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Ethereum L2 TEN Raises $9 Million From Banking Consortium R3,

Terra Luna Price is Going to Zero as Global Investors Abandon the Coin for This New AI Crypto Project – How Does it Work?


Ethereum L2 TEN Raises $9 Million From Banking Consortium R3

The encrypted Ethereum layer 2 network, TEN (aka The Encrypted Network), has announced the completio


Terra Luna Price is Going to Zero as Global Investors Abandon the Coin for This New AI Crypto Project – How Does it Work?

Despite the uncertain future of the Terra Luna price, the cryptocurrency market still has potential for growth. One example is yPredict, an AI-powered crypto market intelligence platform.


Japans Crypto Exchanges Seek Looser Margin Trading Regulations for Growth

Japan's crypto exchanges are seeking regulations that would allow retail investors higher leverage on margin trading. Find out more here.


Today in Crypto: IMF Will Pursue Relentlessly CBDC Development, France Supports Global DeFi Rules, Crypto.com Operating Internal Proprietary Trading & Market-Making Teams, Wyre Set to Shut Down

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Advance Announces the Second Annual Edition of the MEWS Honouring the Creators, Companies and Communities Revolutionising the Metaverse

The MEWS is set to host the most prestigious B2B event of the year for the international Metaverse & Web3 community as the second MEWS takes place from May 3rd-5th 2023.


Trump Launches and Sells Out Second NFT Series Depicting Himself as George Washington, King of Hearts

Donald Trump, the now-indicted former US president, has sold out another collection of NFTs. Here's the latest.


CryptoWallet.com Among Minority of Successful Companies to Renew Coveted Estonian License

Estonia-based crypto startup CryptoWallet.com has become one of the first crypto companies to receive a stamp of approval from Estonia’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).


Euler Finance hacker sends 100 ETH to red-flagged North Korean address

Concurrently, the hacker also transferred 3,000 ETH to Euler’s deployer account without disclosing their intent


NEST Protocol Martingale Network

One such easy-to-use network is NEST. This article will explain the NEST platform's solutions to crypto users facing volatile market conditions with a safe and trusted mechanism.


Composable Finance CEO denies legal violations as CTO steps down

Composable Finance CEO Omar Zaki has vigorously denied allegations that his firm violated SEC cease-and-desist orders, among other allegations laid out by their former CTO Karel Kubat.

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