BitVito at Wiki Finance EXPO Dubai 2022

United Arab Emirates

Exhibition address: Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

Exhibition time: 2022-09-25

Booth: A9

WikiEXPO 2022

Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

BitVito at Wiki Finance EXPO Dubai 2022,booth number:A9.


In 2018, Hayden and the team, by virtue of their extensive experience in the traditional finance industry, strong background in the internet and successful entrepreneurial experience, received angel investment funding from Altron Capital. With a unique focus starting from transforming a traditional finance company to fundamentally combining the advantages of traditional finance and crypto finance, they set out on the journey of building BitVito. This was when they began to make history.

In 2019, BitVito exchange launched after the completion of the first integration phase. In 2021, BitVito started gaining the attention and acclaim of users around the world. BitVito, born for users, with a mission to create a new financial system for global users, BitVito breaks down barriers to cryptocurrency, lowering the threshold for derivatives, and overcoming the bottleneck of global asset allocations.

Furthermore, BitVito firmly believes brand responsibility makes a responsible brand. Clinging to this belief, BitVito is well on its way to be a competitive and vital enterprise, while demonstrating public value and social responsibility. Hayden and the founding team of BitVito are finally embarking on a new chapter inside the crypto space.



Wiki Finance EXPO Dubai 2022 has been successfully held in Dubai from September 25th to September 26th, 2022. The expo was hosted by WikiEXPO and co-organized by WikiFX and WikiBit. Hundreds of forex dealers co-sponsored the event, and there were approximately 1 million participants worldwide, thereby continuing the booming trend of previous years!

Wiki Finance EXPO Dubai 2022 Exhibition Review


WikiEXPO was established in 2019 by the world-renowned authoritative financial vertical media WikiFX and WikiBit. Its purpose is to serve global foreign exchange and digital currency investors, connect investors with project parties and practitioners, and build a knowledge-sharing and business-exchange platform for stakeholders in the industry. In the past 4 years, WikiEXPO has successfully held more than 70 professional events and salons using its service network throughout the world's first-tier cities, and has rapidly developed into an offline exhibition brand in the international financial industry. It not only has a leading market share in the industry, but also has a share of users with excellent reputation, thus establishing its leading position as an offline exhibition brand in the foreign exchange and digital currency industry.


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