A Visit to Libertex in Cyprus - Office Found

Cyprus Cyprus
Field Survey Time:2023-11-23
A Visit to Libertex in Cyprus - Office Found
A Visit to Libertex in Cyprus - Office FoundA Visit to Libertex in Cyprus - Office Found

6 Ypsilandou, Olziit, Limassol District, Cyprus

Reason for this visit

Cyprus boasts a relatively friendly cryptocurrency-related legislative environment, and currently allows cryptocurrency trading. The government has adopted an open policy to promote digital economy and increasingly strengthen the related regulation by requiring exchange platforms to implement KYC. There are a certain number of cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain startups in Cyprus, and some merchants and enterprises have started to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a payment method, with parts of ATMs supporting withdrawal by cryptocurrencies. In an attempt to help investors to get a more comprehensive understanding of the exchanges in Cyprus, WikiBit survey team decided to go to the country for on-site visits to the local companies.

On-site visit

In this issue, the survey team went to the second largest city Limassol in Cyprus to visit cryptocurrency exchange Libertex (licensee: Indication Investments Ltd) as planned according to its regulatory address that Iakovou Tompazi 1, Vashiotis Business Center, Office 101, Neapoli 3107 Limassol.

On July 27, 2023, the investigators came to Vashiotis Business Center at Iakovou Tompazi 1 in Limassol. According to the security guards working in the building, company Libertex had moved to the new address at 10 agios athanasios Ksenos building 4105 cyprus.

After arriving in the new location, the survey personnel spotted the giant eye-catching company sign of Libertex on the top of the building. People werent allowed to take photos in the building due to stern security reasons. There was no building directory outside. However, the giant company logo indicates that the company does exist in the building.

Through an on-site investigation, it is confirmed that Libertex has a presence at the location.




The survey team went to Limassol in Cyprus to visit cryptocurrency exchange Libertex, and found the companys name and logo at its updated address. This suggests that the company has a physical business office at the location. Meanwhile, investors are advised to made a judicious decision following an overall consideration.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as a final order for making a choice.

Broker Information




5-10 years | Investment Advisory License
  • Company Name: Libertex
  • Country/region of Registry: Cyprus
  • Company Abbreviation: Libertex
  • Official Email: info@libertex.com
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/libertex_europe?_ga=2.14230263.1901398868.1608610755-894648089.1608610755
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Libertex.EU/?_ga=2.14230263.1901398868.1608610755-894648089.1608610755
  • Customer Service Number: --