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The platform won’t let me withdraw, and I have to pay 30% tax to withdraw cash

Helen 1638


2022-12-30 15:03 国旗
In the past, every time I withdraw cash, it took me a few minutes to reach my Coinbase wallet. Now I withdraw cash, but the platform won’t allow me to withdraw cash. I have to pay 30% tax to withdraw cash. I also told his customer service that you can get it from I deducted 30% from the cash withdrawal, and he said no, you have to pay 30% first to reflect it. I can’t believe this. I’m afraid that after paying 30%, I still can’t withdraw it in the end, and I don’t know what to do.
以前我每次提现都是几分钟就到我的Coinbase 钱包了,现在我提现,平台就不让我提,要我交30%的税才能提现,我也跟他的客服说了,你可以从我提现的里面扣去30%他说不行必须要先交30%才能体现,这一点我不敢相信,我是怕交了30%到最后还是提不出来,我也不知道该怎么办
Unable to Withdraw


Unable to Withdraw