Danger[274c][274c]: The public should avoid Martin Dimitrov and get investigated by Bulgarian police.

2023-06-06 16:20国旗Nigeria
Martin Dimitrov is a Bulgarian who has a history of not paying his employees and scamming people. In 2022, he employed 5 people (I'm one of them) to help his crypto project (BUIDL Academy & DAO). After 9 months (September 2022 - May 2023) of working, he refused to pay them for their work. He also impersonated the LIFI project (by creating a fake fair launch even on PinkSale with intention to raise 7800 BNB), where he scammed people of their BNB. The public should avoid Martin Dimitrov because he is a con artist. He has a history of not paying his employees and scamming people. He is not trustworthy and should not be given any money or personal information. The Bulgarian police should investigate Martin Dimitrov for his crimes. He has committed fraud and theft, and he should be held accountable for his actions. If you have been scammed by Martin Dimitrov, you can report him to the Bulgarian police. Here are some additional details about Martin Dimitrov's scams: In 2022, he promised investors that he would use their money to invest in a new cryptocurrency project. However, he instead used the money to fund his own lavish lifestyle. In 2021, he created a fake website that looked like a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. He then tricked people into depositing their money into the website, which he then stole. In 2020, he created a fake investment opportunity that promised investors high returns. However, the investment was a scam and investors lost all of their money.