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Binance Co-founder He Yi's Response to "RONIN Listing Info Leak" and Six Key Adjustments

Binance Co-founder He Yi's Response to "RONIN Listing Info Leak" and Six Key Adjustments WikiBit 2024-02-06 16:38

Binance Co-founder He Yi's Response to "RONIN Listing Info Leak" and Six Key Adjustments

On February 6th, Binance co-founder He Yi stated that there have been occasional heated discussions about the leakage of listing information on Binance in the past, often involving projects that have not yet been released. It's not uncommon for the community to excessively hype up to maintain momentum. However, after the announcement of the listing of RONIN today, the subsequent price drop sparked intense community discussions. An internal investigation revealed that the price drop was due to a previous incident involving the retrieval of tokens for users on the integrated public chain, which was detected by external parties as an on-chain aggregation. The community began discussing the listing of RONIN on Binance. After careful consideration, the following adjustments will be made on top of the existing listing process:

  • Internal adjustments at Binance: Team members involved in the listing process, including business, research, pre-IC, IC, development, operations, and announcements, will strengthen internal management and firewalls. If there is any leakage of information for any reason, a warning will be issued for the first occurrence, and termination will follow for the second.

  • External cooperation adjustments at Binance: Business communication with external partners often involves aspects such as project research information, token model communication, token custody management, and communication with project investors. Processes will be further refined, and if there is a leakage of listing information, the listing will be canceled. If such leakage is discovered after the announcement, the listing will be put on hold pending further adjustments.

  • Enhanced technical monitoring: Binance will increase technical monitoring. Although the content is encrypted, actions such as additions are monitored. Therefore, fluctuations in the price of BNB may occur. There has been speculation about Binance launching a launchpool. If you have any clues, feel free to contact us to submit information.

  • Increased transparency: Due to the past practice of isolating listing research from business, Binance did not publicly disclose contact information, which gave rise to many opportunities for fraud. Therefore, we are now publicly providing application links.

  • High rewards: We welcome all reports of any listing-related and other corrupt behaviors. If Binance team members' corruption is confirmed, we will reward you with a security vulnerability bonus ranging from $10,000 to $5 million while maintaining your anonymity.

  • Consequences for verified corrupt employees: Employees dismissed for corruption who join any project or fund afterward will result in the corresponding project or fund being permanently blacklisted from listing on Binance. Large funds are welcome to contact Binance for background checks before making offers.

  • Finally, He Yi emphasized that Binance's past achievements are due to the establishment of a fair, transparent, and efficient platform.


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