A Visit to BITBLINX in Estonia - No Office Found

Estonia Estonia
Field Survey Time:2023-10-27
A Visit to BITBLINX in Estonia - No Office Found
A Visit to BITBLINX in Estonia - No Office FoundA Visit to BITBLINX in Estonia - No Office FoundA Visit to BITBLINX in Estonia - No Office Found

Rapla County, Estonia

Reason for this visit

Cryptocurrency activities are welcome in Estonia. Thanks to Estonian government's open regulation of cryptocurrencies in a positive manner, an increasing number of crypto exchanges are planning to join this market. To help investors or practitioners have a better understanding of these exchanges in Estonia, WikiBit survey team is going to the country for on-site visits to the local companies.

On-site visit

The survey team visited cryptocurrency exchange BITBLINX (licensee: BitBlinx OÜ) in Tallinn, capital of Estonia according to its regulatory address that Punane tn 56, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 13619.

The investigators arrived at Punane tn 56, Tallinn, where a unique low rise commercial building was situated covering a huge area. There was a large shopping center in the building whose glass wall displayed the name and logo of companies operating business at the place. But the survey personnel didnt see any information of BITBLINX.

Through an on-site investigation, it is confirmed that BITBLINX doesnt have a physical presence at the location.





The survey team went to Tallinn, Estonia to visit cryptocurrency exchange BITBLINX as planned, but didnt find the company at its regulatory address. It suggests that the company just registered at the place without a physical business office. Therefore, investors are advised to choose the exchange cautiously.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as a final order for making a choice.

Broker Information




2-5 years | Digital Currency License | High potential risk
  • Company Name: BITBLINX
  • Country/ Region of Registry: Estonia
  • Company Abbreviation: BITBLINX
  • Official Email: --
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/bitblinx
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bitblinx/
  • Customer Service Number: --