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Guys, please do not be cheated. My applications for withdrawal have been reviewed for several days. And the customer service blacklisted me. Although the exchange run normally now, it may abscond. If it won't, please face the situation



2021-06-26 19:58 国旗
After withdrawing money from the platform, the relevant departments intervenes in the channel maintenance, and the third-party channel for the payment, the ID card and bank card are provided. The payment is required to pay 20% of the tax and the payment is completed, and the payment of the 10% channel fee is completed. After that, I need to remit in order. It is recommended that I pay 5000NY for urgent mail, and I can receive the electronic remittance form within 12 hours at the earliest. When the time is up, the customer service has no news at all. I can’t read it back, and I can’t read it back. Blocked by customer service
Unable to Withdraw


Unable to Withdraw