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Fake Coinbase



2023-06-04 18:26国旗Poland
In the early stage, the scammer cheated me by adding me on WeChat in the form of making friends to gain my trust, and later tricked me into registering on the Coinoption trading platform. Process: register coinbase wallet, and then enter from the browser. I thought it was the Coinbase, so I registered. But later I couldn’t withdraw after depositing. I tried several times but was rejected. I asked the scammer but he refused to admit that he cheated me of my money. When I asked the customer service of the platform, he found various excuses. In the end, he simply canceled my account, and I lost 35,000 RMB. Hereby expose to alert everyone.
该骗子前期以交友形式微信加我骗取我的信任,后期诱骗注册coinoption交易平台。过程:注册coinbase wallet, 然后从浏览器进入 我以为是coinbase平台所以没想那么多放心注册了,谁知后来入金后不能提币,试了好几次都被拒绝,找骗子问骗子死活不承认,找客服问客服都是以各种理由搪塞,最后干脆把我的账户注销了,我损失了3.5万人民币。特此曝光警醒大家。
Fake Coinbase
Unable to Withdraw
Fake CoinbaseFake CoinbaseFake Coinbase


Unable to Withdraw