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Proof of Reserves Should Be The Industry Standard: CEO Dr. Lin Han on The Future of Security

Proof of Reserves Should Be The Industry Standard: CEO Dr. Lin Han on The Future of Security WikiBit 2024-02-03 03:03

Stepping into 2024, the crypto space is buzzing with significant events: governments worldwide have

Stepping into 2024, the crypto space is buzzing with significant events: governments worldwide have started recognizing


as an independent class of assets, TradFi giants have entered the big game, and Bitcoin halving suggests a bull market may be on the horizon.

进入 2024 年,加密货币领域充满了重大事件:世界各国政府已开始将加密货币视为一种独立的资产类别,tradfi 巨头已加入这场大游戏,比特币减半表明牛市可能即将到来。

With market liquidity increasing and people tend to invest their money more boldly, it‘s critical to focus on asset security. BeInCrypto sat down with founder and CEO Dr. Lin Han to discuss the importance of Proof of Reserves (PoR), the industry’s need for transparency, and the exchange‘s unique approach to keeping users’ funds safe.

随着市场流动性的增加,人们倾向于更大胆地投资,关注资产安全至关重要。 beincrypto 与 创始人兼首席执行官林瀚博士坐下来讨论了准备金证明 (por) 的重要性、行业对透明度的需求以及交易所保护用户资金安全的独特方法。

Proof of Reserves as a New Industry Standard

储备证明作为新的行业标准 is no newcomer to the Proof of Reserves concept. In 2020, it was one of the first exchanges to conduct PoR using the now-standard method of combining Merkle tree with a third-party auditing firm and independent user validation. Two years later, the platform made its implementation open source following FTXs collapse. In 2023, the method was upgraded to include regular reporting on more than 170 assets and utilizing ZK-SNARKs for enhanced security and privacy. 对于储备证明概念来说并不陌生。 2020 年,它是首批使用默克尔树与第三方审计公司和独立用户验证相结合的现在标准方法进行 por 的交易所之一。两年后,ftx 崩溃后,该平台将其实现开源。 2023 年,该方法进行了升级,包括定期报告 170 多种资产,并利用 zk-snark 来增强安全性和隐私性。

But the main problem remains. Even though the 100% PoR has become a benchmark for most centralized exchanges (CEX), it still needs to be easier for the average user to understand and complete a Merkle tree verification. Dr. Han simplifies the verification process, likening it to a collaborative game where millions of users identify data defects.

但主要问题仍然存在。尽管100% por已经成为大多数中心化交易所(cex)的基准,但它仍然需要让普通用户更容易理解并完成merkle树验证。韩博士简化了验证过程,将其比作数百万用户识别数据缺陷的协作游戏。

«Understanding the Merkle tree or zero knowledge technology can be complicated for non-technical people. But the verification process itself is quite simple. When we publish all the data, the source codes, the tools, people can work together to find the defects of our data», — the CEO says. «The first time we introduced this method we didn‘t have more advanced technology like today. Users needed to trust us and the audit company. But now it’s much easier with ZK — people know we follow all the rules, as we cannot break them because of the open source code. So they dont have to trust us, they have to trust technology».

«对于非技术人员来说,理解默克尔树或零知识技术可能很复杂。但验证过程本身非常简单。当我们发布所有数据、源代码、工具时,人们可以共同努力找到我们数据的缺陷,首席执行官说。 «我们第一次引入这种方法时,我们没有像今天这样更先进的技术。用户需要信任我们和审计公司。但现在有了 zk 就容易多了——人们知道我们遵守所有规则,因为开源代码我们不能违反它们。所以他们不必信任我们,他们必须信任技术»。

The conversation turns to the broader implications of PoR as an industry standard. Dr.Han predicts its integration into traditional financial markets will foster greater transparency and accountability, setting a new benchmark. However, he noted that this success will largely depend on the crypto community — from data aggregators and media outlets to influencers and average users.

谈话转向 por 作为行业标准的更广泛影响。韩博士预测,其与传统金融市场的融合将提高透明度和问责制,树立新的基准。然而,他指出,这一成功将在很大程度上取决于加密社区——从数据聚合商和媒体机构到影响者和普通用户。

«PoR allows the verification of third-party balances without disclosing sensitive information. This is something that the financial world has never had before. It definitely can and should be industry standard. And it depends on us on how we explain the benefits of this technology to the traditional world. I believe the requirement of having the audited proof of reserve will be a basic requirement for all crypto exchanges. And once it‘s done, then, you know, it’s the invisible hand of the markets, when suddenly, all the players will start to pay much more attention to be at the standards and to be transparent».

«por 允许在不泄露敏感信息的情况下验证第三方余额。这是金融界从未有过的。它绝对可以而且应该成为行业标准。这取决于我们如何向传统世界解释这项技术的好处。我相信拥有经过审计的储备证明的要求将是所有加密货币交易所的基本要求。一旦完成,你知道,这是市场的无形之手,突然之间,所有参与者都会开始更加关注标准和透明度»。

Balancing Efficiency and Security

平衡效率和安全性 CEO delves into the debate of centralized exchanges versus decentralized platforms, highlighting the efficiency and user-friendliness of CEX. Despite the allure of decentralized options, he underscores the current reliance on CEX due to low transaction costs and ease of use.

gate.io首席执行官深入探讨了中心化交易所与去中心化平台的争论,强调了cex的效率和用户友好性。尽管去中心化期权很有吸引力,但他强调,由于交易成本低且易于使用,目前对 cex 的依赖。

«The CEXes are still very, very efficient. For example, inscriptions are quite hot now, so a lot of people trade BRC-20 tokens. On Bitcoin blockchain, they need to pay a lot for each transaction, for each trade. But on the centralized platform, they pay almost nothing. At the same time, CEXes are very user friendly. Compared to Web3 applications, users only need to log in into their account to have everything. They dont have to manage the private keys, think about how to keep it safe or synchronize with all the blockchain nodes», — Dr. Han comments.

«cex 仍然非常非常高效。比如现在铭文很火,所以很多人都交易brc-20代币。在比特币区块链上,他们需要为每笔交易支付大量费用。但在中心化平台上,他们几乎不支付任何费用。同时,cex 非常用户友好。与web3应用程序相比,用户只需登录自己的帐户即可拥有一切。他们不必管理私钥,考虑如何保证其安全或与所有区块链节点同步»,——韩博士评论道。

Nevertheless, he anticipates a gradual shift towards decentralized platforms driven by advancements in infrastructure and UX.


«A lot of things are solving quickly in Web3. Now we have better infrastructure, better wallets, better interfaces. For example, our Web3 Wallet supports more than 40 blockchains, and in the future we‘ll merge the other blockchains already supported in, so the number will skyrocket to 300. Now users can store and trade the native tokens, like BTC, LTC and DOGE, ERC-20 and BRC-20 tokens. We are also going to add the dApp tokens — at the moment people can get information from Uniswap, but later they’ll be able to check the information straight in our wallet. It means users will manage all the assets, all the tokens, in just one wallet in their mobile phone».

«很多事情都可以在 web3 中快速解决。现在我们拥有更好的基础设施、更好的钱包、更好的界面。例如,我们的web3钱包支持超过40个区块链,未来我们将合并gate.io中已经支持的其他区块链,因此数量将飙升至300个。现在用户可以存储和交易原生代币,例如btc 、ltc 和 doge、erc-20 和 brc-20 代币。我们还将添加 dapp 代币——目前人们可以从 uniswap 获取信息,但稍后他们将能够直接在我们的钱包中检查信息。这意味着用户将在手机上的一个钱包中管理所有资产、所有代币»。

The CEO once again notes that as long as users are heavily reliant on CEX, it is important for them to pay close attention to the availability of PoR and audits. He says this is a good measure to prove the funds are safe, at least for now.


Secure Environment for All Users

为所有 用户提供安全的环境

As the CEO explores catering to institutional needs, he underscores‘s commitment to upholding its standards. Dr. Han highlights the strict due diligence process institutional clients undertake and the importance of meeting their requirements for security and compliance.’s readiness to cater to institutional demands reflects its dedication to providing all users with a secure and regulated environment.

在首席执行官探索满足机构需求时,他强调了 对维护其标准的承诺。韩博士强调了机构客户所采取的严格尽职调查流程以及满足其安全性和合规性要求的重要性。 愿意满足机构需求,这体现了其致力于为所有用户提供安全、受监管的环境。

« accepts all kinds of customers. At the moment we serve thousands of institutional clients globally. From our experience, the main difference between institutional and retail customers is that they care more about the safety and the compliance of our platform. So they not only onboard before they start trading, they also do due diligence. They ask how we store the keys and assets, how we do the KYC and KYT, how we prevent market manipulation. Serving institutions is much harder, because we need to keep a very high standard to make them satisfied. But all these steps also benefit the retail users».

« 接受各种类型的客户。目前,我们为全球数千家机构客户提供服务。根据我们的经验,机构客户和零售客户的主要区别在于他们更关心我们平台的安全性和合规性。因此,他们不仅在开始交易之前就加入,而且还进行尽职调查。他们询问我们如何存储密钥和资产,如何进行 kyc 和 kyt,如何防止市场操纵。为机构提供服务要困难得多,因为我们需要保持非常高的标准才能让他们满意。但所有这些步骤也有利于零售用户»。

Dr.Han also notes that spent many years and resources applying for licenses. It was worth it since the exchange‘s new customers from traditional finance can’t trade on non-regulated platforms. Now, its one of the top

cryptocurrency exchanges

with licenses and approvals in different jurisdictions: Gate Group already has licenses or approvals in Malta, Lithuania, Italy, Dubai, Gibraltar and so on.

韩博士还指出,gate.io花费了很多年和资源来申请许可证。这是值得的,因为该交易所来自传统金融的新客户无法在不受监管的平台上进行交易。现在,它是在不同司法管辖区拥有许可证和批准的顶级加密货币交易所之一:gate group 已经在马耳他、立陶宛、意大利、迪拜、直布罗陀等地拥有许可证或批准。

Looking ahead, the CEO offers a glimpse into‘s strategic roadmap. The focus on enhancing security measures and fostering strategic partnerships underscores the platform’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve. With a keen eye on innovation and user-centric solutions, charts a course toward continued growth and success in the dynamic digital assets industry.

展望未来,首席执行官介绍了 的战略路线图。对加强安全措施和培育战略伙伴关系的关注凸显了该平台保持领先地位的承诺。凭借对创新和以用户为中心的解决方案的敏锐关注, 在充满活力的数字资产行业中制定了持续增长和成功的路线。

« aims to have a very strong security system as an ecosystem – not only for CEX, but also for Web3. We want to figure out everything thats possible to attack you. So in 2024, and also for the future, is going to invest more in security. We are going to work with partners to do more tests, audits and other things to enhance our system to provide a safe as possible platform for all the users».

« 的目标是拥有一个非常强大的安全系统作为一个生态系统——不仅针对 cex,也针对 web3。我们想找出一切可能攻击你的方法。所以在2024年,也是面向未来,gate.io将在安全方面加大投入。我们将与合作伙伴合作,进行更多测试、审核和其他工作,以增强我们的系统,为所有用户提供尽可能安全的平台»。



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