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Justin Sun’s High-Yield Project Stirs $1.8 Billion Surge, Posing Risks For Huobi Global

Justin Sun’s High-Yield Project Stirs $1.8 Billion Surge, Posing Risks For Huobi Global WikiBit 2023-09-20 12:18

Justin Sun’s High-Yield Project Stirs $1.8 Billion Surge, Posing Risks For Huobi Global

In a bid to attract yield-seeking crypto investors, Justin Sun unveiled stUSDT, a project offering 5% returns tied to low-risk securities like government bonds.

Huobi Global, the


exchange led by Justin Sun, plays a pivotal role in facilitating investments in stUSDT, which has led to changes in the exchanges crypto reserves. Analysts have raised concerns about this shift, prompting institutional traders to withdraw most of their holdings from Huobi.

Sun, speaking at a recent Huobi press conference where the exchange rebranded to HTX, acknowledged the need to diversify their reserves beyond a single asset concentration, such as Ether.

According to Bloomberg, since its launch, investments in stUSDT have surged to a staggering $1.8 billion in just 2 1/2 months, making it a standout in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. However, this rapid expansion has introduced a layer of risk for Huobi.

This project is just one of the ways in which Sun has made his mark on Huobi since taking the helm almost a year ago. Huobis reserves now heavily favor tokens connected to him, leading to increased scrutiny and concerns about transparency by blockchain research firms.

The focus on exchange assets intensified following the FTX debacle last November when a $7 billion deficit was revealed, leading to fund withdrawals from other exchanges out of fear of insolvency.

The stUSDT project operates by exchanging investors‘ Tethers for stUSDT, representing claims on government debt and other real-world assets. Huobi Earn, the platform offering this product, has seen around $400 million of users’ funds converted into stUSDT.

Consequently, stUSDT now accounts for about 14% of Huobi‘s total reserves, impacting its Tether holdings, which have decreased from $584 million to $146 million since July 1, despite a $200 million infusion in August. As Huobi navigates these changes, concerns linger about the project’s transparency and its potential impact on the exchanges financial stability.


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