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Common Financial Service License goes beyond their business with the licenses Canada FINTRAC (license number: M20055258), please be aware of the risk!

Digital Currency License goes beyond their business with the licenses Gibraltar GFSC (license number: 117543), please be aware of the risk!



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Depositing and withdrawing money in currency.com is very slow, making trading inflexible and the interface is also confusing, not suitable for beginners!
2024-05-21 03:44
Currency.com is one of the best broker sites for its very particular kind of investments -- it has created a tokenized asset exchange that can be used to trade across a surprisingly wide range of investments.
2023-11-30 22:54
Currency.com offers leveraged investing and accepts deposits from credit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets.
2023-12-21 07:52
Currency.com is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade a variety of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and traditional financial instruments using cryptocurrencies
2023-11-28 03:18
Simple the best, I recommend it for everyone.
2023-11-02 21:31
As a digital currency enthusiast, I highly recommend the currency.com platform. Price fluctuations are transparent, transaction fees are extremely low, and customer service is very professional. The future is promising!
2023-10-29 13:43
currency.com has a clear interface and is easy to use. Moreover, it has a wide range of products and fast withdrawal speed, giving it a 5-star rating. Highly recommended to friends who love investing in cryptocurrency!
2023-09-14 14:20
Aspect Information
Company Name currency.com
Registered Country/Area Belarus
Founded year 2018
Regulatory Authority Exceededly licensed by GFSC and FINTRAC
Cryptocurrencies offered/available 500+
Payment Methods Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, UnionPay, Yandex Money, Personal Cryptowallet
Customer Support Email:Support@currency.comTelephone:+375 293757075

Overview of currency.com

Founded in 2018 and based in Belarus, Currency.com is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. It holds licenses from GFSC and FINTRAC, while the regulatory status is exceeded. With 500+ cryptocurrencies available, users have a wide range of options for trading. The exchange offers various payment methods, including Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, UnionPay, Yandex Money, and Personal Cryptowallet. Support is accessible via email and phone (+375 293757075), ensuring assistance for users.


Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Low Minimum Deposit Excludes US and Russian clients
Comprehensive Training Resources
Technology-Driven Platform
Leverage up to 1:500
Competitive commissions with no hidden fees
2,000+ assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Pros:

  • Low Minimum Deposit:

  • The broker offers a low minimum deposit requirement, making it accessible for traders with varying budgets to start trading.

  • Excellent Training Material:

  • Traders have access to a range of high-quality training resources. These materials can include educational articles, videos, webinars, and tutorials, aiding traders in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

  • Technology-Driven Platform:

  • The platform is powered by advanced technology, providing a seamless and efficient trading experience. This can include features such as fast order execution, real-time market data, and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Up to 1:500 Leverage:

  • Traders have the option to utilize leverage of up to 1:500, allowing them to control larger positions with a smaller amount of capital. This can amplify potential profits, although it also increases the potential for losses.

  • Cons:

  • Exclusion of US and Russian Clients:

  • Unfortunately, the broker does not accept clients from the United States or Russia. This restriction may limit traders from these regions from accessing the broker's services.

    Regulatory Authority

    Currency.com operates under the regulatory oversight of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). The GFSC has issued a Digital Currency License to Currency Com Limited, with a Regulation Number of 117543. The regulatory status of Currency.com is marked as “Exceeded.”

    Regulatory Authority

    Similarly, FINTRAC has granted Currency.com a Common Financial Service License, with a Regulation Number of M20055258. The regulatory status for this license is also marked as “Exceeded.”

    Regulatory Authority

    These licenses and regulatory oversight demonstrate that Currency.com operates in compliance with the necessary regulations and standards set by these regulatory agencies.


    Currency.com presents its users with a proprietary web-based platform, albeit without support for MetaTrader 4 and 5. Notwithstanding, Currency.com's in-house interface stands out for its exceptional development. This interface is thoughtfully designed, allowing users access to 75 technical indicators and multiple charts. It further offers instantaneous price alerts and boasts swift transaction processing speeds. Moreover, it extends compatibility to both Android and iOS devices, ensuring convenience for traders on the go.

    Trading Markets

    Tokenised Commodities: Currency.com allows you to trade a wide range of tokenised commodities. These include popular commodities like oil and gold. With tokenised commodities, you can leverage your cryptocurrency to participate in the price movements of these valuable assets.

    Tokenised Indices: Join major market trends by trading tokenised versions of the world's top indices, such as the S&P 500 or the FTSE 100. Currency.com enables you to trade these indices using tokenised assets, eliminating the need to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

    Tokenised Shares: Take advantage of the price action of some of the largest global companies using tokenised assets. Currency.com allows you to trade shares in the form of tokens, providing exposure to the performance of these companies' stocks.

    Cryptocurrencies: Currency.com offers a diverse selection of over 150 cryptocurrencies for trading. This expansive list includes a variety of tokens, allowing you to not only trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also explore a multitude of other digital assets.

    Tokenised Currencies: On Currency.com, you can trade over 130 tokenised currencies. This unique offering makes it the world's first regulated cryptoexchange for tokenised assets. These tokenised currencies provide opportunities for diversifying your crypto portfolio and engaging in forex trading with the ease of cryptocurrencies.

    Trading Markets

    Cryptocurrencies available

    Currency.com provides traders with the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of tradable cryptocurrencies of up to 500. This includes an extensive selection of digital assets, ranging from well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to emerging tokens in the market. This diverse offering ensures that users have ample choices when it comes to crafting their trading strategies and exploring different investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    Cryptocurrencies available

    Other Services

    Currency.comoffers a fully regulated cryptoplatform for trading a variety of assets. Explore our services designed to meet your trading needs:

    1. Platform Service

    • Innovation: Invest in 2000+ tokenised assets with a growing list of fiat currencies and cryptos. Enjoy great liquidity, reliable execution, and a diverse range of assets.

    • Security: Dzengi.com adheres to the most stringent industry standards and AML rules. Benefit from real-time price alerts, negative balance protection, and robust risk management tools.

    • Flexibility: Trade Bitcoin with 100x leverage, guaranteed stop losses, and access to a wide range of digital assets, including tokenised stocks, commodities, and indices.

    2. Mobile App Service

    • Trade on the Move: Never miss a trading opportunity with our fully-fledged mobile trading app. Access the world's top crypto and traditional financial markets whenever and wherever you need it.

    3. API Service

    • Build Your Own Experience: Use Dzengi.com's trading API to access the world's first regulated tokenised securities exchange directly. Create your own trading app with cutting-edge infrastructure.

    Other Services

    How to open account?

    Opening an account on Currency.com is a straightforward process that you can complete with ease. Follow these steps to get started:

    Visit the Currency.com Website:

    • Begin by navigating to the Currency.com website.

    Click on “Sign Up”:

    • Look for the “Sign Up” button conveniently located in the top right corner of the homepage.

    Provide Your Email Address:

    • Enter your valid email address and create a robust password for your account. Make sure your chosen password meets the required security standards.

    Agree to the Terms of Service:

    • Carefully review and accept the terms of service and privacy policy. This step is crucial to grasp the legal and regulatory framework governing platform usage.

    Verify Your Email Address:

    • Keep an eye on your email inbox. Currency.com will send you a verification message. Simply click on the link within the email to confirm your email address and activate your account.

    Complete the KYC Process:

    • Currency.com adheres to strict Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, requiring users to verify their identity and residency. Typically, this involves uploading a clear photo of your government-issued ID and providing proof of your address.

    Deposit Funds:

    • Once your account is successfully verified, you can proceed to deposit funds. Currency.com offers various deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards. The minimum deposit amount varies based on the currency and method used.

    Begin Your Trading Journey:

    • After your deposit is processed, you gain access to a wide range of trading options on Currency.com. Explore the platform to buy, sell, and trade a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and digital assets.

    Your Currency.com account is now ready for action, allowing you to embark on your cryptocurrency trading adventure.

    How to buy Cryptos?

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to purchase cryptocurrencies on Dzengi:

    1. Visit the Dzengi Website:

    • Begin your journey by navigating to the Dzengi website.

    2. Select Your Desired Cryptocurrency:

    • Once on the platform, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

    3. Specify the Amount and Payment Method:

    • Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to buy and select your preferred payment method.

    4. Initiate the Purchase:

    • Click on the “Buy” button to kickstart the process.

    5. Match with a Seller:

    • Dzengi's intelligent system will pair you with a seller who is willing to sell the cryptocurrency at the price you've specified.

    6. Finalize the Transaction:

    • Once you've been matched with a seller, you'll be able to communicate directly with them to iron out the details and complete the transaction.


    Currency.com implements several types of fees in its operations. Notably, the trading fee is set at 0.0125%, accompanied by a 0.2% exchange fee for cryptocurrency transactions.

    For continuously leveraged trades in line with prevailing market rates, a funding fee is applicable. This fee's magnitude varies depending on the specific instrument being held. Additionally, an overnight funding fee impacts accounts with booked orders after a specific time.

    Currency.com offers competitive spreads, commencing at a mere $0.05 for Bitcoin. Importantly, there are no concealed fees, ensuring transparency in transactions. Impressively, the platform boasts a low minimum deposit requirement of $20, while the minimum withdrawal stands at $100. Nevertheless, it's prudent to note that Currency.com applies both deposit and withdrawal fees. Withdrawal fees consist of a variable charge of up to 2.4%, alongside a fixed fee that could reach $3.

    Fee Type Amount/Rate
    Trading Fee 0.01%
    Exchange Fee 0.20%
    Funding Fee Variable, Instrument-based
    Overnight Funding Fee Variable
    Spreads Starting at $0.05 for Bitcoin
    Hidden Fees None
    Minimum Deposit $20
    Minimum Withdrawal $100
    Deposit Fee Varies
    Withdrawal Fee Up to 2.4% + Fixed fee up to $3

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Currency.com offers a range of payment methods for user convenience. These methods include Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, UnionPay, Yandex Money, and Personal Cryptowallet. This variety of options allows users to select the payment method that aligns best with their preferences and requirements.

    Exchange Comparison

    Exchange Binance Currency.com Coinbase
    Fees 0.012%-0.10% 0.01% 0% - 3.99%
    Cryptos Available 350+ 500+ 200+
    Website BINANCE.com/en Currency.com coinbase.com

    Is Currency.com good for you?

    Currency.com is a regulated exchange based in Belarus, offering a diverse range of over 500 cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. It provides traders with a low minimum deposit, leverage up to 1:500, and comprehensive training resources. While it excludes US and Russian clients, its regulatory compliance with GFSC and FINTRAC ensures a secure trading environment. With competitive fees and various payment methods, Currency.com is an attractive choice for traders looking for a regulated exchange with a broad asset selection and competitive features.


    Currency.com, established in 2018 and based in Belarus, is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide range of over 500 cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets. With low minimum deposits, leverage up to 1:500, and comprehensive training resources, it caters to various traders. However, it excludes US and Russian clients. Regulated by GFSC and FINTRAC, Currency.com ensures a secure trading environment. The platform's competitive fees, various payment methods, and strong privacy measures make it an attractive choice for traders seeking a regulated exchange with a diverse asset selection.

    In summary, Currency.com provides a robust trading platform with a strong focus on security and user-friendliness, making it a noteworthy option for cryptocurrency traders.


    Q1: What trading options does the platform offer?

    A1: The platform provides a diverse range of trading options, including spot trading, futures trading, and leverage of up to 1:500.

    Q2: What are the supported payment methods for deposits and withdrawals?

    A2: The platform accepts various payment methods, such as Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, UnionPay, Yandex Money, and Personal Crypto wallet.

    Q3: How does the platform handle order execution speed?

    A3: The platform is designed with advanced technology for swift order execution, contributing to efficient and timely trade placements.

    Q4: What is the process for account registration and verification?

    A4: The platform typically requires users to undergo a registration process and verify their identity according to regulatory standards.

    Q5: What sets the platform apart from other exchanges?

    A5: The platform distinguishes itself through its comprehensive range of features, competitive fees, and commitment to delivering a user-friendly trading experience.

    User Review

    User 1:

    Currency.com has been my go-to exchange for a while now. Their security measures are impressive, giving me confidence in the safety of my assets. I appreciate their strong regulation, adhering to stringent standards. The interface is user-friendly, simplifying trading. Liquidity hasn't been an issue; I can execute trades smoothly. The variety of cryptocurrencies available is a plus, allowing me to diversify my portfolio. Customer support has been prompt and helpful. Trading fees are reasonable, and their privacy measures add to the appeal. Deposit and withdrawal speed is notable, making transactions seamless. All in all, Currency.com has proven its stability and reliability.

    User 2:

    I've had a great experience with Currency.com. Their regulation makes me feel secure, and their commitment to privacy is commendable. The interface is intuitive, making trading easy. I've never faced liquidity problems; trading is fluid. The range of cryptocurrencies they offer is impressive; I can trade a variety of assets. Customer support is responsive, quickly addressing any concerns. Trading fees are competitive, and I appreciate their transparent fee structure. Deposit and withdrawal speeds are impressive; it's hassle-free. The exchange's stability during high volatility periods is a plus. All in all, Currency.com ticks the right boxes for me.

Risk Warning

Online trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.

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