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Shiba Inu AI Partner Bad Idea Shares its Chatbot Coverage

Shiba Inu AI Partner Bad Idea Shares its Chatbot Coverage WikiBit 2024-03-16 17:45

Bad Idea (BAD), Shiba Inu artificial intelligence partner, has taken to X to provide an update about

Bad Idea (BAD), Shiba Inu artificial intelligence partner, has taken to X to provide an update about its AI chatbot developed for the SHIB army.

According to an announcement yesterday, the BAD/SHIB AI chatbot has debuted on the Shiba Inu official global channel and 28 SHIB-related ecosystem rooms on Telegram.

Bad Idea Expands Its Chatbot Coverage

Notably, the total number of users across these Shiba Inu-related Telegram channels was around 105,000 at the time of the post. Overall, the AI chatbot has now been deployed across 250 Telegram channels with nearly 250,000 users.

The thing to note is that the chatbot is also found in the Telegram rooms of Shibarium-based projects. For instance, the Bad Idea chatbot is in Telegram group of MARSWAP and ChewySwap.

The $Shib #Ai bot powered by @badideaai now serves @Shibtoken global room along with 28 $Shib ecosystem rooms with a total population of 105,000 users. As a whole the bot now covers 250 @telegram groups spanning a total population of just under a quarter of a million users.

The deployment of the AI chatbot across multiple Shiba Inu-related channels would play a pivotal role in boosting the experience of SHIB holders.

Members of the Telegram channels where the chatbot has been deployed can leverage it to study market trends and get help on supported projects.

SHIB AI Chatbot Launches

The chatbot first debuted on Shibarium Techs Telegram channel in October 2023. During its launch, the bot noted that it was designed to help Shibarium projects by giving them access to its data, regardless of whether they have limited technical resources.

In addition, the Shiba Inu ecosystem team announced plans to use the chatbot to examine upcoming Shibarium projects before being deployed on the mainnet version of the Layer-2 network.

So far, Bad Idea has taken significant steps to enhance the performance of the AI chatbot. In January, Bad Idea rolled out version 4.2 of the chatbot with exciting updates, including improved accuracy of knowledge matching and custom modes.

Additionally, Bad Idea announced free listings in the chatbot training model, specifically for Shibarium projects.

The rationale behind the move was to enable the AI chatbot to understand better the technical and general aspects of all Shibarium projects approved under the program.

Armed with this knowledge, the bot can be integrated into the project communities on Telegram and offer valuable answers to users inquiries.

Notably, the SHIB AI chatbot was launched as part of Bad Idea and Shiba Inus partnership in July 2023.

Since the collaboration, the Shiba Inu community has played pivotal roles in ensuring that Bad Idea AI secures a security audit from CertiK, listing across various crypto exchanges, and a branded hardware wallet from Tangem.


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