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Bitcoin slips under $50K amid warning 'new player' Binance whale is pressuring BTC price

WikiBit 2021-12-26 09:02

Abstract:Bitcoin takes a hit from exchange inflows as Binance whale triggers a BTC price rout below $50,000.

  Market Update

NEW player” beefs up $50,000 sell wall

  DATA from Cointelegraph Markets PRO and TradingView showed volatility hitting BTC/USD overnight on Saturday.

  THE pair had reached $51,500 beFORe starting to retrace, this culminating in a dip to $49,644. At the TIME of writing, Bitcoin was back circling $50,000.

  The MOVE came in tandem with a rise in inflows to major exchange BINANCE, with order book data showing a new wall of resistance being built at $50,000.

  The behavior points to a large-volume investor shaping market bias, and Binance was already the source of suspicion over such activity in recent days.

  “This looks LIKE a new player,” data analysis account Material Scientist noted in comments on Binance's rapidly-changing order book setup.

  Overall, exchange balances have crept up 60,000 BTC beginning DEC. 22, from 1.69 million to 1.75 million BTC, data from on-CHAIN monitoring resource Coinglass shows.

ETHereum preserves $4,000 defense zone

  In some mild relief for altcoin traders, most large-cap tokens remained relatively unscathed after Bitcoin's latest dip.

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  Ether (ETH) was still above $4,000 at the time of writing.

  Others in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap either kept losses below 1.5% or saw flat performance.

  For ETH/USD, popular trader Pentoshi highlighted $3,940-$4,000 as a “KEY” area for bulls to defend going forward.

  “Currently long. Would like to see a PUSH up and some momentum off this rounded bottom. Looking to sell 4.4-4.5k,” he added.

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