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Mango Markets exploiter seeks to keep disputed funds paid as ‘bug bounty’

 Mango Markets exploiter seeks to keep disputed funds paid as ‘bug bounty’ WikiBit 2023-02-16 05:56

Avraham Eisenberg, the alleged exploiter of DeFi protocol Mango Markets, is arguing he should keep $47 million in crypto he received in a settlement with Mango DAO.

The alleged exploiter of the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Mango Markets, Avraham Eisenberg, is seeking to keep his share of crypto gained from his so-called “highly profitable trading strategy.”

据称是去中心化金融 (defi) 协议 mango markets 的剥削者 avraham eisenberg 正试图保留他从所谓的“高利润交易策略”中获得的加密货币份额。

On Feb. 15 attorneys for Eisenberg filed an opposition in a New York District Court to a lawsuit from Mango that asked for $47 million in damages plus interest starting from the time of Eisenbergs October 2022 attack that drained around $117 million from the protocol.

2 月 15 日,eisenberg 的律师在纽约地方法院对 mango 提起的诉讼提出异议,该诉讼要求从 eisenberg 于 2022 年 10 月发动攻击之时起计算 4700 万美元的损害赔偿金和利息,协议损失了约 1.17 亿美元。

The lawyers argued that Eisenberg shouldnt need to pay back any more funds to the DeFi platform due to a settlement agreement he reached with Mango DAO, arguing that the “matter was settled.”

律师们认为,由于 eisenberg 与 mango dao 达成了和解协议,因此 eisenberg 不需要再向 defi 平台偿还任何资金,并称“事情已经解决了”。

A governance proposal was passed by the Mango DAO following the draining of its treasury that saw Eisenberg keep a portion ($47 million) of the pilfered funds as a bug bounty along with a stipulation that Mango wouldnt pursue legal action.

mango dao 在耗尽其资金后通过了一项治理提案,eisenberg 保留了一部分被盗资金(4700 万美元)作为漏洞赏金,并规定 mango 不会采取法律行动。

“Eisenberg transferred funds totaling approximately $67 million to Mango Markets,” the attorneys wrote, adding:

“艾森伯格向 mango markets 转移了总计约 6700 万美元的资金,”律师写道,并补充道:

“Weeks later, eligible Mango Markets members received reimbursement from the Mango Markets treasury. At that point, all involved considered this matter closed and Mr. Eisenberg heard nothing further from Mango Markets.”

“几周后,符合条件的 mango markets 会员收到了 mango markets 财政部的报销。那时,所有相关人员都认为这件事已经结束,艾森伯格先生没有再从 mango markets 那里听到任何消息。”

Mango however, said in its suit that the settlement should be voided as it was made “under duress” and alleged Eisenberg “was not engaged in lawful bargaining.”

然而,mango 在其诉讼中表示,和解协议应该无效,因为它是“在胁迫下”达成的,并声称艾森伯格“没有参与合法的谈判”。

Eisenberg‘s attorneys rebuffed these claims saying the “improper three-month delay” for Mango filing its suit “undermines any alleged irreparable harm” and was to “take advantage” of Eisenberg’s December 2022 arrest in Puerto Rico by United States authorities.

艾森伯格的律师驳斥了这些说法,称 mango 提起诉讼的“不恰当的三个月延迟”“破坏了任何所谓的无法弥补的伤害”,并且是为了“利用”艾森伯格于 2022 年 12 月在波多黎各被美国当局逮捕。

Eisenberg was charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with commodities fraud and manipulation.

艾森伯格被联邦调查局 (fbi) 指控犯有商品欺诈和操纵罪。

He also faces a lawsuit from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) that alleges market manipulation and a suit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for violating securities laws relating to anti-fraud and market manipulation.

他还面临美国商品期货交易委员会 (cftc) 指控市场操纵的诉讼,以及美国证券交易委员会 (sec) 因违反有关反欺诈和市场操纵的证券法而提起的诉讼。

Eisenberg has previously stated his trades on Mango were “legal open market actions, using the protocol as designed” and called his purported attack a “highly profitable trading strategy.”

艾森伯格此前曾表示,他在 mango 上的交易是“合法的公开市场行为,使用设计的协议”,并将他所谓的攻击称为“高利润交易策略”。


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