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Arbitrum Discord Server Compromised Amid Hacks

Arbitrum Discord Server Compromised Amid Hacks WikiBit 2023-03-25 21:10

The Discord server of Arbitrum, an official platform, has been compromised due to the hacking of a developer account, resulting in the posting of a phishing link.

Despite facing technical issues, the Arbitrum team successfully conducted the much-awaited airdrop on March 23. However, they now encounter security concerns with reports of hacks and thefts that have affected users. Notable members of the crypto community have disclosed that the official Arbitrum Discord server has been compromised.

Blockchain security firm, CertiK, issued a tweet on March 25, cautioning the community about a phishing link that was posted on the Arbitrum Discord server. The firm advised the community to refrain from clicking on any links until the Arbitrum team can recover control of the server.

CertiK, a blockchain security firm, cautioned the public through a tweet on March 25 about a potential phishing link that was posted on the Arbitrum Discord Server. They advised people to avoid clicking on any links until the Arbitrum team had regained control of the server.

According to WickdNFT, the founder of HideoutNFT, there were speculations that a developer associated with Arbitrum was hacked and had shared a phishing link within the Discord community.

Plumferno, the founder of ServerForge, shared that the attacker is requesting the community to claim an additional stake in the Arbitrum DAO governance, claiming that some claims were missed during the initial token claim.

Although the Arbitrum team may have regained control, there is a higher possibility of another attack due to the current state of their server security. If their security measures were stronger, the Good Knight bot would have prevented the initial attack.

Arbitrum users are grappling with security challenges, such as the theft of $500,000 worth of ARB tokens during the highly-anticipated Arbitrum airdrop. The attacker used hacked vanity addresses to carry out the theft.

Arbitrum (ARB) Token Claims Reaches 83%

As per the data provided by Nansen, a total of 964 million ARB tokens, which represents 82% of the airdrop supply, have been claimed. The number of addresses that claimed the tokens is 509,933, while the eligible addresses were 625,143.

Currently, the ARB price stands at $1.21, with a decline of 20% in the last 24 hours. The trading volume has dropped significantly, as most users have sold off their tokens.

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