therefore, users might experience slower search results.

4. Requires user adaptation to new interface and system: As with any new platform, there is a learning curve involved. Users will need to familiarize themselves with the interface and adapt to the workings of the Presearch ecosystem.


Presearch takes the issue of security very seriously and employs several measures to ensure the protection of its users and their data. Firstly, it utilizes blockchain technology, which is inherently secure due to its decentralized nature and the high level of encryption involved. Secondly, it does not store users' search data, reducing the chances of data breaches and protecting users' privacy.

In terms of network security, Presearch uses a mixture of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work mechanisms to secure its operations. These methodologies require any attacker to possess at least 51% of the networks computational power or token holdings, making it nearly impossible for the network to be compromised.

However, a layer of security also depends on the value of the PRE token as most of the participants in the Presearch ecosystem are incentivized through these tokens. If the value of the tokens decreases significantly, it could affect the overall security of the system as it might reduce the incentive for participants to maintain the system's security.

No technology is completely secure, and while Presearch uses rigorous security practices, users should also follow standard safety measures, such as protecting their private keys and regularly updating their software. It's worth to note here that the effectiveness of security measures is often a matter of continuous vigilance and improvement rather than a one-time solution.

How Does Presearch Work?

Presearch works by leveraging blockchain technology to provide a decentralized search engine. When a user makes a search query on Presearch, it scours through the numerous databases and indexes it has access to and returns the most relevant results.

In order to protect user's privacy and prevent unauthorized tracking, Presearch doesn't store searches nor creates a user profile. Searches are anonymous, fully encrypted, and can't be traced back to the user.

Presearch rewards its users with its own cryptocurrency, the PRE token, for actively using the platform. These tokens can be earned by using the search engine, participating in platform promotion activities, or contributing to the community in meaningful ways.

The platform also uses a node-based model. This way, members of the community can contribute to the network by running nodes, which validate and process searches. The more nodes the network has, the more robust it becomes.

One unique aspect of Presearch is that it is governed by its community. Decisions about the platform, as well as its future growth and development, are made collectively by the users themselves.

How Does Presearch Work?.png

What Makes Presearch Unique?

Presearch has several unique features that set it apart from traditional search engines:

1. Decentralized Nature: By leveraging blockchain technology, Presearch ensures that the control and governance of the search engine are not concentrated in the hands of a few. This approach offers more transparency and user control.

2. Privacy Protection: Unlike many mainstream search engines, Presearch does not track or store personal search data. This enhances user privacy by ensuring that online searches cannot be used to profile or track users.

3. Token Rewards: Presearch has a unique rewards system where users earn PRE tokens for using the search engine and participating in various community activities. This model not only encourages user participation but also provides an alternative form of online income.

4. Community Governance: Presearch operates on a community-driven model. Decisions about the platform's architecture, algorithms, and future development are made by the user community, giving them a tangible stake in the platform.

5. Node-Based Model: Presearch uses a node-based system to power its search decentralization. This ensures that no single node holds too much power and the platform remains reliable and robust in delivering search results.

6. Keyword Staking: This is a unique concept introduced by Presearch where advertisers can stake PRE tokens on specific keywords. This matches the interests of advertisers and consumers, promoting a more focused, efficient, and less intrusive advertising model.


The current price of Presearch (PRE) is $0.025394 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $57,978.99 USD as of November 18, 2023.

Exchanges to Buy Presearch

KuCoin and Uniswap are both cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy, sell, and trade Presearch.

KuCoin is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2017. It offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs and has a user-friendly interface. KuCoin also offers trading fee discounts, referral bonuses, and rewards for holders of their native KCS token.

Uniswap, on the other hand, is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Ethereum blockchain. It operates as an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade their tokens without the need for an order book. Instead, the prices of tokens are determined automatically through supply and demand. Uniswap is known for its highly decentralized nature and has been a popular platform for trading a variety of Ethereum-based tokens.

Exchanges to Buy Presearch.png

How to Store Presearch?

Coinbase wallet, Metamask, TREZOR, Ledger, TRUST, EXODUS, Atomic Wallet, rainbow, coinomi, MyEther Wallet can store Presearch.

Coinbase Wallet: Coinbase Wallet is a mobile wallet application provided by Coinbase. It allows you to store and manage various cryptocurrencies.

Metamask: Metamask is a popular browser extension wallet primarily used for interacting with Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps). It provides a secure way to manage Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

TREZOR: TREZOR is a hardware wallet that provides a secure offline storage solution for cryptocurrencies. It keeps your private keys offline and can be used to securely manage a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Ledger: Ledger is another popular hardware wallet that offers offline storage for cryptocurrencies. It utilizes a secure chip to protect your private keys and supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet application with a focus on providing a decentralized and secure way to manage cryptocurrencies. It supports various blockchains and enables users to interact with DApps.

EXODUS: Exodus is a software cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It features a user-friendly interface and allows you to store, manage, and exchange your digital assets.

Atomic Wallet: Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It provides a decentralized storage solution and allows for easy and secure asset management.

Rainbow: Rainbow is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that aims to provide a simple and secure way to manage your digital assets. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and offers enhanced security features.

Coinomi: Coinomi is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It focuses on privacy and security, allowing you to manage your digital assets securely and privately.

MyEther Wallet: MyEther Wallet (MEW) is a popular Ethereum wallet that allows you to store and manage Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens. It provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Store Presearch?.png

Can You Make Money?

Clients can earn money on Presearch by actively participating in the platform. The primary way of earning is through the use of the platform's search engine. Each user gets rewarded with PRE tokens for every search made on the platform, up to a certain limit per day.

Apart from searching, users can also earn PRE tokens through the Referral Program, where they bring in new users to Presearch. Additionally, they can engage in 'Keyword Staking.' This is where advertisers can stake PRE tokens on specific keywords, and when these 'staked' keywords are searched, the advertiser's ads are displayed, potentially leading to revenue.

However, it's important to note that the real-world value of these earnings depends on the value of the PRE token in the cryptocurrency market which can fluctuate.

In terms of advice, here are a few suggestions:

1. Regular Use: Make Presearch your default search engine. This way, every search you make can contribute towards earning tokens.

2. Referral Program: Share your referral link with friends, family, or your network. When they join through your link and use Presearch, you both earn additional tokens.

3. Keyword Staking: If you are an advertiser, this can be a unique way to reach your target audience. You can 'stake' popular keywords relevant to your business/service to drive more visibility and potential revenue.

4. Keep Updated: Stay connected with the Presearch community. This can help in learning about any changes, new opportunities, or strategies to maximize earnings.

5. Secure Your Earnings: Cryptocurrency market can be volatile. If you're earning significant tokens, it might be wise to consider a strategy to hedge or protect your earnings from potential downtrends in the market.


Presearch is a unique and innovative platform that effectively leverages blockchain technology to offer a decentralized, privacy-focused, and community-driven search engine. Its model provides an alternative to traditional search engines, rewarding users with PRE tokens for their activities on the platform. Despite having some limitations such as reduced search speed and a smaller indexed database compared to larger search engines, its ground-breaking features such as user-earned rewards, community governance, and keyword staking underline its potential to radically alter the search engine landscape. However, the real-world benefits for users, particularly the potential to earn money, are closely tied to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets. As with all platforms of this type, users need to be mindful of security implications and consider personal strategies that protect their interests.


Q: What security precautions taken by Presearch?

A: Presearch offers robust security measures including the use of blockchain technology for encryption and decentralization, non-storage of user's search data to prevent breaches and reliance on Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work mechanisms to deter attackers.

Q: How Presearch functions?

A: Presearch works by using blockchain technology to provide decentralized, encrypted, and anonymous search results while rewarding its users with PRE tokens; it also relies on a community operated node-based model for decision-making.

Q: What are unique elements of Presearch's functionality?

A: Unique features of Presearch include its decentralized nature, protection of user privacy, rewards system through PRE tokens, community governance, a node-based operational model, and a unique advertising platform called keyword staking.

Risk Warning

Investing in blockchain projects carries inherent risks, stemming from the intricate and groundbreaking technology, regulatory ambiguities, and market unpredictability. Consequently, it is highly advisable to conduct comprehensive research, seek professional guidance, and engage in financial consultations before venturing into such investments. It's important to be aware that the value of cryptocurrency assets can experience significant fluctuations and may not be suitable for all investors.