2022-11-21 13:27国旗Philippines
Unable to withdraw assets after a period of timeGood day! Hello, im an investor of KOEN Solutions OPC with office address no 121 unit 1401 Salcedo Village, antel corporate center, Valerio St, Brgy Bel-Air, Makati City. Koen Solutions OPC offers investors a chance to trade in the crypto market through their automated online robots with minimum investment of 30 USD as working capital and 2 USD for the price of the cheapest robot. Investors can deposit via Gcash or via cryptowallet These robots do trading in different exchanges such as Binance. Income from these robots are credited to an investor's account. Once accumulated, the investor can withdraw through Gcash or via cryptowallet. As of this time, in the telegram group of Koen users there are 13K members. Last Nov 14, users of the KOEN Platform(app and web) experienced delay in withdrawals. Customer service said that withdrawals will be back to normal by 4 pm on Nov 15. On nov 15 people can still not do successful withdrawals and investors started to get worried and withdrawn their investments. On Nov 16, they announced that by 9 pm to 10 pm, investors can successfully withdraw. After the said period no one was able to withdraw yet. Their usual answer is; system is "processing withdrawal, please be patient". Today, Nov 17, Koen announced that their are fake users in the system that is why withdrawal was not successful. Now they require investors to deposit 20% of total balance with them so they can fully withdraw their investment/balance/earnings. To this time no once has successfully withdrawn yet since nov 14. There are thousand of investors who invested hard earned money on the platform and we are crying foul over their scheme. With the looks of it, we got scammed by their actions and no one from Koen have formally reached out and explained what is really going on. By estimation, millions of pesos is at stake and remains not accessible by investors. Said fund is being withheld by Koen. We are victims of this injustice and we ask for your kind heart
Unable to Withdraw