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Great platform, Graviex! Low transaction fees and excellent customer support makes trading a breeze. The user interface is user-friendly and intuitive, makes for a smooth experience!
2023-12-21 04:29

GRAVIEX · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name GRAVIEX
Founded Year 2018
Regulatory Authority Unregulated
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more
Trading Platforms GRAVIEX Web, GRAVIEX (mobile),GRAVIEX API
Deposit & Withdrawal Multiple options available including bank transfer, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets
Customer Support 24/7 customer support available via telegram,twitter and email

Overview of GRAVIEX

GRAVIEX is a virtual currency exchange platform that was founded in 2018. GRAVIEX offers its services to users worldwide. GRAVIEX supports multiple cryptocurrencies, providing users with a wide range of options for trading.GRAVIEX offers a variety of trading platforms includingGRAVIEX Web, GRAVIEX (mobile),and GRAVIEX API. Traders can choose from multiple options for deposit and withdrawal, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets.

Overview of GRAVIEX

What is GRAVIEX?

GRAVIEX is a virtual currency exchange that offers trading services for various cryptocurrencies. It operates as a platform where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, providing them with a means to engage in trading activities. The exchange supports multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to have a diverse range of options for trading. Overall, GRAVIEX provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for virtual currency trading, with a range of cryptocurrencies, trading platforms, deposit and withdrawal options.

Pros and cons

GRAVIEX has several advantages as a virtual currency exchange. Firstly, it offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading, allowing users to have access to various digital assets and diversify their investment strategies. Additionally, GRAVIEX operates on a global scale, serving users worldwide and providing them with a platform to engage in trading activities irrespective of their geographical location. The exchange also does not impose any restrictions on the number of trades or withdrawals, giving users the freedom to execute transactions as per their requirements.Moreover, GRAVIEX provides a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, making it a convenient trading platform for seamless cryptocurrency transactions.

On the other hand, there are some limitations associated with GRAVIEX. One notable drawback is the lack of information regarding the maximum leverage offered on the platform. This can hinder traders who rely on leverage for their trading strategies. Moreover, GRAVIEX does not provide educational resources for users, which can be a disadvantage for beginners or those seeking to expand their knowledge about virtual currency trading. Additionally, the exchange does not provide specific information about its customer support, which can create uncertainties for users seeking assistance or experiencing issues on the platform.Also,GRAVIEX's complex fee structure can be confusing for users, and the platform's lack of educational resources and unclear customer support details may pose challenges, especially for newcomers.

Pros Cons
Wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading Lack of information on maximum leverage
Operates globally, serving users worldwide No educational resources provided
No restrictions on trades or withdrawals Uncertain customer support
Convenient trading platform Complex fee structure

Regulatory Authority

GRAVIEX operates without official regulation, which poses potential drawbacks for its users.

A primary concern is the potential absence of safeguards for consumers. The lack of regulatory oversight could increase the susceptibility to fraud or market manipulation, which may jeopardize traders' capital. Moreover, without regulatory standards, the platform might have limited transparency and accountability, casting doubts on its reliability.

Engaging with unregulated exchanges demands traders to proceed with caution. Additionally, staying abreast of the newest regulatory changes in the digital currency sector is vital.


GRAVIEX offers a cryptocurrency trading platform with various advantages such as a broad range of digital assets and a user-friendly interface. To maximize the benefits of the platform, users are encouraged to verify their accounts.

Security Measures

  • Unverified Accounts: These have withdrawal limits, specific to each coin, which can be checked on the Funds page.

  • Verified Accounts: Verification provides numerous advantages including:

    • Unlimited daily withdrawals.

    • Capability to restore Two-Factor Authentication.

    • Recovery of profile and funds access in case of mobile device loss or accidental deletion of the Authenticator app.

    • Additionally, users should consider implementing their own security measures, such as using hardware wallets, enabling two-factor authentication, and practicing good cybersecurity hygiene, to protect their digital assets when trading on GRAVIEX.

      Cryptocurrencies available

      GRAVIEX provides a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading, encompassing well-known choices such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADS, LTC, RITO, C4T, among others, as well as some niche digital currencies. This variety enables traders to explore a broad spectrum of assets.

      The price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies on exchanges are a common occurrence in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The prices of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly within short periods of time due to various factors, such as market demand, investor sentiment, and regulatory developments. It is important for traders to be aware of these price fluctuations and understand the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies.

      Cryptocurrencies available
      Cryptocurrencies available

      How to open an account?

      Step 1: Register using a reliable email service (preferable options include Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Yandex, etc.). Note: Protonmail domain is blocked due to state security regulations.

      Step 2: If you don't receive the verification link in your mailbox, check the “Junk” folder. If it's not there, consider using another email for registration.

      Step 3: After email verification, access the platform. Note: GRAVIEX does not demand KYC, but unverified accounts have withdrawal limits.

      Step 4: For additional benefits, consider verifying your account. Go to account settings at

      Step 5: Complete the Account Verification form, ensuring all fields are filled appropriately.

      Step 6: Upload a clear photo of your ID Document (5Mb max).

      Step 7: Submit a legible selfie holding the ID and a paper with the current date and the word “GRAVIEX” (max 5Mb).

      Step 8: If your verification is rejected, ensure both ID photos are clear and accurate. Recheck the form and resubmit if necessary.

      Verified accounts enjoy benefits like unlimited withdrawals and the ability to recover Two-Factor Authentication or access if devices are lost.

       open an account


    • Market trade fee

    • GIO deposit amount Market trade fee
      0-50,000 0.2% of the order amount
      >= 50,000 0.1% of the order amount
      • The fee amount is deducted from the order and in the order cryptocurrency.

      • The fee is charged only when an order is executed.

      • If the order is partially fulfilled, the fee amount will be calculated and charged proportionally with the corresponding part of the amount.

      Deposit & Withdrawal

      Withdrawal fee

      Normal withdrawal fee 0.002 cryptocurrency units

      Except for:

      Currency Withdrawal fees
      BTC 0.0008 BTC (acceleration: 0.002 BTC)
      ETH 0.022 ETH
      DOGE 2.0 DOGE
      USDT (ERC20) 40.0 USDT
      Usdcoin 40.0 USDC
      Binanceusdtoken 40.0 BUSD
      NYC 1.0 NYC
      XMR 0.02 XMR
      PIVX 0.2 PIVX
      NEM 0.05 NEM
      SEDO 10.0 SEDO
      PIRL 0.005 PIRL
      Paccoin 100 PAC

      Users can view the details on the NAGA website.

      GRAVIEX offers various deposit and withdrawal methods to cater to the needs of its users. These methods include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and alternative payment providers, such as Skrill and Neteller. Users can choose the method that is most convenient for them.

      The processing time for deposits on GRAVIEX may vary depending on the chosen payment method. Bank transfers typically take longer to process compared to credit/debit card transactions or alternative payment providers. Users need to access the GRAVIEX website or contact customer support for more information.

      Similarly, the processing time for withdrawals also depends on the chosen method. Bank transfers may take a few business days to complete, while withdrawals to credit/debit cards or alternative payment providers are generally processed faster.

      It is important for users to plan their deposits and withdrawals accordingly, taking into account the potential processing time to ensure a smooth trading experience on the GRAVIEX platform.

      Customer Support

      GRAVIEX provides top-tier customer support for its users. If you have any questions or concerns, their dedicated team is ready to assist. For a wealth of information and resources, you can visit their official website at For real-time updates and announcements, follow them on their official Twitter handle, If you prefer direct communication, you can reach out to their customer service via email at GRAVIEX prioritizes user experience, ensuring that assistance is just a click or message away.

      Customer Support

      Is GRAVIEX a Good Exchange for You?

      GRAVIEX is suitable for the traders below:

      1. Experienced Traders: GRAVIEX can be suitable for experienced traders who are well-versed in cryptocurrency trading and have a good understanding of the risks involved. These traders can take advantage of the wide range of cryptocurrencies available on the platform to diversify their investment portfolios and implement more complex trading strategies.

      2. Global Traders: GRAVIEX's global reach makes it suitable for traders from around the world who are looking for a platform that allows them to trade cryptocurrencies irrespective of their geographical location. The absence of restrictions on trades or withdrawals can offer these traders the flexibility and freedom to engage in trading activities as per their preferences.

      3. Risk-Tolerant Traders: Traders with a higher risk tolerance may find GRAVIEX appealing due to its lack of regulation. While this can be a disadvantage in terms of consumer protection, risk-tolerant traders may consider this as an opportunity for potentially higher returns.

      It is important for traders to carefully consider their own trading experience, risk tolerance, and specific requirements before choosing a virtual currency exchange like GRAVIEX. Conducting thorough research, reviewing the exchange's reputation and user feedback, and comparing it with other exchanges can help traders make informed decisions that align with their trading goals.


      In conclusion, GRAVIEX is a virtual currency exchange that provides users with a wide range of cryptocurrency trading options. Traders should exercise caution when dealing with an exchange due to lack of regulation. Additionally, users are advised to research and review the exchange's reputation and user experiences before engaging in transactions. Still, traders should carefully consider their own requirements and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions when choosing a virtual currency exchange.


      Q: What cryptocurrencies are available for trading on GRAVIEX?

      A: GRAVIEX supports multiple cryptocurrencies, providing users with a wide range of options for trading.

      Q: Who are the target groups suitable for trading on GRAVIEX?

      A: GRAVIEX is suitable for experienced traders, global traders, and risk-tolerant traders may find GRAVIEX appealing based on their requirements.

      Q: I'm having trouble accessing What can I do?

      A: First, try to restart your browser or clear its cache. If that doesn't work, send a detailed email with any error screenshots to

      Q: Does GRAVIEX charge fees for trade?

      A: The standard market trade fee is equal to 0.2% of the order amount. To get a 50% fee Discount is possible when GIO deposit amount is >= 50,000 GIO on a users exchange balance. Thus, the trade fee will be only 0.1% of the order amount.

      Q: How do I verify my GRAVIEX account?

      A: Go to, complete the Account Verification form, upload a clear photo of your ID, and a selfie with that ID plus a handwritten note with the current date and “GRAVIEX” on it .

      Users Review

      User 1: Man, GRAVIEX has been a game changer for me. First off, their interface is slick and super user-friendly, even for crypto newbies like me. The variety of cryptocurrencies available? Stellar! They've got both the big names and some of the rarer gems. But what truly seals the deal for me is their customer support. Had an issue with a deposit once and they sorted it out in no time. Though I've gotta admit, I wish they were a bit faster with withdrawals. But hey, nothing's perfect!

      User 2: I've been trading on a bunch of platforms, but GRAVIEX? Solid. Their security is top-notch, never had to stress about hacks or my coins going poof. And, oh boy, those trading fees are some of the most reasonable I've come across. Privacy and data protection seem to be their forte, making me feel safe about my data. But the one area they could improve? Liquidity. Sometimes it feels a tad low, especially when I'm in the mood for some quick trades. All in all, a good platform to park your crypto on.

      Risk Warning

      Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.