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MSB License

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MSB License goes beyond their business with the licenses United States FinCEN (license number: 31000253757064), please be aware of the risk!



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Aspect Information
Exchange Name ROX
Registered Country/Area United States
Regulatory Authority FinCEN (Exceeded)
Number of Cryptocurrencies Available 20+
Fees Maker fees: 0.15%, Taker fees: 0.25%
Payment Methods N/A
Customer Support 24/7 live chat

Overview of ROX

FOX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates in the United States. With over 20 cryptocurrencies available for trading, FOX offers a diverse range of digital assets to choose from, allowing to participate in various markets and investment opportunities. FOX provides round-the-clock customer support through a 24/7 live chat feature. However, its license FinCEN has been exceeded!

ROX's homepage

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Top-notch performance FinCEN (Exceeded)
Wide range of cryptocurrencies Limited customer support channels
Decentralized secure payment

Pros of ROX:

| Top-notch performance: ROX offers extremely fast trading with ultra-low latency, leveraging London Stock Exchange technology. This ensures swift execution of transactions, contributing to an optimal trading experience.

| Wide range of cryptocurrencies: ROX provides access to a diverse range of digital assets, including popular tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing them to participate in various markets and investment opportunities.

| Decentralized secure payment: The platform utilizes decentralized secure payment systems, enhancing reliability and resilience in transaction processing. This decentralized approach reduces the risk of single points of failure and ensures the continuity of secure transactions.

Cons of ROX:

| FinCEN (Exceeded): The platform has gone above and beyond the regulatory requirements set by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This makes trade more risky without regulation.

| Limited customer support channels: While ROX offers customer support with only live chat supported, primarily through its website and mobile application, there will be limitations in the availability of support channels or response times, which could impact users ability to receive timely assistance and address their inquiries or issues effectively.

Regulatory Authority

The MSB License, which stands for Money Services Business License, exceeds its intended scope by encompassing licenses issued by the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) under license number 31000253757064.

Exceeded FinCEN license

This means that the MSB License not only covers standard money services businesses, but also includes additional licenses related to financial crimes enforcement. This expansion means that ROX, in recent times, operates without the benefit of adequate regulation or oversight.

The absence of regulatory control implies that there is a lack of established guidelines or protocols governing the activities of ROX. As a consequence, there is limited supervision or monitoring of ROX's operations, potentially raising concerns about compliance with regulatory standards and the potential for misconduct or unauthorized activities.


ROX boasts top-notch performance with extremely fast trading, leveraging London Stock Exchange technology for ultra-low latency and rapid matching of trades. This technological prowess ensures that users can execute transactions swiftly and efficiently, contributing to an optimal trading experience on the platform.

In terms of asset protection, ROX offers security measures, aligning with CCSS (Cryptocurrency Security Standard) standards to safeguard both user assets and sensitive data. This commitment to security instills confidence among users, emphasizing the platform's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of protection for their digital assets.

Furthermore, ROX implements decentralized secure payment systems, providing reliable and resilient transaction processing. This decentralized approach enhances the overall reliability of the platform, reducing the risk of single points of failure and ensuring the continuity of secure transactions.


Cryptocurrencies Available

ROX presents an extensive range of trading options, featuring over 20 prominent cryptocurrencies. These offerings encompass popular trading pairs such as ETH/USDT (Ethereum/Tether), BTC/USDT (Bitcoin/Tether), TRX/USDT (Tron/Tether), DASH/USDT (Dash/Tether), and numerous others. These pairs allow users to engage in the exchange of various digital assets, leveraging the price fluctuations and potential value appreciation within the cryptocurrency market. assets.

Cryptocurrencies Available

Trading Market

Currency Pair Price +2% Depth -2% Depth Volume Volume %
1 Bitcoin BTC/FDUSD $71,796.52 $6,317,140.49 $4,997,510.87 $10,914,384,392 21.97%
2 Bitcoin BTC/USDT $71,705.76 $13,297,782.84 $14,812,569.12 $5,315,503,953 10.70%
3 First Digital USD FDUSD/USDT $0.9979 $22,211,184.55 $8,947,830.86 $3,956,635,530 7.97%
4 Ethereum ETH/USDT $4,022.28 $16,285,298.26 $20,254,510.24 $2,825,288,192 5.69%
5 Ethereum ETH/FDUSD $4,024.04 $1,923,202.33 $2,205,566.93 $2,605,344,312 5.25%
6 XRP XRP/USDT $0.6923 $2,278,935.47 $3,467,594.31 $1,509,768,044 3.04%
7 USDC USDC/USDT $0.9999 $8,911,159.19 $10,190,115.08 $1,302,310,821 2.62%
8 Solana SOL/USDT $153.47 $6,237,302.20 $5,816,618.11 $1,181,958,281 2.38%
9 BNB BNB/FDUSD $535.87 $955,521.49 $986,408.94 $1,086,647,651 2.19%
10 BNB BNB/USDT $535.73 $3,635,793.10 $2,962,280.87 $798,145,188 1.61%


Trading fees

  • Maker fees: 0.15%

  • Taker fees: 0.25%


  • ROX token holders: 50% discount on trading fees

  • Market makers: Rebates based on trading volume

Other fees

  • Withdrawal fees: Vary depending on the cryptocurrency

  • Deposit fees: Free for most cryptocurrencies


With ROX, traders can engage in global transactions at any time and from anywhere. The platform offers multiple operation methods to cater to diverse needs:

- Web Version: Access the ROX platform directly through your web browser, allowing you to trade and manage your account seamlessly on your computer.

- Mobile Application: Download the ROX mobile app on your Android or Apple device for a user-friendly and efficient trading experience on the go.

- API Integration: ROX provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables developers to integrate the platform's functionality into their own applications or systems, offering more flexibility and customization options.


Is ROX a Good Exchange for You?

ROX stands out as the best exchange for providing a diverse and extensive range of cryptocurrency trading options. Besides, ROX is suitable for a wide range of target users, including:

- Experienced Traders: For seasoned traders, ROX offers advanced trading features such as comprehensive charting tools, customizable trading interfaces, and access to a wide range of trading pairs.

- Institutional Investors: Institutional investors seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency market can utilize ROXs institutional-grade trading tools and services.

- Crypto Enthusiasts: Crypto enthusiasts interested in exploring new digital assets and participating in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem can find ROX appealing. The platform lists a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including both well-established tokens and promising up-and-coming projects, allowing enthusiasts to discover and invest in their preferred assets.


Q: What kind of digital assets can I trade on ROX?

A: ROX supports trading in ETH/USDT (Ethereum/Tether), BTC/USDT (Bitcoin/Tether), TRX/USDT (Tron/Tether), DASH/USDT (Dash/Tether) and so on.

Q: How can I contact ROX?

A: You can contact ROX through live chat.

Q: Can I use ROX on my mobile device?

A: Yes, ROX offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to trade on the go.

Q: Where can I find the latest updates and announcements from ROX?

A: You can stay informed about ROX‘s latest updates and announcements by visiting the platform’s official website.

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency exchange investments come with inherent security risks. It is important to be aware of these risks before engaging in such investments. Cryptocurrency exchanges are susceptible to hacking, fraud, and technical glitches, which can result in the loss of funds. It is recommended to choose reputable and regulated exchanges, stay updated on security measures, and be vigilant in detecting and reporting any suspicious activities. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.