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    2-5 years | Suspicious Regulatory License | High potential risk


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    Please be aware of the risk!

    No valid regulatory information

    Global Block Chain Regulatory Inquiry APP

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    Previous Detection 2022-01-26Risk : 2 Item

    • The number of this Exchange's nagitive field survey reviews has reached 1, please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!
    • It has been verified that this Exchange currently has no valid regulatory, please be aware of the risk!

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    CoinMetro OÜ

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    No Regulatory

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    • Regulatory

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    • Regulatory

      WikiBit's legal team will make a comprehensive assessment of the authenticity and value of the exchange's license through various means such as inquiries on the regulator's website, telephone and email communication with the regulator.

    • Business

      The WikiBit corporate consultants and WikiGlobal System make a systematic assessment of the comprehensive level of the exchange business through the business compliance verification model, business sustainability evaluation model, and business life cycle verification model.

    • Risk Manag

      Generated by WikiBit risk control team and the WikiCloud system through monitoring and evaluating over 40 factors such as the exchange's order execution index, customer fund static index, global public opinion index, liquidity index, and credit index in real time.

    • Influence index

      WikiBit data engineers and test engineers will dynamically track and technically evaluate the software's genuineness, stability, instruction execution speed and other more than 20 indicators.

    • Trading Environment Index

      The WikiBit compliance and audit team will make a quantitative assessment of the regulation level of the exchange through the regulation grading standards, the actual amount of regulation, the regulation utility model, and the regulation abnormality prediction model.

    CoinMetro OÜ MT4/5
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    Special Note

    WikiBit only provides the legal URL of the platform published by regulatory websites.

    WikiBit will not disclose your privacy to third parties.

    In order to prevent users from being cheated by phishing websites, fake websites or domain hijacking, the content is not provided by this app.

    The customer's use of any service on the official website through the official website access channel provided by WikiBit is a personal behavior. Please conduct the relevant risk investigation and control before using it.

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