A Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office Found

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Field Survey Time:2024-02-08
A Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office Found
A Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office FoundA Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office FoundA Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office FoundA Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office FoundA Visit to Shakepay in Canada - No Office Found

470 Rue Saint-Pierre, Communaut-Urbaine-de-Montral, Qubec, Canada

Reason for this visit

Canada is one of the most “crypto-friendly” countries in the world. Local cryptocurrency exchanges have been classified as institutions that provide financial services since the country passed a bill to completely legalize cryptocurrency in June 2020. As a result, Canada becomes the market that global crypto exchanges are competing for. To help investors get a more comprehensive understanding of the exchanges in Canada, WikiBit survey team decides to go to the country for on-site visits to local companies.

On-site visit

In this issue, the survey team went to Canada to visit the cryptocurrency exchange Shakepay as planned according to its regulatory address that 1800-500 Place d'Armes, Montreal, QC, Canada H2Y2W2.

The investigators arrived at 500 Place d'Armes in Montreal, the second populous city in Canada on October 5, 2023, and located a modern 31-story commercial building at a bustling street in the old town central of the city. The building boasts a fabulous location within walking distance to Place d'Armes subway station and Montreal Court.



After accessing the building for further investigation, the survey personnel spotted security and reception area in the lobby. According to the security guard, people weren‘t allowed to visit upstairs without an access card due to stringent security reasons. There was a director in the foyer, which displayed that suite 1800 was occupied by “Regus”, one of the world’s biggest co-working space service providers, without any information regarding company “Shakepay”.

Through an on-site investigation, it is confirmed that Shakepay doesnt have a presence at the location.




The survey team went to Canada to visit cryptocurrency exchange Shakepay, but didnt find the company at its regulatory address. This suggests that the company might just register at the place without a physical business office. Therefore, investors should be cautious in choosing the exchange.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as a final order for making a choice.

Broker Information




5-10 years | Common Financial Service License | Suspicious Overrun | High potential risk
  • Company Name: Shakepay
  • Country/region of Registry: Canada
  • Company Abbreviation: Shakepay
  • Official Email: help@shakepay.com
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/shakepay/media
  • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shakepay
  • Customer Service Number: --