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Crypto Experts are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Heres Why

Crypto Experts are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Heres Why WikiBit 2023-03-13 09:30

As $GMT collapses and users flee STEPN in droves, one Move-2-Earn (M2E) start-up is surging in traction as presale hits $5.45m. Bringing UFC to Web3: Could Fight Out (FGHT) be the next big thing in Move-2-Earn? Find out here!

Crypto Experts are Saying This New Move-to-Earn Crypto is Better than STEPN – Here's Why

Source Fight Out

STEPN made waves in the crypto markets last year, with the promise of a fitness revolution fuelled by reward-based exercise gaining huge traction.

But initial hopes gave way to huge disappointments.

STEPN project growth quickly slowed to nothing - as the intended mainstream adoption of this Web3 dApp was plagued with issues.

From insanely expensive barriers to entry - that saw a capital requirement in the thousands to get started with an NFT sneaker.

To collapsed $GMT token economics, that were stifled by a transaction heavy pay-2-win in-app economy.

STEPN's failure was a product of its own greed.

Remain investors ebbed away in droves as earnings became miniscule, and the one-dimensional pedometer tracking failed to hold attention.

Since the disintegration of STEPN's ecosystem, the Move-2-Earn sector has been in a period of silence.

But one project is out to shake the sector up as huge market traction has seen a lightening $5.45m presale fundraise.

Meet: Fight Out (FGHT)Source Fight Out

Setting out to change the game is Fight Out.

An exciting new M2E ecosystem, that seeks to take users on a journey to become the ultimate fighter.

Fight out was built with the ethos of creating an accessible platform for the gamification of fitness.

The team are focused on simultaneously helping users to progress both their health and finances. With a user-centric platform boasting a rich ecosystem of challenges, stat training, sports betting, and in-person perks.

How does Fight Out ($FGHT) Work?Source Fight Out x Sam Cooling

The STEPN system utilised phone pedometers to reward step count, but this saw poor app stickiness as the one-dimensional reward system bored users.

But Fight Out developers have created an innovative new system that can measure all types of exercise.

Users progress is tracked and rewarded using a blockchain powered app that measures innovative metrics recorded by your phone's in-built inertial measurement unit (IMU).

This feeds into a multi-dimensional system that can track and reward all types of workouts.

Whether that's your time in the dojo, your hours lifting heavy iron, or your time dancing on a Friday night.

All exercises are recorded, and rewarded.

This enables Fight Out to monitor and track progress on a user's fitness journey. And this levels up the users in-app stats real-time, while rewarding user activity in $REPS tokens (similar to STEPN $GST).

A user's stats are a live depiction of the user's progress towards becoming an elite level fighter.

This flows into a secondary play-2-earn (P2E) ecosystem that sits atop the M2E technology in order to gamify a user's fitness regime.

Fight Out pits users head-to-head in high-octane workout challenges, competitions, and mini-games. All of which offer high-stakes $FGHT rewards.

Source Fight Out

Users compete using their ‘Soulbound’ NFT avatars. Soulbound means that the NFT cannot be resold, and will be a permanent representation of the users progress.

This is a big break away from an M2E sector that has all too often put up expensive barriers to entry, such as sneaker minting to the tune of $2,000. The Soulbound avatar enables users to hit the ground running, with no start-up cost, meaning your earnings are based on your achievements, not the depth of your pockets.

With deep-seated character creation and customization, these NFT avatars become the digital embodiment of your hard work and progress.

How Will $FGHT token work?

Achievements reward the user with $REPS tokens, redeemable for platform native $FGHT tokens.

$FGHT can be accumulated, traded, or spent on in-app goods and other services, such as purchasing stylish NFT goods in the Fight Out marketplace.

This gamification of training is set to unlock a fitness revolution for a generation challenged by inactivity, with Fight Out designed to leverage psychological motivation to keep you focused on your regime.

By building out a community ecosystem, Fight Out is able to develop a social space that becomes center stage for high-stakes tournaments to win $REPS.

Fight Out Referral Program Exploding

The Fight Out team announced the launch of a lucrative referral promo link program. This gives users the ability to receive a 5% commission for signing up their friends.

All users need to do is go to the Fight Out homepage, connect a valid crypto wallet, and then click on the 5% referral link button.

At this point, a unique referral link will be generated to earn you commission! Share the link with friends and family or post it to your social media.

This means every time someone buys the $FGHT token – you receive 5% of the purchase amount.

Fight Out $5.4m Presale Heads For CEX Launch

With Fight Out's revolutionary offering poised to completely shake up the M2E sector. It is no wonder that the $FGHT presale has seen skyrocket funding - with more than $5.4m invested in just weeks.

To encourage early token purchases, the price of the token increases every 12 hours (next raise to $0.0285 USDT).

However, there are only 3 days left of the Fight Out presale - with CEX listings set to begin at a significant premium in just weeks.

$FGHT is currently priced at $0.02850 and the exchange listing price is expected to be $0.0333.

Early backers are able to purchase $FGHT in the presale using both fiat and USDT.

Fight Out will be listed on the following seven exchanges: LBank,, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

CEX listings are expected to start in April.


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