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Brazil "COINBENE International Community Ambassador" recruitment plan


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2021-08-20 21:40

Dear CoinBeners: In order to better help the development of the blockchain community in Latin America, COINBENE has specially formulated the "COINBENE Community Ambassador Recruitment Program" in Latin America and provided generous benefits. We sincerely invite enthusiasts in crypto market and the crypto-related community owners to participate in this program. Please add contact information for registration: Whatsapp Group: Telegram Group:   1. How to participate? All COINBENE users are welcome to become our community ambassadors, especially for the influencers in Crypto Market, community group owners with conditions as bellwoing, - Have a whatsapp community with no less than 100 people or no less than 1,000 fans in other communities; - Have plenty of free time, be able to continue to be active in the community and be enthusiastic about helping other members of the community. 2. Why to participate? - High rewards-community ambassadors invite community users to participate in COINBENE transactions and get corresponding rewards; - Super high rebate-community ambassadors enjoy a high percentage of spot rebates (40% rebate for spot transactions) - Guarantee bonus-community ambassadors can receive a fixed amount of at least R$500 and a fixed amount of up to R$5,000; - Exclusive honorary souvenirs——Customize the honorary medal of "COINBENE Community Ambassador" and get the exclusive "COINBENE Community Ambassador Gift Package"; - Exclusive holiday gifts-receive exclusive gifts for local traditional holidays; 3. What are the responsibilities? - Responsible for promoting COINBENE's marketing activities every month; - Help community members register and use COINBENE for transactions; - Promote the COINBENE brand and help community users solve problems with the assistance of COINBENE customer service. 4. Other rewards CoinBene will reward monthly the outstanding community ambassadors through community growth rankings, which mainly focus on the new registered users and user transaction volume brought by the community. - The monthly reward plan will be published in the COINBENE community ambassador whatsapp group for reference and implementation by all COINBENE community ambassador whatsapp groups; - The COINBENE community ambassador whatsapp group will adjust the total amount of bonus monthly according to the actual situation to encourage more community ambassadors to participate. 5. Special instructions: - Community ambassadors adopt the principle of voluntary registration, register according to personal wishes, and COINBENE will review according to relevant conditions; - In principle, the service period of the community ambassador is 3 months (with a one-week trial period). After expiration, it is determined whether to continue to serve according to personal wishes and COINBENE's comprehensive evaluation; if the community ambassador has been serving for more than 1 year, The service period is extended to 1 year. - The COINBENE community ambassador is a marketing activity initiated by COINBENE International Inc., located in Singapore. All candidates who participate in registration and successfully selected as community ambassadors must declare that they do not regard the activities of the community ambassador as a labor-employment relationship. - COINBENE reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. The COINBENE community ambassador must abide by the relevant management rules afterwards. COINBENE has the right to unilaterally cancel the honorary title and benefits of the COINBENE community ambassador if the COINBENE community ambassador violates the relevant rules.   Welcome your participation again, Please add contact information for registration: Whatsapp Group: Telegram Group:     COINBENE International Inc.