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A Visit to Tickmill in Cyprus -- Office Confirmed Existed

Field Survey Time 2022-04-22

Reason for this visit

Cyprus purchased Greek national debt non-prudently in 2012. When the Greek national debt management defaulted, the Cyprus banking system suffered heavy losses, exceeding 30% of Cyprus’s GDP, and the country’s domestic debt crisis arose. In response to the crisis, the Cypriot government introduced a terrible solution that was opposed by all people, aggravating the crisis. At the same time, some people in Cyprus discovered that various cryptocurrencies whose prices are in an upward cycle, independent of sovereign currencies, may be able to cope with this crisis, so some funds poured into the small cryptocurrency market in an attempt to avoid risks and protect themselves. Gradually, Cyprus has become an active country for cryptocurrency transactions. In order to help investors learn more about the current status of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Cyprus, the survey team is going to Cyprus for site visits.

On-site visit

This time the survey team visited the cryptocurrency dealer Tickmill in Cyprus, with the specific address at Kedron 9, Mesa Geitonia 4004 Limassol.



Based on the above address, the survey team went to the destination of this survey, which was located on a main road parallel to the expressway across the city in Limassol, Cyprus. Many brokers choose to set up their offices in this street. The office building where Tickmill was located looked grand, and the company logo was clearly visible. The surveyors found that access cards were required to enter the office building and the entire building is used independently by Tickmill.


The surveyors first contacted the marketing department of the dealer Tickmill. The staff inside then warmly greeted the surveyors and allowed them access to the interior for interviews and photos.


The interior of the office was clean and tidy with proper property management. And there were reception rooms and a small meeting room on each floor.


The person in charge of the marketing department took the surveyors to visit the offices of each floor of the company. The office decoration looked high-grade and warm, and the employees on each floor were also warm and friendly. However, due to the epidemic, most employees took turns to work at home. The surveyors observed that there were about 100 workstations with spacious office space. At that time, there were still many employees who were working seriously.


The survey team visited the cryptocurrency dealer Tickmill in Cyprus as planned and the dealer's logo can be found on its publicly displayed address. There were about 100 workplaces inside the company, and the dealer used the whole building separately. Investors are advised to make their choice after comprehensive consideration.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as final order for making choice. 

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