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Hotbit will Launch Deficit Assets Trading Area on October 27th


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2023-09-25 14:21

Dear respected users,Thank you for your long-term support and trust in the Hotbit team! Since the release of The Latest Announcement of Hotbit Platform: Part 2, Hotbit has been committed to achieving the redemption of deficit assets as soon as possible. We've obtained some funds through mergers & acquisitions or loans after the unremitting efforts of the Hotbit team. We sincerely thank all our partners and users for helping us. Although a little later than the scheduled time , the deficit assets trading area will be available at 03:00 AM UTC on October 27th, 2022. Then all Hotbit users could trade deficit assets in this section. In order to protect the interests of all users, Hotbit team puts forward the following recommendations:1. Users holding deficit assets are supposed to realize redemption as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the unpredictable market or other factors;2. All DFToken prices will not exceed 1. Do not buy DFToken at a price of more than 1 unless there is a clear reason;3. The time required to redeem all DFToken assets cannot be guaranteed for the time being;4. We will still take a snapshot every Monday and airdrop the corresponding HTB until redemption is completed for all DFToken holders;5. We will delist the relevant trading pair immediately after the redemption of each kind of DFToken is completed. The following is the first part of redeemable DFToken assets that will be launched soon: This list includes a total of 28 coins and the corresponding DFToken-Token trading pairs. The trading pair of the rest deficit assets will be opened in succession. Once again, we would like to thank all users for their help, support and trust in us, and we promise to do our best and obtain the help to maximize the redemption of deficit assets. We also hope that all users who support and trust us can get a better trading experience and service on Hotbit. We are truly grateful for your support! Hotbit Team. October 25th, 2022. . About us: Hotbit's Official Website: Telegram: Telegram Announcements: Twitter: Facebook: Medium: Instagram: TikTok: Reddit: .