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Clever DeFi Lists CLVA Token on Uniswap

Clever DeFi Lists CLVA Token on Uniswap WikiBit 2021-03-17 17:33

CLVA was listed on March 17 at 00:00 UTC via the CLVA/ETH trading pair on Uniswap. This listing will allow investors to trade their tokens on the worlds largest decentralized exchange (DEX).

Clever, a fully decentralized finance protocol has announced the listing of its native token CLVA on popular decentralized exchange platform Uniswap.

Token Listed in CLVA/ETH Trading Pairs

CLVA was listed on March 17 at 00:00 UTC via the CLVA/ETH trading pair on Uniswap. This listing will allow investors to trade their tokens on the worlds largest decentralized exchange (DEX).

Holders of CLVA can use this ERC-20 token to transfer value in seconds. Whats more, they get more flexibility in wallets, DEXs, Dapps, and exchanges since the token is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Clever DeFi development team has worked hard to eliminate all the technical barriers from the DeFi and have placed support tokenomics to support the listing.

To achieve enough liquidity for the listing an extra 152,967 CLVA was minted during the minting phase equating to 45% of the total minted tokens in circulation at that time. This extra CLVA will be introduced into the CLVA/ETH trading pairs via a schedule that will ensure users are able to trade safely and the price of CLVA is relatively stable.

CYCLE 1: 31% liquidity added.

CYCLE 2: 8% liquidity added.

CYCLE 3: 6% liquidity added.

All the added liquidity will be locked without key access in a cloud time-delay for a set period of 12 months. Retail investors will be able to purchase CLVA tokens and add liquidity for incentives.

Uniswap serves as an automated market maker for projects to overcome liquidity problems and offers a market with thousands of liquidity providers.

Fortnightly Interest Payments To CLVA Token Holders

Clever DeFi plans to revolutionize yield farming by introducing fortnightly interest payments to token holders without stringent requirements. The platform has a mechanism encoded in its smart contract that provides incentives for token holders and liquidity providers.

The interests are paid throughout 888 cycles spread across 14 days intervals. During each cycle, interest is distributed to Ethereum wallet addresses containing CLVA tokens. Unlike traditional yield farming platforms that mandate users to stake or lock tokens.

CLEVER allows token holders to receive interest payments without any contracts or staking period. Also, CLVA holders can withdraw CLVA tokens at any time without penalties or a waiting period.

Investors and CLVA holders will be able to get more benefits from adding liquidity on Uniswap. The CLEVER team believes that the listing on CLVA will help the token be more stable and less volatile. It will also help the price of CLVA to increase in value and provide more interest from the crypto community in the project.

All CLVA tokens held in the Uniswap liquidity pool smart contract will receive CLVA cycle interests and earn 0.3% from Uniswap trading fees. Traders can also remove their liquidity in the future without any loss in the value of their assets.

Since its launch in 2020, CLVA has witnessed a significant rise in its ecosystem, with crypto enthusiasts showing interest in the DeFi platform. Clever recently held its minting phase, a 30 day period where investors could buy CLVA tokens at a cheap rate. At the end of the minting phase, a total of 339,927 CLVA tokens (726,50 ether) were minted by investors.

Uniswap is also the first platform to list CLVA, with the yield farming platform set to list on other exchanges. There are existing plans for CLVA to list on P2PB2B, CoinsBit, Hotbit, among others. For more details on Clever DeFi, please check the website


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