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Pro-XRP Lawyer Now Accepting Crypto Donations in Campaign Against Senator Elizabeth Warren

Pro-XRP Lawyer Now Accepting Crypto Donations in Campaign Against Senator Elizabeth Warren WikiBit 2024-03-07 18:00

Weeks after declaring the intention to run against Senator Elizabeth Warren in the upcoming Senate e

Weeks after declaring the intention to run against Senator Elizabeth Warren in the upcoming Senate election, Attorney Deaton has urged his followers to support his campaign with crypto donations.

John Deaton, a pro-XRP lawyer and candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, has announced that he now accepts crypto donations for his political campaign against anti-crypto Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The prominent crypto advocate made this known in a recent tweet, urging his over 323,000 X followers, which comprises mainly crypto enthusiasts, to support his bid to unseat the anti-crypto senator.

“I hope you will chip in and support our efforts to retire Elizabeth Warren,” he remarked.

A Smart Move?

Deatons intention to accept crypto donations for his political campaign is considered to be a smart move. The Senate candidate already has a massive fan base within the crypto community.

His contributions to the legal tussle between Ripple and the SEC cannot be overemphasized. Deaton was instrumental in convincing the judge that Ripples programmatic sales of XRP on digital exchanges do not constitute an investment contract.

Interestingly, Judge Analisa Torres backed her decision regarding programmatic sales by citing 3K XRP holders affidavits collected by Deaton. These users claimed they did not know about Ripple when they first purchased XRP on digital exchanges.

Deaton also participated in the SECs lawsuit against LBRY in an attempt to protect the interests of retail investors. In addition, Attorney Deaton has been compiling a list of Coinbase users with the intention of applying for amici curiae status if the SEC lawsuit against the exchange does not get an early dismissal.

Furthermore, he has also joined other

top crypto

stakeholders in calling on the relevant authorities to establish clear regulations for the industry.

Conversely, Senator Elizabeth Warren has stood against cryptos, supporting bills that could place a blanket ban on emerging assets. She claims that her fight against crypto was to protect unsuspecting investors against scams.

Following Deaton‘s significant contributions to the crypto industry and Warren’s quest to ban emerging assets, several crypto enthusiasts could donate heavily to unseating the senator who has become problematic to the industrys growth.

Cardano Founder Supports Deaton

In the meantime, Attorney Deaton has already started getting support from prominent crypto stakeholders.

As reported earlier, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson pledged his support for Deaton. Hoskinson donated $3,300, the maximum amount allowed to be donated to Deatons senate campaign, and called on other industry stakeholders to do the same.

Will Warren Accept Crypto Donations?

For context, the lawyer officially declared his intention to run against Elizabeth Warren on February 20 after several XRP enthusiasts, including Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, urged him to take up the challenge.

Deaton‘s declaration sent shockwaves into Senator Warren’s camp, as she immediately sent out emails seeking fiat donations to preserve her seat in the Senate.

It remains to be seen whether the senator, who is known for her antagonistic stance against cryptos, would later accept donations in the emerging assets.


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