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Caution: Suspicious Exchange Scamming Users, Funds Vanish During Transfer

The exchange is scamming everyone, stay away. If you withdraw USDT from one wallet to another, it will be lost. Ask support to ask for the UID and then they will be silent and not respond. It's probably just a virtual bot. 1left alternative domain is also it. Being tempted by a foreign girl when she asked for more money made her suspicious, so she just let it go


2024-06-13 07:18



Broker Deleno IFC Scam Unfolds: Accounts Duplicated, Withdrawals Blocked

I want to report the fall of the Deleno IFC broker, which turned out to be a scam. Many people lost money. Yesterday at approximately 1:45 am. They duplicated our accounts with the pretext that it was a system error. And they no longer let us withdraw the money. We are very sad about that. Why did he seem like a serious broker? Don't let yourself be robbed


2024-06-12 23:04


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Bitazza's Technical Glitch Traps USDT Transfer for 9 Days, Support Promises Remain Unfulfilled

I use this exchange. 9 days ago I sent usdt to the Bitazza account, the transfer went through and was confirmed on the blockchain, but the usdt was never credited to the account. I asked the support team a question, they said that they had a technical glitch, they would solve the problem and credit my funds as soon as possible. 9 days have already passed, I write to support every day, the funds have not been credited. Conclusion Bitazza has a problem with IT specialists and there are technical problems due to which they have been unable to credit funds to the account for more than a week.


2024-06-12 17:56



Taxes cause accounts to freeze, complex fees are required to release funds.

When withdrawing the currency, it said that I needed to complete the tax payment of 4028 USDT, so my account was frozen! I felt it was inappropriate so I didn't pay as scheduled. Later, I thought that my assets were more than 33,000 USDT, and I still had to pay taxes. I asked the customer service how much I had to pay, and he said that in addition to tax, I also had to pay a daily late payment fee of 2%, which is 4028+4028*2%*2. I paid, but the review result was that I only had a credit score of 70 points because I did not pay as scheduled. A credit score of 90 is required to withdraw! How can I improve it to 90 points? A security deposit is required. It takes 1000 USDT to increase your credit score by 1 point. I really don’t know how it can be like this.


2024-06-10 13:37

United States

Unable to Withdraw

Forteclaim hijacks fund from fraudsters

Innovix requires me to pay a deposit of US$138,348 for cash withdrawal, otherwise it will not allow me to withdraw cash. I now want to request Profit Markets to get the money in my account back. The principal is US$320,000, and the total profit is US$690,000.


2024-06-08 22:20

United States

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Caution: Scam Alert! Untrustworthy Firm Reports of Theft & Deceit

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY!They are full of shit, bunch of sorry ass thiefs.


2024-06-06 15:40

United States


Unethical Account Manager Loses $10,500 Savings in Questionable Trades

I have very bad experience with themI have very bad experience with them, they have very unethical account manager just loosing client money i have lost of 10500USD with them. Did so many complaints on their email but no action taken. Very bad experience with them i lost my all savings which i did from past 2 years. First i deposit 5500usd after some time i was loosing money in trades that guides by their account manager and then he told me to deposit more money to save the account and recover the money then i deposit more 5000usd and i lost all of that.. very bad experience and very bad reviews about them


2024-06-06 13:28

United Arab Emirates


Forced transaction at 97% below market price, questionable.

Forced transaction at 97% below market price


2024-06-06 12:13

Hong Kong China

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Risk warning: abnormal trading, funds are trapped, be careful to prevent the liquidation

Trading pins, targeted accounts liquidation. The money can't be withdrawn, and it is advised everyone to stay away.


2024-06-02 14:36


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This is a scam platform. It's

This is a scam platform. It's been many years. It has always been active in some areas.


2024-05-25 14:46

United States


Unable to Withdraw




Unable to Withdraw



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