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The volatility of Spot prices is significant, sometimes allowing me to earn a lot, but also sometimes causing me to suffer heavy losses. The trading fees are also not low, but I still like their technological innovation and user interface.
2024-04-24 16:22
Aspect Information
Company Name spot
Registered Country/Area France
Founded Year 2018
Regulatory Authority Unregulated
Number of Cryptocurrencies Available 200+
Payment Methods Credit card/debit card,bank transfer,cryptocurrency
Customer Support 24/7 live chat, email, phone

Overview of spot

Spot is a cryptocurrency exchange based in France, established in 2018. Though it operates unregulated, the platform offers an extensive range of over 200 cryptocurrencies for trading. Users can fund their accounts using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other cryptocurrencies. To cater to its global user base, Spot provides 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone.


Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Diverse Cryptocurrency Selection Unregulated
Multiple Payment Options Potential Compliance Risks
Round-the-Clock Support Unknown Security Protocols
Based in Europe Possible Limited Global Reach


  • Diverse Cryptocurrency Selection: With over 200 cryptocurrencies available, Spot offers users a wide range of assets to trade, catering to both popular and niche market demands.

  • Multiple Payment Options: Spot provides versatility in funding with methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrency deposits, enhancing user convenience.

  • Round-the-Clock Support: The 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support ensures that users can get assistance at any time, providing a more reliable user experience.

  • Based in Europe: Being registered in France might instill trust in European users and can offer a strategic location advantage for the European cryptocurrency market.

  • Cons:

    • Unregulated: As an unregulated platform, users might be at a higher risk due to the lack of oversight, potentially leading to issues related to security and accountability.

    • Potential Compliance Risks: Without regulation, there's a risk of non-compliance with evolving global cryptocurrency regulations, which could impact users.

    • Unknown Security Protocols: Being unregulated might also mean that the exchange's security measures and protocols are not publicly verified or adherent to a recognized standard, increasing the risk of breaches or hacks.

    • Possible Limited Global Reach: Even though it's based in Europe and could cater well to European users, Spot might not be as suitable or appealing to users from other regions due to potential geopolitical or financial barriers.

    • more streamlined onboarding process.

      Regulatory Authority

      Spot operates as an unregulated cryptocurrency exchange. This means it hasn't sought or achieved any regulatory approval from any governmental or financial regulatory bodies in France or elsewhere. An unregulated status can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it provides the company with more flexibility in its operations and decision-making, as it is not bound by stringent regulatory requirements or frequent oversight. This might enable the platform to quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape, offering novel features or services faster than regulated competitors.

      On the other hand, being unregulated can raise questions about the platform's security measures, transparency, and commitment to user protection. Without regulatory oversight, users might not have a clear recourse or safety net in case of disputes, malpractices, or potential platform breaches. This could lead to apprehensions for potential users who prioritize security and reliability when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. The absence of regulation might also prevent the platform from collaborating with certain banks or financial institutions that require regulatory compliance.


      Spot is dedicated to the safety of its users and has incorporated several security protocols to safeguard their assets and personal data.

      • Segregation of Funds: Spot ensures that the funds of its clients are stored separately from the company's operational capital. This differentiation guarantees that user assets are untouched and unutilized for the platform's internal activities or financial obligations.

      • SSL Encryption: To maintain the confidentiality and integrity of user data, Spot's website and trading interface employ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This technology ensures that any information exchanged between the user and the platform remains private and impervious to malicious interceptions.

      • Two-Factor Authentication: Spot integrates two-factor authentication (2FA) for its user accounts. This security measure ensures that accessing an account requires not only the standard login credentials but also a unique verification code, typically sent to a device that only the genuine user possesses.

      • Advanced Trading Safeguards: Spot introduces a set of trading security tools like stop-loss orders and predefined take-profit points. These features are designed to aid traders in minimizing potential losses and capitalizing on profit opportunities effectively.

      • Cryptocurrencies Available

        Spot provides its users with a rich assortment of cryptocurrencies to trade and invest in. Among the notable digital assets available on the platform are BTC (Bitcoin), the pioneer decentralized digital currency that operates without central intermediaries; ETH (Ethereum), an innovative open-source blockchain system known for its native cryptocurrency Ether and its support for smart contracts; and MATIC (Polygon), which evolved from being the Matic Network to a comprehensive framework facilitating the creation and linkage of Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

        Furthermore, the platform also features SOL (Solana), a blockchain recognized for its impressive transaction speeds and scalability, and XTZ (Tezos), a self-evolving blockchain that stands out for its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and the capability to perform formal verification of its smart contracts. These represent just a subset of the 200+ cryptocurrencies Spot offers, underscoring its dedication to catering to diverse crypto trading interests.

        Cryptocurrencies Available

        How to open an account?

        The registration process on Spot can be completed in six simple steps:

        1. Launch MetaMask then tap on the account button in the top-right corner.

        2.Then tap on ⚙️ Settings button at the bottom of the menu.

        3. Scroll in the Settings menu then tap on Security & Privacy.

        4.Finally tap on “Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase” and enter your MetaMask password to get your recovery phrase.

        5.Then, go to the Account tab in Spot > Security > Restore old wallet and copy the recovery phrase. You may need to perform a manual backup of your current wallet for security reasons.

        How to open an account
        How to open an account


        Spot maintains a transparent fee structure that focuses on user convenience and clarity. Understanding the various types of fees associated with their platform is crucial for traders and investors.

        Types of Fees Explained:

        • Processing Fees: These are divided into two categories:

          • Provider Fees: These are the charges paid to one of Spot's partnering entities. For instance, when users buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card, this fee goes to the partner facilitating that service.

          • Spot Fees: Any fee that is directly collected by Spot falls under this category.

          • Network Fees (Miner Fees): These mandatory fees are associated with transaction processing or other crypto interactions on a blockchain network. The amount depends on the network's current state, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency. Importantly, Spot does not receive any portion of these fees.

          • Fees and limits per transaction type
            Provider fees Network fees Spot fees limitation
            Receive crypto No No No No limitation
            Send crypto No Yes No No limitation

            Payment Methods

            Spot offers its users a range of flexible payment methods catering to different preferences. Users can seamlessly make transactions using credit or debit cards, ensuring quick and straightforward processing. The platform supports bank transfers as well, allowing users to move funds directly between their bank accounts and Spot's ecosystem.

            In addition to traditional payment methods, Spot also embraces the digital age by accepting cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment. This option provides crypto enthusiasts the convenience of directly utilizing their digital assets for transactions, fostering a truly integrated crypto environment.

            Buy crypto with credit or debit card
            Product Provider Fees Network Fees Spot Fees Minimum Maximum (US) Maximum (Non-US)
            MoonPay 3.25% ($3.99/€3.99/£3.99 minimum) Yes 0.85% $30 $5,000/day ($2,000 Apple Pay); $50,000/month ($10,000 Apple Pay) €10,000/day (€2,000 Apple Pay); €50,000/month (€10,000 Apple Pay)
            Simplex 5% ($10 minimum) Yes 0.85% $20 $20,000/purchase; $50,000/day; $200,000/month N/A
            Wyre Apple Pay 1%, Credit/Debit card $0.30 + 3.9% Yes 3% $10 $500/week; $2,000/month; $5,000/year $1,000/week; $4,000/month; $7,500/year
            Sell crypto to bank account
          • Product Provider Fees Network Fees Spot Fees Minimum Maximum
            Wyre 0.75% ($1 minimum) Yes 2% $8 $50,000 per day
            Bity 0.7% Yes 2% 0.0002 BTC €920* per day

            (*) Estimate from 12/30/20 of 1,000 CHF. Use the current rate to reach the limit.

            Convert crypto to crypto
            Product Provider Fees Network Fees Spot Fees Minimum Maximum
            Jupiter 0% Yes 0% Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app) Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app)
            Switchain 0.5% Yes 1% Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app) Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app)
            Wyre 0.75% Yes 1% Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app) Depends on the crypto (dynamically displayed in app)

            Customer Support

            Spot is committed to providing exceptional customer support to its users. While they currently do not offer phone support, users can swiftly reach out to their dedicated customer service team via email at For those looking for real-time updates and news, Spot is actively present on social media platforms; you can engage with their community on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, detailed information, tutorials, and FAQs can be found on their official website

            Customer support

            Is spot a Good Exchange for You?

            When analyzing the trading groups suitable for Spot, several factors need to be considered, such as the level of experience, trading goals, and risk tolerance. Based on these factors, the following target groups may find Spot as a suitable platform:

            1. Novice Traders: Spot is ideal for beginners in the cryptocurrency world, offering an intuitive platform and comprehensive customer support. The ability to purchase crypto with traditional payment methods like credit or debit cards makes it easier for those unfamiliar with digital asset exchanges to get started.

            2.Diversified Investors: With over 200+ cryptocurrencies available, Spot caters to traders looking to diversify their portfolios. These individuals are not only interested in mainstream currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum but also in exploring lesser-known altcoins to maximize potential returns.

            3.High-Volume Traders: Given the extensive transaction limits and the platform's robust infrastructure, Spot is also a suitable choice for traders who deal with large volumes of crypto. These traders benefit from Spot's secure and efficient transaction processes, ensuring seamless trades irrespective of the size.


            Spot presents itself as an accessible and comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, catering to a broad spectrum of users, from beginners to seasoned investors. With an array of over 200 cryptocurrencies, diverse payment options, and robust security features, it effectively bridges the gap between traditional and digital finance. The platform's versatility in accommodating both small-scale traders and high-volume professionals further underscores its commitment to delivering a top-notch trading experience in the ever-evolving world of digital assets.


            Q: What payment methods does Spot support?

            A: Spot supports a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency itself, allowing for a seamless transaction experience.

            Q: Can I trade a variety of cryptocurrencies on Spot?

            A: Yes, Spot provides access to over 200 cryptocurrencies for trading, including popular options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

            Q: Is Spot regulated?

            A: Spot is currently unregulated. While the platform operates out of France, it's important for users to conduct their own due diligence and understand the implications of trading on an unregulated platform.

            Q: Is customer support available on Spot?

            A: Yes, Spot provides responsive customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the platform.

            Q: Are there any fees for receiving cryptocurrency into my Spot account?

            A: No, there are no provider fees, network fees, or Spot fees when you receive cryptocurrency into your Spot account. Transactions are smooth with no hidden charges.

            User Review

            User 1: I've been using Spot for a while now, and I must say, the security measures they have in place really give me peace of mind. With features like encryption technology and multi-factor authentication, I feel confident that my funds and data are well protected. The platform is also regulated, which adds another layer of security. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for me to navigate and execute trades. The liquidity is great as well, with fast and efficient order execution. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with Spot and would definitely recommend it.

            User 2: Spot has been my go-to crypto exchange for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the wide range of cryptocurrencies available for trading allows me to diversify my portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities. The customer support team is also top-notch, providing prompt and helpful assistance whenever I have any questions or issues. The trading fees are competitive compared to other platforms, and the deposit and withdrawal speed is relatively fast. I also appreciate the privacy and data protection measures implemented by Spot, giving me control over my personal information. Lastly, the exchange stability has been excellent, ensuring a smooth trading experience. Overall, Spot has exceeded my expectations in many aspects and I'm a satisfied user.

            Risk Warning

            Cryptocurrency exchange investments come with inherent security risks. It is important to be aware of these risks before engaging in such investments. Cryptocurrency exchanges are susceptible to hacking, fraud, and technical glitches, which can result in the loss of funds. It is recommended to choose reputable and regulated exchanges, stay updated on security measures, and be vigilant in detecting and reporting any suspicious activities. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

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