A Visit to FXopen in UK -- No Office Found

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Field Survey Time:2022-09-08
A Visit to FXopen in UK -- No Office Found
A Visit to FXopen in UK -- No Office FoundA Visit to FXopen in UK -- No Office FoundA Visit to FXopen in UK -- No Office Found

81 Coleman Street, London, England

Reason for this visit

The Crypto market in the UK is one of the most active markets in the world. According to the CryptoCompare, the trading activity there is so significant that the UK ranks 11th among the most active Crypto markets, with the majority of Brits buying cryptocurrencies on online cryptocurrency exchanges. To help investors know more about the local exchanges, the survey team will go to UK for on-site visits.

On-site visit

This time the survey team visited the cryptocurrency exchange FXopen in London, UK, with the specific address at 80, ColeMan ST 4Th Floor London EC2R 5BJ UNITED KINGDOM.



The survey personnel came to the destination of the current survey according to the above address. The building is located on ColeMan Street, a bustling commercial district. It is a 4-story blue-black building with only a small-door entrance on the ground floor. It is not the logo of the dealer FXopen that hangs on the destination unit.


There is no water sign inside or outside the building. There is a service desk inside, and visitors can enter freely. After checking, the investigators determined that there was no company named FXopen on the 4th floor. The receptionist also confirmed that no such company exists at the above address. The survey personnel also consulted the service desk about the dealer. According to the property personnel, no company named FXopen has ever settled in this building. Therefore, it is confirmed that FXopen does not have an office here.


The survey personnel went to London, UK to visit the cryptocurrency exchange FXopen as planned, but did not find the office of the exchange on its publicly displayed business address, which means that the cryptocurrency exchange FXopen may not have a real business venue. Investors are advised to choose this exchange carefully.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as final order for making choice.

Broker Information




2-5 years | Investment Advisory License | High potential risk
  • Company Name: FXopen
  • Country/ Region of Registry: United Kingdom
  • Company Abbreviation: FXopen
  • Official Email: --
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/FXOpenUK
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fxouk
  • Customer Service Number: +44 (0) 203 3519 1224