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BitcoinVault, stylized as BTCV, is a viable cryptocurrency project that was launched in 2019. It presents as an alternative blockchain to Bitcoin, and it was designed with an emphasis on increased sec

Aspect Information
Short Name BTCV
Full Name BitcoinVault
Founded Year 2019
Main Founders Eyal Avramovich
Support Exchanges Changelly, INDACOIN, Bittrex Global (Bittrex)
Storage Wallet Software/Desktop,Hardware,Web Wallet
Customer Support

Overview of bitcoinvault

BitcoinVault, stylized as BTCV, is a viable


project that was launched in 2019. It presents as an alternative blockchain to Bitcoin, and it was designed with an emphasis on increased security for users. Much like its predecessor Bitcoin, the BTCV network provides a decentralized platform for peer-to-peer transactions. However, BitcoinVault attempts to rise above other forms of cryptocurrency by incorporating a unique three-key security solution.

An entity called Eyal Avramovich is the known founder of BitcoinVault. Avramovich, a blockchain enthusiast, set out with an aim to address the persisting problem of security in cryptocurrency transactions via BitcoinVault. The team behind BTCV operates under the mantra of building a safer and more secure environment for digital transactions. The project has grown to attract interest from around the globe, with backers and users throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

To obtain more information, you can visit their website: and try to log in or register to use more services.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Three-key security solution Relatively new with less established reputation
Decentralized platform Limited transaction speed due to security measures
Enhanced user security Lesser acceptance compared to other major cryptocurrencies
Pioneering security features in the crypto space Potential scalability issues


- Three-key security solution: BitcoinVault's key feature is its unique three-key security solution. This novel approach to security in the crypto sphere involves a standard transaction key, a cancel key, and a fast key. The three-key model allows users more control over their transactions, providing an opportunity to reverse transactions if necessary — something which is not currently possible with traditional Bitcoin.

- Decentralized platform: Like most cryptocurrencies, BitcoinVault operates on a decentralized platform. This means that no single entity controls the currency. This approach aids in preventing manipulation, centralization, and points of failure.

- Enhanced user security: Besides the three-key system, BitcoinVault has implemented additional measures to safeguard user transactions. This includes a technology called “anti-theft solution” that allows users to alert the network about potential theft and to stop unauthorized transactions.

- Pioneering security features: BitcoinVault is among the pioneers in introducing elevated security features into the crypto space. This includes the 'alert key' feature, which can be used to mark a wallet address suspicious, alerting miners to reject transactions from such marked addresses.


- Relatively new with less established reputation: BitcoinVault, being launched in 2019, is a new player in the cryptocurrency market. Compared to established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum which have existed for longer, BitcoinVault might have fewer adopters due to its relative novelty.

- Limited transaction speed due to security measures: While the additional security measures provided by BitcoinVault enhance user protections, they also slow down the transaction rate. This is a trade-off for the increased safety features.

- Lesser acceptance compared to other major cryptocurrencies: Given its more recent entry to the market, BitcoinVault has not gained a wider acceptance within the financial markets. This limits the places where BitcoinVault can be freely used or exchanged.

- Potential scalability issues: As with many blockchain technologies, there could be potential scalability issues in the future as the number of BitcoinVault users increase. The additional security measures, which can slow down transaction speed, may further exacerbate this issue.


BitcoinVault has adopted a three-pronged approach to heighten its security measures. This entails a unique three-key security solution. The three keys include a standard transaction key, a cancel key, and a fast key. With these three keys, users have increased control over their transactions. Unprecedented in the crypto sector is the opportunity for users to reverse transactions if deemed necessary. This feature is not available with conventional Bitcoin.

Apart from the three-key system, BitcoinVault has another security feature referred to as the “anti-theft solution”. This technology allows users to raise an alarm across the network in case of suspected theft, which can prevent unauthorized transactions.

The 'alert key' feature is another innovation that BitcoinVault has introduced to the cryptocurrency space. With this, users can mark any suspicious wallet address, which will then alert miners to reject transactions from such flagged addresses.

In terms of evaluation, the security measures implemented by BitcoinVault offer enhanced user protection. Such comprehensive safety features provide peace of mind for users, as they significantly reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized transactions. However, the heightened security does result in slower transaction speed, as each transaction undergoes rigorous checks. Thus, while the measures offer superior security, it can potentially restrain the scalability and efficiency of the cryptocurrency.

How Does bitcoinvault Work?

BitcoinVault works using a unique three-key security solution. When a transaction is initiated on the network, it is first established as a standard transaction. At this stage, the transaction is irreversible just like a standard Bitcoin transaction.

However, it's at this point where BitcoinVault's unique three-key security solution comes into play. For 24 hours after the transaction is initiated, it stays in a 'safe' status. During this period, the user has the option to approve or cancel the transaction using the cancel transaction key, providing an additional layer of security not seen in other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, users can, at any time, use the third key, known as the fast key, to speed up the approval process and make the transaction irreversible prior to the 24-hour window. This process is typically used for trusted transactions that need to be settled quickly.

Thus, in a nutshell, BitcoinVault operates on a decentralized blockchain network with its innovative three-key security protocol. This security system provides both flexibility and control to the users, allowing them to either complete, cancel, or fast-track their transactions as per their needs and concerns.


BitcoinVault has been a relatively volatile cryptocurrency since its launch in 2018. The price of BitcoinVault reached an all-time high of $92 in January 2019, but it has since fallen back to around $1.45 as of November 2023. The price of BitcoinVault is likely to remain volatile in the short term as the project matures and adoption grows.

Exchanges to Buy bitcoinVault

Several exchanges facilitate the purchase of BitcoinVault, and they offer a variety of currency and token pairs to cater to different trading preferences.

Changelly: Changelly is an instant

cryptocurrency exchange

platform that allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies. You can use it to exchange other cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin Vault.

INDACOIN: INDACOIN is another platform where you can purchase Bitcoin Vault instantly. It enables the purchase of various cryptocurrencies using credit or debit cards.

BITTREXGLOBAL (Bittrex): Bittrex Global is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports the trading of various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Vault. You can purchase Bitcoin Vault using other cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

These platforms allow users to buy Bitcoin Vault directly using fiat currency or by exchanging other cryptocurrencies. Always ensure to follow the respective platform's guidelines and terms for purchasing Bitcoin Vault securely and efficiently.

How to Store bitcoinvault?

Here are several ways to store your BTCV cryptocurrency:

  • Software or desktop wallets:These wallets are programs that you install on your computer to securely store your BTCV. They offer a higher level of security compared to web wallets but are more susceptible to malware or viruses. Popular options include Atomic Wallet, Exodus, and MetaMask.

  • Mobile wallets:These wallets are apps that you install on your smartphone for convenient access to your BTCV. They are user-friendly but less secure than software or desktop wallets. Some popular mobile wallets for BTCV include Guarda, Trust Wallet, and Coinomi.

  • Hardware wallets:These are physical devices that store your BTCV offline, providing the highest level of security against malware and viruses. However, they are also the most expensive option. Popular hardware wallets for BTCV include Ledger Nano S, Trezor Model One, and KeepKey.

  • Web wallets:These wallets are accessed through a web browser, offering convenience and ease of use. However, they are the least secure type of wallet, as your private keys are stored on a third-party server. Some popular web wallets for BTCV include MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto.

  • Exchange wallets:These wallets are managed by cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to store and trade your BTCV directly on the platform. They offer convenience but are less secure than dedicated wallets. Popular exchanges that offer BTCV wallets include Bittrex, Poloniex, Upbit, HitBTC, and OKX (formerly OKEx).

  • What Makes bitcoinvault Unique?

    BitcoinVault brings a number of unique features and innovations to the cryptocurrency space with a strong emphasis on security:

    1. Three-Key Security Solution: Perhaps the most distinctive feature, BTCV's three-key security system allows users to perform transactions with an extra level of security. The system involves a standard transaction key, a cancel key, and a fast key. This trio of keys enables a user to not only execute a transaction but also cancel it if necessary, or expedite it under trusted conditions.

    2. Prolonged Transaction Verification: Another unique feature is the prolonged window of transaction verification. When a transaction is executed, it is not processed immediately. Instead, it goes into a 'safe' status for 24 hours. During this period, the user can effectively 'cancel' the transaction, if any discrepancies are suspected.

    3. Anti-theft Solution: BTCV additionally offers an “anti-theft solution” to secure user transactions. This feature allows a user to raise an alert across the network about a suspected theft, essentially enabling the halting of unauthorized transactions.

    4. Alert Key Feature: BitcoinVault has pioneered the 'alert key' functionality. With this feature, a user can mark any wallet address as suspicious. Once marked, the network miners are alerted to reject transactions associated with this flagged address.

    These novel security measures underscore BitcoinVault's commitment to create a safer and more secure environment for digital transactions.

    How to sign up?

    To create an account or sign up on BitcoinVault, you would generally follow these steps:

    1. Visit the official website of BitcoinVault or download the BitcoinVault mobile application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    2. If there's a 'Sign Up' or 'Create an account' option, click on it. Please note that each platform may have a slightly different registration process.

    3. You'll be prompted to fill in some personal information including your full name, email address, and password. In some cases, a phone number might also be required.

    4. Once you have filled in all the necessary details, you will typically need to verify your email or phone number to complete the registration. This is often done by clicking a verification link sent to your email or entering a code sent to your phone.

    5. After verification, you may be asked to set up additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Remember, it is important to keep any backup passphrase or keys in a safe and secure location, separate from your primary device. These keys will allow you to recover your wallet in case you lose access to your device or forget your password.

    Note: BitcoinVault (BTCV) doesn't currently have direct sign-up functionality as it is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin rather than a specific online platform. If you're looking to own or use BTCV, you would typically need to create an account with a

    crypto exchange

    that supports BTCV, purchase BTCV through the exchange, and store it in a secure wallet that supports BitcoinVault.

    Please double-check the specific process on the official BitcoinVault resources or authorized crypto exchange platforms. As with any cryptocurrency transactions, exercise caution and ensure the security and privacy of your personal information.

    Can You Make Money?

    Investing in cryptocurrencies like BitcoinVault can potentially lead to profits, but it's essential to understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and risky. Investors should consider the following points:

    1. Market Volatility: The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and the value of BitcoinVault, like all cryptocurrencies, can fluctuate dramatically. While this can create opportunities for profit, it also means there is a risk of loss.

    2. Industry Knowledge: Having a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency industry, including how blockchain technology works, is essential. Investors also need to keep updated with market trends and news.

    3. Diversification: As a rule of thumb, its always best not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Spreading your investments across different assets can help mitigate the risk.

    4. Professional Advice: It can be beneficial to seek advice from financial professionals who have a good understanding of cryptocurrency.

    5. Security Measures: Make sure to follow necessary security measures with your digital assets. This includes keeping your keys in a secure place and using a reputable cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    6. Long-Term Approach: Some investors find a long-term 'hold' approach to be beneficial. In this approach, you hold onto your cryptocurrency for a long term, regardless of market volatility, in the expectation that it will increase in value.

    Remember, all investments come with risks and investing in BitcoinVault should be based on your risk appetite and financial circumstances. Make sure to do thorough research before diving into any form of cryptocurrency investment.


    BitcoinVault, with its unique security measures such as the three-key protocol, prolonged transaction verification window, and anti-theft solution, has made a significant advancement in the realm of cryptocurrencies. These features provide heightened protection and increased control for users by allowing them to cancel suspicious transactions, thereby potentially reducing the risk of digital theft or fraud. Nevertheless, the fact that it's a relatively recent entrant in the market and its extended transaction confirmation time can pose challenges in terms of wider acceptance and speed of transactions. While BitcoinVault strives to balance these considerations, its ultimate success and utility will likely depend on its ability to continue innovating and adapt in response to the dynamic demands and needs of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry.


    Q: Can you provide a brief description of BitcoinVault?

    A: BitcoinVault is a cryptocurrency project launched in 2019, that uses a three-key security system to provide increased security and control to its users over their transactions.

    Q: Who is behind the creation of BitcoinVault?

    A: BitcoinVault was founded by Eyal Avramovich, a blockchain enthusiast, who aimed to address security concerns in the realm of cryptocurrency.

    Q: How does BitcoinVault's three-key security solution function?

    A: BitcoinVault's three-key security solution involves a standard transaction key, a cancel key, and a fast key, enabling users to execute, reverse, or fast-track transactions according to their needs.

    Q: What hurdles may one encounter while using BitcoinVault?

    A: Users might find BitcoinVault's transaction time slower compared to other cryptocurrencies due to its enhanced security measures, and it may not be as widely accepted given its relatively recent market entry.

    Q: Can I sign up for BitcoinVault directly on their website?

    A: BitcoinVault, being a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, doesn't have a direct sign-up option; instead, you would generally sign up on a crypto exchange platform that supports BitcoinVault.

    Q: Can investing in BitcoinVault yield profits?

    A: Investing in BitcoinVault can potentially generate profits, but due to the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, investments also carry risks and should be undertaken with care.

    Q: Overall, how does BitcoinVault stand out in the cryptocurrency space?

    A: BitcoinVault is a unique player in the cryptocurrency field due to its extraordinary measures towards security, with features like a three-key system, an 'anti-theft' solution, and an 'alert key' functionality being its main differentiators.

    Risk Warning

    Investing in blockchain projects carries inherent risks, stemming from the intricate and groundbreaking technology, regulatory ambiguities, and market unpredictability. Consequently, it is highly advisable to conduct comprehensive research, seek professional guidance, and engage in financial consultations before venturing into such investments. It's important to be aware that the value of cryptocurrency assets can experience significant fluctuations and may not be suitable for all investors.


The views in this article only represent the author's personal views, and do not constitute investment advice on this platform. This platform does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information in the article, and will not be liable for any loss caused by the use of or reliance on the information in the article.

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