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This Week Recap | Wormhole Airdrop Imminent; Merlin Chain Mainnet Launch

This Week Recap | Wormhole Airdrop Imminent; Merlin Chain Mainnet Launch WikiBit 2024-02-12 00:25

This Week Recap | Wormhole Airdrop Imminent; Merlin Chain Mainnet Launch

ERC404 Protocol's First NFT Project “Pandora” Sparks Heated Debate, Surging Over 30x in One Week

On February 6th, the ERC-404-based token series Pandora announced that assets had been transferred from the deploying wallet to a new 2/4 multi-signature wallet. The assets include PANDORA, LP ownership, and almost all valuable assets currently in the treasury. On February 7th, PANDORA surged above $10,000, with a 35.6% increase in the past 24 hours. On February 8th, the ERC-404 project Pandora hinted at a possible airdrop. Influenced by Pandora's airdrop news, the ERC-404 concept saw a general rise, with DEFROGS surging 509% in the past 24 hours, and ROCK soaring 20,044%.

Wormhole Releases Token Economics: Governance Token “W” Total Supply of 10 Billion, with 17% Allocated to the Community

On February 8th, Wormhole released its tokenomics, with governance token W having a total supply of 10 billion tokens and an initial circulating supply of 1.8 billion tokens. 82% of W tokens will initially be locked and unlocked over four years according to the token release schedule. Of these, guardian nodes will receive 5.1%, community allocation will be 17%, core contributors will receive 12%, ecosystem and incubation projects will be allocated 31%, strategic network participants will get 11.6%, and foundation reserves will receive 23.3%. Of the tokens allocated to the community, 11% will be unlocked at TGE and distributed during the initial stages of TGE, including associated airdrops (and related activities). The snapshot for this airdrop was completed prior to the announcement.

Binance Launches New Coin Mining for 46th Phase, Featuring Pixels (PIXEL), and Introduces Dymension (DYM) with Seed Label

On February 8th, Binance launched the 46th phase of its new coin mining program. Users can deposit BNB and FDUSD into the PIXEL mining pool on the Launchpad website after 08:00 on February 9, 2024 (UTC+8) to earn PIXEL rewards. The mining of PIXEL will last for 10 days. Additionally, Pixels (PIXEL) will be listed on Binance at 18:00 on February 19, 2024 (UTC+8).

On February 6th, Binance listed Dymension (DYM) at 23:00 (UTC+8) and opened trading pairs for DYM/BTC, DYM/USDT, DYM/FDUSD, and DYM/TRY. The mainnet airdrop tokens for Dymension (DYM) have been successfully transferred and can be deposited into CEX after testing. Users can add Dymension network configurations through the ChainList official website. Dymension officials announced that the mainnet is about to be launched, and DYM tokens will be distributed to the Genesis Rolldrop addresses provided by users on the Dymension blockchain.

Decentralized Social Protocol Farcaster Introduces New Feature “Frame,” Sparking Renewed Interest

Farcaster is a social protocol built on Ethereum's OP Stack, allowing users to register with an Ethereum wallet. Recently, Farcaster introduced new features to Frame, embedding an airdrop checker and a one-click gas-free NFT minting tool within the cast function. On the user side, token airdrops on Farcaster further spread the wealth effect. On February 5th, the Farcaster client Warpcast ranked 38th in the download ranking of the social section of the APP Store in the United States, surpassing WeChat (41st). The total number of Farcaster users has exceeded 140,000, with daily active users (DAU) reaching an all-time high. On February 8th, the Farcaster ecosystem meme coin DEGEN surged to $0.005, a 35% increase in 24 hours, reaching a historical high.

Bitcoin Layer 2 Network Merlin Chain Achieves $543 Million TVL Within 24 Hours, Emerges as Top Layer 2 Network by First-Day TVL

On February 5th, the Bitcoin Layer 2 network Merlin Chain, launched by Bitmap Tech (formerly Recursiverse), will become the first Launchpad project of the Particle Network, a Web3 modular layer. The People's Launchpad went live at 20:00 Beijing time on February 5th.

Pyth Conducts Second Round of Retrospective Airdrops for Over 160 dApps

On February 7th, Pyth Network announced the official launch of the second phase of its retrospective airdrop program, focusing on over 160 decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing Pyth data. The first phase involved the distribution of PYTH tokens to DeFi participants across various platforms like EVM, Cosmos, Move, and Solana, who interacted with Pyth-driven applications. Active members of the Pyth community also received allocations. The second phase entails distributing PYTH tokens to over 160 decentralized applications that utilize Pyth data for their protocol operations, including trading, asset valuation, and on-chain settlement. Approximately 100 million PYTH governance tokens (worth around $47 million) will be allocated to dApps.


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