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Binance Will Assist HTX In Tracking Funds After The Hack

WikiBit 2023-09-26 12:35

Abstract:Binance Will Assist HTX In Tracking Funds After The Hack

In response to Justin Sun‘s recent statement that HTX has fully assumed responsibility for the 5000 ETH security loss stemming from a hacker attack on X (formerly Twitter), Binance founder CZ has pledged support to track the hacker’s funds under all possible scenarios.

Binance Will Assist HTX Amid The Hack Fallout

CZ also playfully remarked on the recent name change of Huobi to HTX, noting its similarity to FTX. In reply, Justin Sun clarified:

“The ‘h’ stands for ‘Huobi,’ and ‘t’ stands for ‘Tron.’ I never thought it would be somewhat similar to FTX. Security and SAFU is a long-term effort, and we will definitely continue to work hard.”

Justin Sun Reacts Swiftly to HTX Hack

Unlike most cryptocurrency hacks that linger in obscurity, the HTX hack was promptly confirmed by Tron CEO Justin Sun. Despite an estimated loss of $8 million, HTX swiftly identified and resolved the issue, fully compensating for the losses incurred during the attack.

Justin Sun reassured users that all assets remained secure, and the platform operated normally, without any trading suspension or deposit/withdrawal limitations similar to those seen after the recent CoinEx exchange hack.

In a move to recover the stolen funds, Justin Sun listed two wallet addresses linked to the hack, which hold a total of 5,000 ETH. He pledged to reward the hacker with 5% of the stolen funds and even offered the possibility of hiring them as a security consultant should they choose to return the stolen assets.

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