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Is Illuvium the first fun crypto RPG video game?

 Is Illuvium the first fun crypto RPG video game? WikiBit 2022-03-26 14:16

Illuvium is an open-world role-playing game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Developers give players the opportunity to study the gameplay without investment. In order to develop to visit new places in the Illuvium world and open new areas of the map in the future, players will need to unlock the Obelisks and purchase more powerful illuvials with Ether (ETH).

It is worth noting the game's combat requires players to think and strategize, lest they be defeated in a matter of seconds.

Players need to develop strong units that have good synergy with each other. Good armor can also decide the outcome of the battle and can be forged from items found on the surface of the planet or purchased from IlluviDEX.

According to Kiernan Warwick, co-founder of the project, the combat in Illuvium is a combination of several genres of online games:

“We took the DNA of time-honored autobattlers like Teamfight Tactics and merged it with competitive strategy like the games Hearthstone and Starcraft. The exciting new hybrid of the two pushes skill and strategy to the absolute limit of engaging gameplay. Our studios focus is on creating interesting, visually-heightened, player-friendly experiences.”

Although many illuvials have already been developed, the developers aim to expand their number and properties. New illuvials will be released at regular intervals as rarity increases.

Nowhere without tokens

The games native token ILV can be bought on Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, and other exchanges. ILV enables holders to participate in the development of the network. Owners of ILV receive the right to vote on determining the amount of bonus payments. 100% of game and sales revenues will be distributed to members of the ILV community by default.

The game seems really promising as its audience is growing steadily. ILV went on sale at the very begining of 2021 at $53 per token and has since skyrocketed to $606, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Promising Future?

Illuvium promises to be an interesting project that can unify an NFT game and a well-designed RPG game. Thoughtful mechanics, rewards and modern graphics could allow it to take a leading position in the industry.

Illuvium is a fully 3D game. All the details of the game world are thought out quite well by the project team.

One of the games main strengths is the plot, which is critical for any RPG and sets it apart from most crypto games that are mostly concentrated on farming tokens.

Another strength is the games scaling mechanism, which reportedly allows it to host hundreds of thousands of players around the world. In an “ordinary” RPG game, users play on different servers in order to avoid congestion that leads to lags when playing. In Illuvium, developers use a scaling model incorporating cloud storage resources that, they say, will unite the world of the game.

At the moment, the Illuvium team is focused on marketing and promotion. The game has appeared on lists of the most anticipated games of the year. The only anxiety for gamers is that the developers still havent finalized the game, but they hope to start deploying an open Beta version in the middle of 2022.


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