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Bonk Holders are Migrating to This New Meme Coin to Hunt 100x Returns – Here's Why

Bonk Holders are Migrating to This New Meme Coin to Hunt 100x Returns – Here's Why WikiBit 2024-02-15 01:03

Bonk Holders are Migrating to This New Meme Coin to Hunt 100x Returns – Heres Why Joel Frank Las

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

As Solana‘s biggest meme coin Bonk fails to keep pace with the broader cryptocurrency market’s rally, BONK holders are migrating to a new meme coin called Meme Kombat (MK) to hunt potential 100x returns.

At current levels around $0.0000135, BONK is up around 40% from recent sub-$0.000010 lows.

But BONK is still well below its 2024 highs near $0.000018 and its record highs at $0.000035.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are meanwhile at new multi-year highs around $51,500 and $2,700 respectively.

But rather than rotate into better performing blue-chip cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, many meme coin degens would rather maintain exposure to riskier asset that holds 100x potential.

Thats why BONK holders are migrating to this new meme coin Meme Kombat.

What is Meme Kombat?

Meme Kombat ($MK) is an all-purpose meme coin because it is building a one-of-a-kind platform for battling meme characters and will therefore likely have wide appeal to all types of meme coin traders and investors.

You can get a feel for the virality of the project from the fun that the teams artists are already having with the meme characters.

So whether you are won over by Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Pepe or Sponge, meme coin watchers will find their character and more represented in Meme Kombat

For degens focused on where to find the next 100x gem Meme Kombat has to be front and center.

Put succinctly, Meme Kombat captures the latent value of arguably the top-valued sectors in crypto today – gaming and gambling.

Not only will you be able to battle with meme characters, but you will also be able to wager on the outcome of those head-to-heads.

To fund development and marketing efforts, Meme Kombat has been conducting a highly successful presale of its native $MK token.

Having already raised over $8.7 million, Meme Kombat is fast approaching its $10 million presale hard cap.

The $MK presale is in its final stage.

If investors dont scoop up the token now at its discounted presale price of $0.279, they may end up paying substantially more when the token debuts across cryptocurrency exchanges in future.

Prospective investors can rest assured because the Meme Kombat smart contract is fully security audited and no major issues have been detected, so you can buy with confidence.

Visit Meme Kombat

How Does $MK Get Its Utility?

The vast majority of Meme Kombats major meme coin rivals like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe lack utility.

Increasingly, traders are hunting for coins that have a use case that could scale and deliver profits.

Meme Kombat is just such a coin.

The upcoming protocol encompasses the revenue-generating potential of two of the fastest-growing sectors in crypto outside of meme coins – gaming and betting.

According to crypto data site CoinGecko, GameFi has a market cap of $20.6 billion while gambling tokens are valued at $796 million and growing.

CoinGecko values the meme coins sector at an impressive $23.7 billion.

Meme Kombat is perfectly positioned to pitch into this expanding total addressable market of $45 billion.

Meme Kombats Season 1 will be available after the presale is sold out and the project launched. There are 11 meme characters you can battle with in Season 1: Milady, Baby Doge, Doge, Floki, Kishu, Mong, Pepe, Pepe2, Shiba, Sponge and Wojak.

Season 2 meme characters will be out just before Season 1 wraps up.

Meme Kombat total token supply is 120,000,000, of which thirty percent is allocated for staking and battle rewards, 10% for community rewards, and 10% for decentralized exchange liquidity. Fifty percent of the total token supply is on sale in the ICO.

BONK Holders Migrate to Meme Kombat for Huge Passive Income

Not only does $MK come packed with inbuilt underlying demand given that it powers Meme Kombats exciting GameFi/GambleFi platform, but BONK holders are also migrating to $MK thanks to its huge passive income potential.

If you invest in the ICO today, you can immediately stake your token to earn an annual percentage yield that is currently sitting at 107%.

When the battling and betting system is turned on, stakers will be able to bet while earning APY at the same time.

Three-quarters of sold $MK is now staked. Stakers must hold their tokens for a minimum of seven days after the launch of the coin.

$MK dynamic staking combines on-chain and off-chain transactions, so users only pay network fees when they stake and unstake their $MK while claiming rewards takes place off-chain, incurring no fees.

All staking interactions are logged in real-time, plus the staking system will be integrated with the game, allowing platform users to easily choose between staking tokens or using them for battles.

Its worth bearing in mind that, with 76% of sold coins having been staked, there will be much less selling pressure when $MK launches on exchanges than is typically the case for newly listed tokens.

Learn More Here

$MK – Can It 10x?

Given its bloated market cap of $850 million, its tough to argue that BONK has 10x potential.

By comparison, at the current presale price of $0.279, $MKs market cap is valued at just under $33.5 million.

If $MK can match BONKs market cap, that would mean gains of at least 25x.

But if it can go on to become a multi-billion dollar market cap coin, we could be talking about 100x potential.

And these projections arent just a pipe dream.

Dozens of well respected and widely followed crypto analysts have been praising Meme Kombats potential to explode.

ClayBro, who has 116k subscribers to his channel describes Meme Kombat as what could be the “biggest meme coin gaming token of 2024”.

Matthew Perry tells his 200k-plus subscribers that it could be the 10x coin they have been looking for.

And Jacob Crypto Bury is of like mind, predicting possible 10x returns for early investors in the project meme coin gaming project.

Its no wonder then that BONK holders have been migrating in droves to $MK.

Dont let Meme Kombat slip through your fingers – it could be the crypto gem of 2024.


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