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Common Financial Service License goes beyond their business with the licenses Canada FINTRAC (license number: M18582318), please be aware of the risk!



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Aspect Information
Company Name Catalx
Registered Country/Area Canada
Founded Year 2018
Regulatory Authority Regulated by FINTRAC (exceeded)
Number of Cryptocurrencies Available Over 50+
Fees 0.05% - 0.60%
Payment Methods Interac e-Transfer and Cryptocurrency
Customer Support Email support, online chat

Overview of Catalx

Catalx was founded in 2018 in Canada. The company is regulated by FINTRAC with an exceeded status. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers maximum leverage of 1:20. It supports a variety of trading platforms, including web, mobile, and API. The exchange accepts payment through Interac e-Transfer and cryptocurrency. Catalx charges a trading fee of 0.05% - 0.60%, which is relatively low compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The available cryptocurrencies on Catalx include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and USD Coin.

Overview of Catalx

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Diverse range of 50 cryptocurrencies available Exceeded regulatory status
a variety of payment methods Limited availability
24/7 customer support Lower liquidity

Pros of Catalx exchange:

- Diverse range of 50 cryptocurrencies available: Catalx offers users a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to trade, providing opportunities to diversify their investment portfolios.

- Accepts a variety of payment methods: Catalx accepts Interac e-Transfer and Cryptocurrency, making it convenient for users to fund their accounts and engage in transactions.

- 24/7 customer support through live chat and email: Catalx provides round-the-clock customer support, allowing users to seek assistance and resolve any issues they may encounter at any time.

Cons of Catalx exchange:

- Exceeded regulatory status: The limitation of Catalx is that it exceeds the regulatory status with FINTRAC, which may not be a secure enough option for the users. Traders should consider this factor when choosing an exchange and ensure they undertake their own due diligence.

- Limited availability: stemming from regulatory constraints in specific jurisdictions that prevent its accessibility in certain countries.

- Lower liquidity: Catalx may have less liquidity compared to larger centralized exchanges.

Regulatory Authority

Catalx operates under the oversight of FINTRAC, whereas the current status is exceeded. It can potentially foster an environment susceptible to fraudulent activities, market manipulation, and other illicit practices. Users are left vulnerable as legal protections become less enforceable, undermining trust in the market.

Regulatory Authority


While CatalX employs a variety of security measures aimed at safeguarding user funds, some reservations persist. The platform employs cold storage to keep the bulk of user funds offline, mitigating vulnerability to cyberattacks. Multi-signature wallets, necessitating multiple keys for access, provide an added layer of complexity against unauthorized entry. Mandating 2-factor authentication (2FA) introduces an extra step by requiring a mobile-generated code alongside the password. CatalX's HackerOne bug bounty program incentivizes security researchers to identify vulnerabilities, aiming to preempt potential exploits. Furthermore, CatalX's affiliation with the Canadian Virtual Asset Exchange Association (CVAEX) signifies an alignment with industry standards. Nonetheless, it's crucial to acknowledge that no exchange can be entirely impervious to threats; thus, users must remain proactive in bolstering their own account security through measures like robust passwords and 2FA.

Cryptocurrencies Available

Users can access a rich selection of over 50 options on Catalx. While Catalx's offering might be narrower compared to some mainstream exchanges, it's a testament to the platform's commitment to quality and relevance. Encompassing a mix of well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Dai (DAI), alongside emerging players such as UMA (UMA), Ox (ZRX), and Zcash (ZEC), the platform ensures a diverse landscape for traders to explore. This diverse range caters to traders with varying strategies and risk appetites, offering ample opportunities to engage with established and lesser-known digital assets alike. Catalx's extensive array of available cryptocurrencies presents a promising arena for crypto enthusiasts and seasoned traders to navigate the evolving landscape of digital trading.

Cryptocurrencies Available

How to open an account?

The process is simple - access the website, complete the registration process in 4 quick steps, and start trading as below.

open an account


Fees are calculated based on the users 30-day volume as listed below.

30-Day Volume (CAD) Fee
$0 - $5K 0.60%
$5K - $10K 0.55%
$10K - $25K 0.50%
$25K - $50K 0.45%
$50K - $100K 0.40%
$100K - $150K 0.35%
$150K - $200K 0.30%
$200K - $500K 0.25%
$500K - $1M 0.20%
$1M - $5M 0.15%
$5M - $10M 0.12%
$10M - $50M 0.10%
$50M - $100M 0.08%
$100M + 0.05%

Payment Methods

Catalx offers two payment methods for users to fund their accounts: Interac e-Transfer and Cryptocurrency. With Interac e-Transfer, users can easily transfer funds from their bank accounts to their Catalx account using the Interac network. Cryptocurrency transactions are typically processed much faster than traditional payment methods, such as credit cards or wire transfers. Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are more secure because they are not subject to fraud or chargebacks.

Catalx provides users with efficient and convenient processing times for both funding and withdrawing funds. When it comes to deposits, utilizing INTERAC e-Transfer proves to be both cost-effective and swift, with no associated fees and instant processing, ensuring a seamless experience. For withdrawals, the platform offers INTERAC e-Transfer as an option, although a 1% fee is applicable. While this fee provides access to your funds, it's important to note that withdrawal times can span between 1 to 5 business days. Notably, Catalx allows cryptocurrency deposits free of charge, presenting an advantageous option for users. However, it's important to be aware that withdrawal fees for cryptocurrencies can vary, depending on the specific cryptocurrency being withdrawn.

Funding Options Fee Min. Max. Processing Time
INTERAC e-Transfer Free $100 $10,000 Instant Processing
Cryptocurrency Free Vary* Limitless Near Instant

Catalyx offers low and competitive fees for withdrawals, so users can enjoy a higher payout.

Funding Options Fee Min. Max. Processing Time
INTERAC e-Transfer 1% $100 $3,000 1-5 Business Days
Cryptocurrency Vary* Vary* Limitless Near Instant

Educational Resources

Catalx provides educational resources and tools to assist users in their virtual currency trading activities. These resources aim to enhance users' understanding of cryptocurrencies and improve their trading strategies.

One of the educational resources available on Catalx is a knowledge base or FAQ section. This section contains answers to frequently asked questions and provides valuable information on topics such as account setup, security measures, and trading techniques.

Catalx also offers trading tools and features to help users make informed trading decisions. These tools may include real-time market data, price charts, and technical analysis indicators. By utilizing these tools, users can analyze market trends, track price movements, and identify potential trading opportunities.

Overall, Catalx strives to provide valuable educational resources and tools to empower users with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed trading decisions in the virtual currency market.

Is catalx a Good Exchange for You?

Catalx presents users with a mixed bag of advantages and limitations. On the positive side, the platform offers a diverse range of 50 cryptocurrencies, providing users with ample options to diversify their portfolios and explore various investment opportunities. Moreover, the fact that Catalx has exceeded regulatory standards is reassuring, as it implies a certain level of compliance and security in its operations. The availability of multiple payment methods enhances user convenience, enabling seamless deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the platform's commitment to 24/7 customer support is a valuable feature, ensuring that users can seek assistance whenever they face issues.

However, Catalx is not without its drawbacks. The limited availability could potentially be a barrier for users from regions where the platform is not accessible. Furthermore, lower liquidity might impact the ease of executing trades, potentially leading to delays or unfavorable prices. Therefore, potential users should weigh the benefits of its cryptocurrency diversity, regulatory compliance, and user support against the challenges posed by limited availability and lower liquidity.


Catalx presents an intriguing option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but it comes with both strengths and weaknesses. The platform's broad selection of 50 cryptocurrencies, commitment to regulatory compliance, diverse payment methods, and round-the-clock customer support make it appealing to users seeking a well-rounded trading experience. However, its restricted availability may limit access for some potential users, and the lower liquidity could potentially impact the speed and efficiency of trading. As with any trading platform, prospective users should carefully consider their priorities and requirements before making a decision on whether Catalx aligns with their cryptocurrency trading goals.


Q: Can I trade NFTs?

A: Yes, you can trade NFTs on Catalx.

Q: Where is my money stored?

A: Your money is stored in your own wallet.

Q: What kind of rewards can users earn?

A: Trading fees, Referral bonuses, and Staking rewards.

Q: What countries are restricted?

A: The United States, Canada, China, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan

Q: Does it require KYC?

A: Yes, Catalx requires KYC.

User Review

User 1: I like that Catalx offers a diverse range of 50 cryptocurrencies, including some lesser-known altcoins. I also like that they have exceeded regulatory status, which gives me some peace of mind. However, I'm not a fan of the fact that they have limited availability and lower liquidity. I've also heard that their customer support can be slow at times. Overall, I think Catalx is a decent exchange, but it's not the best. I would recommend it to beginners, but more experienced traders may want to look elsewhere.

User 2: I like that Catalx offers 24/7 customer support. I've had a few questions, and they've always been quick to respond. I also like that they offer a variety of payment methods, so I can deposit and withdraw funds easily. However, I'm not a fan of the fact that they have lower liquidity. This can make it difficult to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the price you want. Overall, I think Catalx is a good exchange for beginners. However, more experienced traders may want to look elsewhere for an exchange with higher liquidity.

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency exchange investments come with inherent security risks. It is important to be aware of these risks before engaging in such investments. Cryptocurrency exchanges are susceptible to hacking, fraud, and technical glitches, which can result in the loss of funds. It is recommended to choose reputable and regulated exchanges, stay updated on security measures, and be vigilant in detecting and reporting any suspicious activities. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.