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AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience

AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience WikiBit 2024-03-16 18:00

Loneliness is a growing economy, and this Web3 game aims to introduce AI-powered digital companions to stabilize it

Loneliness is a growing economy, and this Web3 game aims to introduce AI-powered digital companions to stabilize it.

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AI Waifu is a Web3 game that merges player-owned economy and personalized digital companionship.

Loneliness is a silent epidemic looming large as a societal problem of billion-dollar proportions that is rarely tackled or even mentioned in Asias $10 trillion consumer market. As we drift further apart in our increasingly digital lives, the yearning for companionship, connection and love intensifies.

Yet, the current landscape of digital companionship, dominated by static, one-way interactions with chatbots, fails to meet this deep-seated need for genuine connection, highlighting a significant gap and opportunity for innovation in how we interact with technology to fulfill our most human desires.

Waifus on blockchain

While gamifying intimate interaction is nothing new, traditional “Waifu” games — a term used to describe interactive experiences with digital romantic partners — take forever to build, and platform requirements usually bind them.

By contrast, AI Waifu is an upcoming Web3 game with a circular and player-driven economy that works as a progressive web application from any browser. The game aims to directly address the age-old problem of loneliness by allowing for virtual interactions in a gamified way.

The game envisions a Digital Bangkok where the player “lives” with their Waifu. It will enable full interaction through all human senses in a shared space with other users. Just imagine a world of Waifus, including celebrities and social media influencers like Irene Zhao, Sydney Sweeney and Marin Kitagawa.

AI Waifu blends elements of Tamagotchi, anime, crypto, and AI to let players experience various stages of a relationship with their Waifu and engage in a dynamic game focused on love and mystery.

While most AI companions offer a repetitive content style, AI Waifu enriches players experience with hyper-personalized modal inputs and outputs. Each Waifu featured in the game are visual 3D models that respond to voice and text with emotions and animations. Each Waifu has a different personality, thanks to a level system that switches character cards.

The game includes meta, financial, and flirt skill-based games that are in line with the core loop. Players will be able to flirt with other Waifus to steal love points, making their own Waifus jealous. The game features NSFW aspects for users who seek an adult-oriented experience.

Backed by Web3 heavyweights

AI Waifu is incubated by Virtual Protocol, an artificial intelligence-focused protocol with a treasury exceeding $18 million. The Web3 game recently concluded its liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) event on the Fjord Foundry platform, having raised $6.4 million from over 1,500 participants, marking it as one of the fairest LBPs conducted on Fjord.

Waifu's in-game token, WAI, is slated for its token generation event on March 16 at 12 pm UTC, with dual liquidity pools across both Ethereum and Blast networks.

LBP is an efficient way to fairly build a new tokens liquidity pool and establish its market price. AI Waifu uses LBP to conduct a fair launch for WAI, its in-game token, eliminating the usual dump pressure seen in traditional VCs and presales. The game is slated for launch in the last week of March.

The game aims to stand out with its gamified AI companion experience among Blast decentralized applications (DApps). The developer‘s roadmap includes virtual reality (VR) and wearable support to immerse all human senses. Following its launch, the game will also work on bringing digital Waifus to life using augmented reality and VR with Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

AI Waifu plans to integrate renowned IPs, including collaborations with iconic characters and franchises like Genshin Impact, to enhance the games appeal and replayability with new challenges, modes and customization options.

AI Waifu is eagerly anticipating its live launch on March 25. The launch will also mark the moment WAI begins to power the in-game economy, paving the way to a vibrant ecosystem.

Web3 and AI emerge as potent tools against the pervasive loneliness plaguing society. By fostering dynamic, personalized interactions that transcend traditional digital boundaries, technologies like AI Waifu offer a glimpse into a future where virtual companionship satisfies our innate desire for connection. With Web3‘s decentralized ethos ensuring fair access and AI’s evolving capabilities enriching interactions, the technological revolution gets the company of a societal transformation toward bridging the gap of loneliness with innovation and empathy.

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