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This New Play-to-Earn Crypto Is Helping People Get in Shape and Make Money at the Same Time – How Does It Work?

This New Play-to-Earn Crypto Is Helping People Get in Shape and Make Money at the Same Time – How Does It Work? WikiBit 2023-03-20 09:30

Fight Out is currently the most talked about cryptos of 2023 as it combines P2E and Train-to-Earn (T2E) mechanics to help users become fitter and healthier, all whilst offering financial perks.

This New Play-to-Earn Crypto Is Helping People Get in Shape and Make Money at the Same Time – How Does It Work?

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model is experiencing exponential growth in popularity within the crypto market, enabling digital asset enthusiasts to earn tokenized incentives for engaging in Web3-powered metaverse games.

Fight Out is currently the most talked about crypto of 2023 as it combines P2E and Train-to-Earn (T2E) mechanics to help users become fitter and healthier, all whilst offering financial perks.

With over $5.67 million raised in presale investment, the crypto project is tipped to explode in 2023, generating great returns on investment for early backers.

Fight Out Ecosystem: Revolutionizing the Fitness and Metaverse-Gaming Industry

Fight Out taps into the growing desires of gamers to fuse their real-life features into their gaming.

The main goal of the gaming project is to reward users for training daily, enhance their gaming enjoyment, and reward financial rewards.

Before the advent of Fight Out, the fitness industry needed more in several areas ranging from costs to workouts, lack of optimal guidance, accountability, socialization, and exploitative monetization practices that offer users low financial perks on their purchases within the gaming industry.

More so, most games detach users from their real-life features rather than incorporating them, and Web3 games failed to gain massive adoption due to high knowledge requirements.

Fight Out asserts to offer optimal solutions to these challenges and change the face of the fitness and gaming industry forever.

While the new wave of fitness apps tries to strike a unique balance between customization and cost efficiency, they are often bound by Web 2 limitations.

Fight Out provides a Web 3-powered app that combines advanced gamification and metaverse tools. The platform uses its T2E and P2E mechanisms to facilitate gamification to build fitness habits and reduce the costs of staying fit.

With the Fight Out app, members can earn for completing workout tasks in the metaverse world with family, friends, and community members globally, eliminating the costs attached to traditional gyms.

Users are also offered diverse fitness programs tailored to their goals and abilities.

Regarding the gaming industry, Fight Out provides exciting competitive leagues, tournaments, fight modes, titles, and diverse prize pools that feature amazing perks compared to traditional gaming.

Communities on the platform can also organize special competitions in the metaverse and fight against AI-powered pro fighters and other combat sports legends.

Soulbound Avatars: One of the Best NFT Integrations in the Industry

Unlike many gaming companies that offer expensive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that lose their drive-price value over time, and become a loss for players, Fight Out offers a more sustainable solution using Soulbound NFTs.

Fight Out Soulbound NFTs are unique digital avatars in the metaverse that incorporates users' features into the platform.

Users can add cosmetics, including complexion, hairstyles, accessories, tattoos, and much more, to have a more personalized experience.

Once created during account registration, the Soulbound NFTS cannot be sold or transferred.

Each user Soulbound NFT converts data collected from real-life workouts into stats points that mirror completed training, achievements, and overall progress.

How Does It Work?

Fitness and Metaverse gaming enthusiasts can open an account on the Fight Out app and choose their goals, fitness background, equipment, locations, desired workout routines, and other fitness processes.

Some of the supported workout range from mobility, yoga, boxing, strength and conditioning, meditation, and many more.

Furthermore, the robust app can track overall fitness and health metrics ranging from exercise counts, pushups, nutrition, diet, sleep, and much more, depending on the level of customization and social accountability.

In addition to the in-app Soulbound NFTs, the Fight Out platform features two unique tokens called $FGHT and $REPS.

$FGHT is the utility token of the crypto project and powers all transaction, staking, and governance functionalities of the platform.

In contrast, $REPS acts as the off-chain currency and can be used to buy in-app items and claim discounts on subscriptions such as online training tutorial videos and virtual personal trainer modes.

Unlike other fitness and metaverse gaming ecosystems that pump unfair prices to their NFTs to earn more money, Fight Out nurtures sustainable demand for the $FGHT token and opens Web 3 financial opportunities to all fitness and gaming enthusiasts globally.

$FGHT $5.67 Million Presale Investment Set Stage for CEX Launches

The penultimate presale stage has seen $FGHT raise over $5.67 million from investors.

To encourage token purchases, the crypto asset has offered a couple of bonus structures to garner more interest from global investors.

A referral bonus is one such. Investors are now eligible for a 5% referral promo via a designated link.

The referral link can be shared with friends, family, and social platforms.

There is also a dedicated bonus structure rising to a 67% revamp bonus for members who previously invested in $FGHT – ready to invest?

As of press time, $FGHT is trading at a discounted price of $0.03090 per token and will continue to increase until the end of presale on March 31st.

This will be followed up by an official listing price of $0.0333 for 1 $FGHT on centralized exchanges (CEX), including LBank,, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.


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