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Others Intelligence Prime Capital

Breach of Trust

Rejected Withdrawals since March 2022 Forceful subscription to Master C bot and Locking 100% of user capital without users' consent Forceful conversion of user funds in USDT to IUSD (Zero value token) thus locking value in their system indefinitely Forceful subscription of users to IPCloud (Crypto Defi) registered in Cayman Islands/Seychelles. Scam & Pyramid-like mining. Charge of 2m$ in breach of terms that were forcefully signed in access of app.


2022-05-20 16:28


Unable to Withdraw Cryptos OTC Trading Platform

can’t withdraw

We are unable to withdraw. they keep sending wrong withdrawal codes


2022-05-16 02:12


Unable to Withdraw IXX.COM

IXX exchange induce fraud and unable to withdraw

The IXX exchange deliberately raised the price and created a price difference with other exchanges. Using arbitrage as a bait, as long as you have deposited money, even if the transaction is successful, you cannot withdraw the currency. After a long time, no one will handle it, and you will not be able to contact customer service. After checking the data on the chain, you will know that there is no transaction volume at all. Balance No, it is purely an inducement fraud, everyone must be careful not to lose your money bags for petty profits. I have been deceived, and I advise everyone to carefully evaluate various data before choosing an exchange before using it, and don’t be carried away by interests. Once again I declare that the IXX.COM exchange is a fraud exchange and do not use it.


2022-05-24 23:54


Unable to Withdraw switchere

Unable to withdraw

At 21:13 on May 20, 2022, sell the token EHR and withdraw it later. At 13:00 on the 21st, the platform showed that the acceptor took the order and paid, but there was no result, and the customer service could not be contacted. The trading platform could not be logged on on the 22nd, and the loss was heavy!


2022-05-24 18:13



Watch out for fake exchanges

The real CoinIRA has no Asian customer service, no Asian business. They only have operations in the United States. This is its fake logo, pay attention!


2022-05-23 08:20


Unable to Withdraw EXX

Exchange is absconded

The withdrawal has not arrvied for one year. There is no merchant inside and the customer service is also fake.


2022-05-23 00:21


Unable to Withdraw KUCOIN

Contract makes profit, but automatically closed by platform. U is frozen and cannot withdraw

My contract makes profit, but automatically closed by platform. U is also frozen and cannot withdraw


2022-05-22 18:47


Others ZB.com

Deceive newcomer to buy 1000 RMB U coin which is only 120U

I bought 100 RMB of U conin in ZB abd saw that ZB received more than 120 QC and then bought 1000 RMB on the platform. The platform shows that there is more than 1040 worth of RMB. Then click in and see that there is only 120USDT. Today's U price is 6.75, you can count How much RMB is there? This exposure makes those who don’t understand coins don’t listen to people in the market saying that there are loopholes in ZB and they can make thousands of dollars a day. It’s all a routine


2022-05-21 13:13


Others CCFOX

CCFOX has already absconded with fund

The platform cannot be logged in normally. Uninstall it and re-install it, but it shows wrong data in screen.


2022-05-16 23:41



Scam and fraud

Taking quantitative trading as the disguise, invite you into a group, every day from 3:00 to 4:00, and from 8:00 to 9:00 in the evening, sending you orders and let you place orders. It must be profitable at the beginning, and there is no problem on the books. When you withdraw, the minimum is 700, and it will be credited within 24 hours. The handling fee starts from 2 CNY without caps. Based on these two CNY, many people are reluctant to withdraw it and put it on the account. After a while you remember. He said that the hacker's account needs to be deposit with 500 to unlock your account. What is this? As long as you say. If you don't deposit, they will simply freeze your account, or find a reason for the data error, what can you do to him?


2022-05-16 11:20



Unable to Withdraw



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